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Your Startup Business Workshop with Martin Bernhardt.

In this Workshop, we’ll talk about your Startup idea.

There’s a large range of proven business models in the world. Which one is right for you? In the beginning, lots of questions will naturally arise towards your Startup idea.

In the best case, it’ll work out as a fundament for the rest of your life. Still, lots of aspiring, sometimes exhausting work in front of you. It’s like starting a new employed job. in a way.

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Martin Bernhardt.

What we recommend here is to target a clear need. Idefine an offering that will help people to solve a major problem. People there are many, problems there are much.

The second thing we recommend is that you focus on your personal strengths.

We offer to make a personality test with you that will give you some feedback on your role behavior, your personal strengths, the (allowed) weakness that comes with that role, and the things you can do best. Should you try to go 360° from the beginning, chances are pretty much you’ll end up in perfect normality. People have seen this before. If you concentrate on your strengths, there’s a really good chance that what you’ll create we call USP, unique selling points. Visibility. Excellent for business. The test is only for you.

The third thing we recommend is to start your business rightaway.

Why wait for any investor, partner, or even bank credit? – once you’re ready to go, you’re ready to go. Why not start working for yourself, this time? – your bank consultant will find enough other people to work for them, you know. This time though, it’s time for your business. The earlier you start, the less dependencies you have, the better your chances are.

There’s quite some delays to expect, for example, in Google rankings, so we recommend to open up your website, if ever so small, and start growing from there, attracting visitors from day one. In case you’re unsure how to do that, we can always offer to help you along.

All workshops are held privately, trustful and secure. You can visit our Founder, Martin Bernhardt, at his home in Leopold’s Height, Helpuper Str. 314, D-33818 European Union.

For international customers, as well we offer to book a Webmeeting via Skype, or Facetime.

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Skype ID: martin.bernhardt.2002

In case you can not afford to book a workshop, feel free to contact us here. Your first workshop day will always be free if you can not afford to pay 10 Euro, our standard price.

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Startup together – it’s not only more efficient, it’s also just more fun.

about Targets. about Determination. about uncertainty. about life. about your choice.


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