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Business License.

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The Dynamic Applications Business License is a short summary of the dna license towards you, our Startup Founder or Foundress of 21st century. It explains how exactly can you found your business on Dynamic Applications, or integrate us into your portfolio at low cost.

In exchange, we offer a resale flatrate for everything that you’ve created upon Dynamic Applications, and that you now want to sell, valid for one year before us, from today.

On this page, you can acquire the Dynamic Applications Business Licence for one year.

Our Business License fee will be 25 Euro for the whole year, for all products.
Note that you do not have to acquire our Business License for Sales of < 100 Euro, total.

Sharing is Caring.

According to dna license, the license conditions for Dynamic Applications are as follows (in case of question, the license that comes with your software is valid for the software).

Business conditions.

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License conditions for using Dynamic Applications in a Startup, Company or Organization.
License conditions for selling your own simulation models on top of Dynamic Applications.
License conditions for selling your own simulation models on top of your re-branded product. 

From 2018, we provide a general license model for customized or re-branded versions of the Dynamic Applications platform. It is intended for Startups and for Small Business Consultancies who wish develop specific simulation models on their own.

Dynamic Applications are free to use for private, personal use and free for 1-2-3 person Startupsaround the globe. Offering your own Dynamic Applications on your own Website is free as long as you offer these for download for free.

Using this software product in a company or organization of 4 or more persons is 25 Euro per User Installation per Year, due for payment within 4 weeks after installation of the software, then yearly.

Offering Dynamic Applications on your Website is free of charge, including or not including your own simulation models, is free of charge as long as you offer all these simulations free of charge, as well.

Offering Dynamic Applications, whether original or re-branded, for business purposes (Sales) will be 25 Euro per Sales Representative per Year, and our original dna license must be included and will apply to any of your customers, unless agreed upon in a written statement or partner contract.

So again they can use Dynamic Applications free of charge for private purposes and in Startups and  Teams of 1-2-3 people, and again the Dynamic Applications Business License will apply to them, for example, should they want to create their own financial or commercial simulations at some point.

Finally, the Dynamic Applications Business License is also required if you define a business around Dynamic Applications, for example, you offer paid workshops where Business Planning with Dynamic  Applications is part afrom. For 25 Euro per year, the business license will include the right to create, publish and sell Dynamic Applications, including your own simulation models, free of additional charge (Sales Flatrate). As well, you may then install any number of Dynamic Applicationson your own device, and install Dynamic Applications on your customers computers.

The above conditions can be combined so that any single person shall be required to pay 25 Euro maximum for the Dynamic Applications Business License per Year, altogether. If you want to spend more, feel free to donate, customize, or even start collecting our beautiful Windows 10 Store Apps.

Note that any Dynamic Application will be able to run any additional Simulation Models created from within other Dynamic Applications, as long as saved in and compatible with our XMILE Simulation Model file format. So you really need to install only one Dynamic Application of choice.

The only product exclusive to Dynamic Applications is Perfect Desire, our professional Business Model Development EnvironmentPerfect Desire is an exclusive product, which it may be hosted only on the original Dynamic Applications website. So that the original Business Model Development Environmentas created and supported by Dynamic Applications can be clearly identified for transparency reasons.

You may very well create Dynamic Applications that are much more expensive than Perfect Desire, due to the specific simulations that you have created on your own behalf.

For re-branding, you are welcome to place your logo, your banner, your menus or documentation, and to translate or create Dynamic Applications in your own language. As far as this may require customizations to the software, our price list from the Customer and IT Service Conditions page on our website will apply. As part of our principles, all do-it-yourself parts are free.

We focus on providing standard simulation models as a result of our public voting in the Dynamic Idea and Roadmap Competition, so that they perform as fine examples of what can be achieved with Dynamic Applications, and they are easy enough to understand for thousands of customers from around the globe.

You may very well create Dynamic Applications that are much more expensive than Perfect Desire due to the specific simulations that you have created on your own behalf.

Startup Product Manager v2.72 with beautiful, automated info symbols.
Startup Product Manager v2.76, included with Perfect Desire.

Perfect Desire

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will include the Business License for the first year, already.

So you’ll get them together (same offering as on the Perfect Desire page).

  • Perfect Desire.
  • unlimited upgrades.
  • including all our Simulation Models.
  • Configurable Start Date and Time Units.
  • Free support on Fridays (book-a-Workshop, up to 1 day).
  • Dynamic Applications Business License, 1-year (25 Euro).

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Create your own Business Models - publish your first own Dynamic Application!
Create your own Business Models – publish your first own Dynamic Application.

Product and Feature Matrix - Dynamic Applications

Dynamic Applications – Product and Feature Matrix – including a complete Simulation Model Overview.

Internet of Things developer v3.12, a Perfect Desire simulation model.
Internet of Things developer v3.12, a Perfect Desire simulation model.

Dynamic Applications.

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Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we develop Perfect Desire, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and we call them Dynamic Applications.

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