Business Model: Crowdsourcing. in Participative Teamworking.


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At Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people. We are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

Our slogan. But is that just a slogan, or what does it mean?

This concept has a second name: Participative Crowdsourcing. That’s a precise definition. It’s a definition that we have created from the business model it’s based upon:


However, and if it’s just to make it sound simpler, let’s give it a simple name:

Participative Teamworking.

Business Model - Participative Crowdsourcing.
Business Model: Participative Teamworking.

about 21st century Business Models. We the people are connected. We the people are strong.

How it works.

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So how can you, your small 21st century Startup, your small idea of yesterday even, that hasn’t yet resulted in a Startup, or your Small Business company, your Team of Partners benefit from that?

Here you go.

At Dynamic Applications, our fundament, our company culture is based on Participation. Customer First. So that every person on earth should benefit from what we do, as a general guideline. I’m just the programmer, you’re the Expert in your own business. And i have no idea about what you do.

And so we provide that simple Excel Table with all our Applications, in continuos integration.

Dynamic Applications. Business Model. Participative Crowdsourcing.
Dynamic Applications. Business Model: Participative Crowdsourcing.

Participative Teamworking.

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  • on the left: ideas.

any member of your Team should be allowed to enter their wish for the Team, the company, your very wish for Success, based on your personal experience and ideas to make this world a better place (a Target that we’d always recommend). In the end, it’s up to you. We just give a guideline here.

  • on the right: votes.

you’ll find a number of voting columns. By default, we’ve added 5 columns for your Team. With a little experience in Excel, feel free to copy and insert more columns.

On Top of each column, there is a vote counter. As we are a small Team of people, it is important that not all wishes are the same. If we want to be any successful here, we should really try to decide for the most valuable way to go. We are small, we got nothing to lose, but we have also limited resources. Good news is that we also need little, and in a lot of countries around the globe, there’s additional benefits for Small Business owners, the largest customer and people base on this very Planet Earth.

And so, we all got 10 votes to decide. If you want, you can just allow for 10 single votes. What we recommend here, however, is that you give every Team Member a weighted vote, as you get a better idea weighting and good balance even with a small Team.

And so, we recommend that everyone should get 5 single votes (5×1 vote), one double vote (1×2), and one triple vote (1×3) for the best idea on that very list. It can be from anyone, including yourself. But everyone else will get the same chance to contribute.

The voting is continuos, so you can repeat it in any Team meeting if you want. You can do it so that you print that Excel Table on a Sheet of Paper and count by hand. If you have an iPad or Tablet though, or a beamer and a wall projection, or a large display, you can also allow everyone to vote in turns, right within that one Excel Table. 

It will then automatically count all votes. On the top of each column, there is an automated vote counter, so that you can control everyone will keep to the limit of 10 votes.

  • In the center: Vote Evaluation.

And now we get to the core of the whole thing. In the center of the Table, you’ll find two coloured columns. The first one is the idea vote for each topic. Look! There’s a small Filter next to it. Click on that [V] icon next to the Title. It’ll allow you to display automated Sorting. It will sort all your Idea Topics, and show them all sorted Top-Down.

Be careful that there may be no empty lines between Topics, as that automated Excel sorting only follows  items to the next empty line.

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  • Automated Priorization.

Yes, Yes! Next to that, we even got an Automated Priorityzation.

There is a small legend on the right part of that Table. It’s just explanatory, and it’ll show you how many votes are needed to gain a certain priority. As usual. Prio 1 means urgent (complete as soon as possible), Prio 2 means standard (complete for next meeting), and everything else is more or less optional (should be done if there is spare Time, but isn’t absolutely essential).

Now – how can we assure that the Tasks with highest priority are really executed? – well, here comes the real clou, like a small light on the horizon in early morning.

About Management. Involve everyone possible, but keep focused on the Road to Success.

  • Automated Budgeting.

Yes, Yes! We have implemented Automated Budgeting. In the center, there is a white column called Effort. (white: enter something, blue-greyed out: this value is automatic). In the Effort column, you can enter the estimated Effort of any Task in Hours. It can as well be an intermediate effort, but in any case, the effort should roughly match the Target description in the left column. So if you are specifying an intermediate Target, for a fair voting, be sure to name that step. Take a minute to discuss that with your team, but not more. The author of any idea should make a first suggestion, then if noone objects, take it.

And now comes the magic. For every Topic, there is an automated bugeting that comes with the Priority of that Task, which comes from the participative voting. Fair chances for everyone, remember?

Now your Task should be to suggest an idea that everyone in the Team will find genious. Everyone can suggest Topics and ideas in turns. Enter yourself as an author, and let people vote for the next big thing to realize, to publish. Finally, through that automated budget calculation, you’ll find an automated suggestion for the payment. 

  • define Your Tasks from Top Votes.

As probably an idea’s author knows best what was meant by that, it would be natural to ask the Topic idea’s author for realization, first. If they show no interest, any idea shall be open to everyone. To decide for that, there is an author column on the left. If the Team agrees that someone else should carry on that task, enter a new representative here.

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About independency. About Values. About starting something that’s never been done before.

Background Concept.

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In a Team of People, in a Startup, in a Small Business consultancy, even in a larger company, we are encountering the same problem:

  • any Team of 2-3 people are not the same.
  • any Team of 2-3 people is a collection of different wishes. 
  • any Team of 2-3 different people would also be based on different value systems. 


  • some people believe in fair chances for everyone (American Dream / Liberalism).
  • people believe in a small gouvernment and maximal individual freedom (Libertarian).
  • people believe in a peaceful coexistance with Nature and Environment (Ecologist).
  • people believe in sharing and social behavior (Social Democrat / Socialist).
  • people believe in that you have to force the wealthy to share (Communist).
  • and some people believe in a fair compromise between all of these (Democrat).

What we believe in at Dynamic Applications are Transparency, Privacy Protection, and Participation. In being an App developer company, we build software for thousands of people. And we are building a software that allows you to check quickly through all your options and ideas and find the optimal compromise between any number of conflicting requirements. Even more, it allows you to estimate any single Input Value over Time, and instantly, Dynamic Applications will show you the statistical median expectation of all your assumptions. And so, we have asked the question of importance (what is important, and why?) at about any day from even years before i finally started to develop this company.

So that’s why we’ve created the Dynamic Idea and Roadmap Competition. We let people around the globe vote for the best possible idea, the best possible feature to develop for our platform. So that you, our customers, can decide for the best way to go. Altogether.

  • Tipps and Tricks.

Remember that we want to be fair, so let everyone win and execute a good idea, sometime. It is very important that you take the whole Team with you. If some people are always the smartest and others are always the losers, this concept will not succeed for a long time, to the harm of everyone. If you can not agree in discussing, you can add the rule that the next person in line should be allowed to take over a topic, first, like you all are playing board game. Believe me, it can be a lot of fun in playing board games at work and don’t take everything too serious. This simple method will ensure that the most interesting, promising Tasks are executed first. And the natural benefit will be that you concentrate on important things to solve, and go away from that “i have an idea and i demand it to be done right now” – discussions. Think about that concept as a Project Manager, a Team Leader, a Department Leader. Wouldn’t it be great if you can go away from being responsible, from being made guilty for any failure of your Team members, your employees? – here you go.

OK guys, gotta go back to work. Let us know about your experiences.

Never heard about this being done, before? – believe me, some very successful companies have gone this way, to name Wikipedia, Democracies around the Globe, Sun Microsystems with the Java Bug and Enhancement Voting, and – last but not least – Dynamic Applications.

In case you have issues and can not get this to work in your Team or company, we’re here to help. Your problem will be served on a trustful basis. On Fridays, our Workshops are free of charge, in line with our vision of Transparency, Privacy Protection, and Participation.

And Participation, should you be interested in being any fair at all, should include everyone.

Dynamic Applicatoins - Sharing Economy and power to the People
Dynamic Applications. Our first Team experience in fair participation, 2014. Thank You!

Good news.

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is that in concentrating on the most important tasks, and having a natural benefit to succeed in them for everyone, one day, you may even find the time to have a team meeting in beautiful nature, in a much more relaxed environment.

As you can now sleep well and be rest assured that the most important tasks will be served by your Team or Startup, as a general habit.

about motivation.

Success in Life does not come from holding a good hand, but in playing a poor hand well.
Success in Life does not come from holding a good hand, but in playing a poor hand well.

About Dynamic Applications.

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Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we develop Perfect Desire, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and we call them Dynamic Applications.

SocialMedia driven innovations for the 21st century. and you could be one.

at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

Thank you for choosing to visit Dynamic Applications, today. Comment section is open.

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