dna license.

dna License.

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This is the short version of the Dynamic Applications license.

An enhanced version of the dna license, explaining The Ethics of Sharing Economy, our culture, and some motivational aspects of the license in more detail, is available as well.

In case of question, the license valid for your software is the one that comes with your software. The current software’s licsense should be equal to the version listed below.

It is shown to you before installation, and it is automatically installed in the product’s installation folder.

License and Disclaimer.

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This Software Product – Dynamic Applications – in all its thematic variants

(including Startup Product Manager, Photovoltaic System, All-in-One PV Anlagenbewertung, SocialMedia driven App developer, Internet of Things developer, Business Process Manager, Predicted Desire, Perfect Desire, Pirate Desire, the 21st century Truck Driver, and the 21st century worldwide growth of Forest Simulation)

as well as The Reverse Experience (T.R.X.) – as available on –

http://www.dynamic-applications.com and/or http://www.dynamic-applications.org –

as well as our Website and our Documentation have been created, designed and programmed, and are therefore the works of and owned by Martin Bernhardt, Founder of Dynamic Applications.

This Product is declared and provided as Freeware (as long as free for download on our website) or Shareware (Perfect Desire, Windows 10 Store Apps) under the following terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions.

Dynamic Applciations - Logo

You may copy and run the product on your own personal computer,
You may use the product for your own purpose, on your own risk,

provided that the software product as such remains unchanged, and its Info dialogue, the original copyright information, and this license are included. This is not an open source software. We’d like to prevent the minor-quality derivates and adware and spyware that could be resulting from this.

You may not modify the program’s executable or dlls, neither modify or re-package the setup installer without written permission from the author. What you may do is to create a new Setup or ZIP archive that includes this software and some XML files you’ve saved from within the application.

Dynamic Applications

are much about providing free and micro-payment, interactive, and most powerful Business Model Calculators for every single person in the world who wants to win pride from calculating an exceptional offering – however you turn it around, best ad in the world is exceptional value for money. Being the Founder, i’m guaranteeing their functionality with my own name. We’re not saying that everything is perfect, but they are as good as we are able to do them, and you are encouraged to send in any bug reports or desirements you may have.

We’ll look at them and fix what’s possible as soon as possible.

Impossible things tend to take a little longer. It’s a work in Progress.

The technical concept is published in The Desire Language Specification on our website. Feel free to develop your very own approach of a System Dynamics – based projection software. There’s a lot of details to solve, we did that, and that’s probably why some people are crowdfunding us with 99 cent for multiple person years of work. They wanted to give something back after using it for a year.

About 1 in a thousand of people downloading our applications have already done so, and we are grateful for that. So we take pride in our work, not in the money in our pocket. Fairness and same chances for everyone.

At Dynamic Applications, we‘re part of an international network of people competing for the best product in the world. Much as it is at your own startup. And we’re determined to use our chance, as when you look closely, we’re not driven by profit, we’re driven by imagination.

Vision. Dedication. Passion. Challenges. Hard Work. Exceptional Price Calculation. our Success.
And finally, finally. Years from now. outstanding performance.

In the age of The international Network, small is the new big. We’re tiny. We’re crap. But have got this one thing. We got vision. We got dedication. We got passion. We’re fast. We’re independent. We’re determined. We’re driven by purpose. And if someone comes up with a good idea, however blunt they beat it on us, next day we‘ll adapt our company. We don’t have to ask anyone. We excuse. There’s thousands of free offerings in the Sharing Economy. And whenever we find one, we start using it for free. We pay for the best ones, only. Best Vision. Dedicated Passion. Exceptional value for money. We just go ahead.

We’re specialists. Specialists in our very own idea for this world. Because we’re working on it, every day. We’re innovators. They are laughing today, but over the years, people are going to admire us. Working towards excellence. Reduction. Beauty. Learning. Usability. Chances. And we’re willing to help a lot of people that have no idea what we are about. We’re going to teach them how easy it is to use Twitter and Facebook and Amazon and Smartphones and we do programming in that we write a small algorithm on Twitter that promises to accelerate our success over time.

Pay with a Tweet.

We start charging whenever people come up and require us to do extra work for them.
And we’re so thankful they called up one day, as have understood our continous job application.

The good news is that to grow your business exponentially faster over time, you don’t have to work exponentially harder over time. It’s enough to be confident, continuously work as good as you can, and offer the best price you can make. We know that growing exponentially will take a lot of time, maybe a whole lifetime, as the exponential curve starts close to the very x axis, where y is our income (so low?). In having a Laptop or PC, we are rich already. We can not starve that easily. We are ahead of people in this world. And we’re using perfectly automated optimizers for our exceptionally priced startup product calculation. You can operate them from a tent in the desert, as our products are gathering no data at all. And so, we have started to build small Applications for benefitting the poor. We may be using Facebook, but we are not promoting our faces. We start using WordPress, and we deliver wordpressed Weblogs. We promote ourself by providing the work of a lifetime. Our beatiful little machine. Our website.

We’re inventors.

We’re creative. We’re founders. And we found a measure on our way. We use the votes of all the people using our apps, in online democracy. Freedom of choice, freedom of participation, power in control, freedom in privacy and absolute undetectability.

At the same time, our products offer Full Transparency. Power in understanding. Power in influence. While old nations from 20th century are fighting their wars, we the people win power from competing with each other. We’re magnets. We the people are working for a better world, altogether. We are not waiting for the bank to give us more credit, anymore. We are not waiting for the next unemployment wage, if possible by all means. We are not looking for investors, anymore. We are not looking for rich people consulting us, founding us, selecting us, so we admire them. We are not writing to the newspaper and beg them writing that very one helpful article about us, where our success may finally come from. We are not looking for important scientists to teach us.

Thank you, we are writing Wikipedia for each other now. As stupid as it sounds, we are working to be working. For people all over the world. Supporting them, benefitting them, providing value for them, helping them on. As that’s our new life. We the people make a wish come true.


We are crap. We are small.

Chances are our business is gonna be a startup.

And that’s perfectly ok. We are working for a lifetime.

We are working for a lifetime of dedication, imagination, challenges, and passion.

Our promise? – well maybe, we’re not going to be rich on the bank account.

We’re going to be rich in our heart, before we finally die down.

And we have this one very message on our way.

At least i have tried to provide anything.








What a powerful message that is, won’t you agree?

Until finally, our small boat on the oceans of this very planet will fall over and be sunken as well.

At Dynamic Applications, we’re builders.

Usage Conditions.

Dynamic Applciations - Logo

Due to the nature of System Dynamics being a Top-Down Approach for analysis and understanding of complex system behaviour, all parameters and formulas we use for prototype models perform as sample configuration, only. We say everything is implemented as specified, and visible through the application’s interactive ToolTips. Any requirement of adjustments to default formula or input parameters of our software will require an individual contract.

Should you have expert knowledge and claim that any specific formula or parameter are irritating or defect, should be adjusted to be more precise, or be corrected, this is welcome. We are grateful for any comment, and we love to do our work as good as possible. Be invited to report anything. If you suggest a good idea, we may even add it for free. We may also put it on the public roadmap for voting, and we are grateful for every person on earth helping us on our way. This way, we are expressing our culture. Formally spoken though, any missing feature will have to be treated as Change Request, or even Enhancement Request.

You can not report a wish as a bug, and then demand it fixed for free.

If it’s not there, it’s not a bug.

From September 2017, we also support load and save of simulation models in a variant of XMILE. That‘s a sophisticated file format that includes about any interesting feature from any popular simulation model software in System Dynamics. „OASIS“, „XMILE“ and „XML Interchange Language for System Dynamics“ are trademarks of OASIS, the open standards consortium where the XMILE specification is owned and developed. XMILE is a copyrighted © work of OASIS Open. All rights reserved.

In a similar way, System Dynamics is supported – and lots of articles about it were published – by the System Dynamics Society, http://www.systemdynamics.org, a non-profit organization for the remembering of Jay W. Forrester, working with his team for MIT on World Model III.

The very first simulation of our world, going down as a whole, in 21st century. Published by the Club of Rome for their popular book The Limits to Growth. Remember there’s always time, so it helps us to understand. Just an overview, of what would be, ahead of time. So we the people can solve it in no time at all and live on, happily. Altogether.

At Dynamic Applications, we target understandability and not super complexity.

Therefore, any specific math formula or syntax that can not be imported from a third-party application can not accepted as a valid bug report. You can report it, and we may be willing to add it to the roadmap, or even include it for free over time, but there’s no obligation for us to include everything. Formally spoken, any missing feature from the XMILE file format has to be considered an Enhancement Request. What you can expect is that you can save a simulation model built within Dynamic Applications, and then you can load it back, and you can run it and that it works fine. If it does not, you can report that as a bug.

You can also expect that Load and Save will work for simulation models that you’ve created within Dynamic Applications for up to 100 Input Values and 100 Target Formulas (42 each in the free version). You can probably make any formula in the world more or less specific. As part of our principles, we don‘t consider such Input Value and Target Formula corrections or desirements as a description of formal defect of our software. If you want a formula changed, you can change it yourself. Formally spoken, all of our products are simply game models. We do not claim they fulfill any specific reason or meaning, they’re just an implementation of our view on this world. Sending in your feedback and your own simulations is welcome, we love it, and feel free to ask questions.

We’ll accept as desciption of defect any relevant issues or defects in our differential Equation Solver engine, the core of our solution. We’re going to fix any defects in the equation solver engine as soon as possible, as well as fix reproducible crashes or obvious defects in other parts of our software.

Please note that we have only one release line, so all issues can only be fixed in the latest version.

If you find a defect that we can not fix within 4 weeks, we offer a full money-back guarantee for the value of your product license. Please don’t fuzz with us about the 2-digit rounding precision, we just do it this way. It’s not relevant to look at simulations on future expectations in microscopic detail.

As with every winner in this world, there have to be a few losers as well.

It is forbidden to use our software for any military purpose, in a military project or with such partner, as well as in nuclear power plants, in companies operating these, and in other circumstances that directly endanger the life of people. You agree to use anything we publish or send to you on your own risk. We do our work as good as possible, but there’s always the chance of a mistake.

Freeware Conditions.

Dynamic Applciations - Logo

You may deploy any of our free Software Products on your own Website or SocialMedia accounts free of charge, considered the conditions of this license are fulfilled.

You’re welcome to share your customized simulation models on your own website for download, as long as they are free of charge, as well.

This Software Product and its Setup or Appx package, in itself, must be unchanged for this.

You may package XML files you’ve saved from within the application with the software though.
We’ll be happy to integrate your works with an original Setup for a small worktime fee on request.

You may offer our products in a Zip or in another common archive format. You may publish and re-sell our freeware on a CD, USB Stick or print magazine, for up to 25 Euro altogether.

In case of specific requirements, feel free to contact us, just ask.

Shareware Conditions, Business Conditions, Re-branding and Reseller Conditions.

Dynamic Applciations - Logo

License conditions for using Dynamic Applications in a Startup, Company or Organization.

License conditions for selling your own simulation models on top of Dynamic Applications.
License conditions for selling your own simulation models on top of your re-branded product.

From 2018, we provide a general license model for customized or re-branded versions of the Dynamic Applications platform. It is intended for Startups and for Small Business Consultancies who wish develop specific simulation models on their own.

Dynamic Applications are free to use for private, personal use and free for 1-2-3 person Startups around the globe. Offering your own Dynamic Applications on your own Website is free as long as you offer these for download for free.

Using this software product in a company or organization of 4 or more persons is 25 Euro per User Installation per Year, due for payment within 4 weeks after installation of the software, then yearly.

Offering Dynamic Applications, whether original or re-branded, for business purposes (Sales) will be 25 Euro per company per year, and our original license must be included and will apply to any of your customers, unless agreed upon in a written statement or partner contract.

Paying 25 Euro per year will include the right to publish and sell Dynamic Applications, including your own simulation models, free of additional charge. As well, you may then install any number of Dynamic Applications per User. However, if you have multiple users of the software, each of them has to acquire their own business license per year.

The only product exclusive to Dynamic Applications is Perfect Desire, our professional business model development environment, itself. Perfect Desire is an exclusive download, and it may be hosted on the Dynamic Applications website, only.

Note that any Dynamic Application will be able to run any additional, loaded simulation model. So you really need to install only one Dynamic Application of choice, if you want.

The only product exclusive to Dynamic Applications is Perfect Desire, our professional business model development environment, itself. Perfect Desire is an exclusive download, and it may be hosted on the Dynamic Applications website, only.

Note that any Dynamic Application will be able to run any additional, loaded simulation model. So you really need to install only one Dynamic Application of choice, if you want.

For re-branding, you are welcome to place your logo, your banner, your menus or documentation, and to translate or create Dynamic Applications in your own language. As far as this may require customizations to the software, our price list from the 2018 Customer and Partner Service conditions page on our website will apply. As part of our principles, all do-it-yourself parts are free.

As part of our transparency culture, we require a minimum statement to remain in the info menu item, as follows:

based upon:
Dynamic Applications

One thing towards software piracy:

we share the vision of a free Internet, so as long as you publish your Simulation Models for free (introductory marketing), it’s free of charge. However, if a customer report should report a bug, submits reproduction and requires support, and we find out that you’re selling simulation models and have not shared your basic license fee with us, your license fee will be 7500 Euro.

We think these license conditions are fair enough, as there’s a huge benefit for honest persons.

The maximum price we recommend for any single re-sale of our products will be 10000 Euro. From 10000 Euro upwards, your license fee will be 25% of the sales price for any license sold. As well, any cooperation in a context above 10000 Euro will require a maintenance contract, including a written statement from our side.

What we do not want is working to empower very few people on the back of everone else. If you’re looking for that kind of business, look elsewhere, there’s lots of chances around. Apart from that, go ahead, it’s all ready. Create. Most chances in life don’t come by your door, twice.

In case you’re interested in automatic upgrades for your re-branded software platform, this will require an additional maintenance contract, as providing them will involve additional work time for us. Remember what we guarantee for free. No need to offer maintenance contracts for your customers, though. It’s just an option.

In case you bought a specific simulation model from a 3rd party consultancy, please refer to them for any errors within the simulation model’s formulas. We can not warrant what we have not created.

We recommend to our Customers to check any simulation model before paying. We recommend to our Partners to let your customer check any simulation model, and sign to you that it does what they have ordered before sending the bill. The formula system is fully transparent and verifyable for that.

Our warranty is limited to the correct functionality of the equation solver as described in the docs. Our money-back warranty is limited by the original sales price of your Dynamic Applications Product (25 Euro or less) in case we can’t fix a bug.

Apart from conditions above, you are not allowed to publish Perfect Desire, our professional client, for download on your website. Perfect Desire is our professional financial simulation environment, and it’s exclusive to the Dynamic Applications website. It just comes at a very low price.

At Dynamic Applications, we have a tradition in offering excellent business cases to our customers, as a general habit.

Dynamic Applications Web Store Conditions.

Dynamic Applciations - Logo

From March 2017, through the Dynamic Applications Web Store, we offer a market place for selling your customized dynamic applications. You set the price, we offer your product to the world. The conditions are as follows:

we take 25%. You get 75%.

We win from your promotion for the Dynamic Applications Web Store.
You’re also welcome to share your own, custom simulation models for free, there.

We think is a really fair share, considering we are programming Perfect Desire, the core, and got all the work developing the platform. In case you need specific adaptions, please refer to the 2017 customer waiting list conditions on our Website.

We’re targeting a true App Store concept. The Web Store is designated for sales from free towards 100 Euro. So from 10 Euro sales price, our share will be 25%, which equals to 2.50 Euro. From 100 Euro sales price, our share will be 25 Euro.

From your 75%, we recommend you pay your tax to those people who call themselves gouvernment. Everything else is going to be your profit. You help us expanding, we give 3/4 back to you.

Please note that the most easy way to use the Dynamic Applications Web Store is to create your own simulation models. We’re targeting to build more customization possibilities (e.g. banner, menus) right into Perfect Desire. Apart from that, any customizations required for the purpose of publication have to be paid for, and will require an individual contract.

In case you wish such specific customizations, our 2018 customer waiting list on the Website is your place to go. We think our conditions are really good.

Website reviews, Retweets, Likes and Favourites.

Dynamic Applciations - Logo

You are welcome to link back to our Website and review everything without further request.

You may use screenshots of our software, so to share our offering with your friends. In being a freeware and shareware author company, we are grateful for everyone posting or reviewing or writing a comment on our solution, whether it’s on your Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google+ or the latest SocialMedia network of your choice. We are sharing 100% of a lifetime’s work and knowledge, that’s all. In the democratic world, we can’t imagine anyone having a problem with that. The author is always thankful for a little comment that you have reviewed our software or have linked back to us.

In case you mention us on Twitter, expect retweets to about 25000 Followers free of charge as a little thank you for your efforts. Keep in mind to provide something useful for our SocialMedia crowd in your Tweet (Startup Tipps and Tricks, free Pictures, Blog posts, Quotes, Inspiration). There is no warranty for this, it’s rather a free offering for retweeting any interesting things that are sent to us.

If we overlook something, it’s probably by accident, please mention to us on Twitter. Unfortunately, with 250k followers overall, we can’t read your direct messages anymore. Too many commercials.

Thank you for mentioning Dynamic Applications.

Disclaimer of Warranty. Limitation of Liability. Trademarks. General Law considerations.

Dynamic Applciations - Logo

This Software product has been tested intensively during development, and it has been installed on a large variety of computers. Nevertheless, no single person in the world is free of mistakes. Be aware that there could be issues or defects within or caused by application of this software product.

There is no warranty that this software is fit for any particular purpose. You are using this software for your own purpose, on your own risk.

Formally spoken, unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing or within this very license, licensor provides the software product on an “AS IS” BASIS, without Warranties or Conditions of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, any warranties or conditions of Merchantability, Title, Non-Infringement, or Fitness for a particular purpose. You are solely responsible for determining the appropriateness of using or redistributing the software product, and assume any risks associated with your exercise or permissions under this license.

In no event and under no legal theory, whether in tort (including negligence), contract, or otherwise, unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, shall any contributor be liable to you for damages, including any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any character arising as a result of this License or out of the use or inability to use the software, including but not limited to damages for loss of goodwill, work stoppage, computer failure or malfunction, or any and all other commercial damages or losses, even if such Contributor has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

This License does not grant permission to use the trade names, trademarks, service marks, or product names of the Licensor, except as required for reasonable and customary use in describing the origin of the software product and it’s production under the terms of these license conditions.

If one or multiple provisions (sentences, paragraphs, clauses or logical decuctions) of this Agreement is or becomes illegal, invalid, unlogical or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, that shall not affect:

  • the validity or enforceability in that jurisdiction of any other provision of this Agreement; or
  • the validity or enforceability in other jurisdictions of that or another provision of this Agreement.
  • we ask any Judge for interpretation of this license in the sense and meaning of the general idea.

It is our intention to enable you, the user, to verify, understand, and parametrize our software, including model and purpose, to use them on your own behalf, and for the purpose of optimization of your business after verification. Our software is fully transparent in all it‘s calculations by concept.

With the availability of free Promo Codes in the Dynamic Idea and Roadmap competition, we empower everyone not only to verify the software’s functionality, but also to rename, translate, correct, modify, create and enhance any of our simulation models to your own benefit.

Data and Privacy Protection.

Dynamic Applciations - Logo

Dynamic Applications and The Reverse Experience have been designed as traditional, standalone Windows 7 / 8 / 10 clients on purpose.

No Spyware, No Adware, no data gathering, no Server behind you. Switch off your WiFi and check this out. Dynamic Applications are going to work without even noticing it.

So you can be rest assured your Startup business calculation is private and safe. We develop everything from the customer’s perspective.

Things that may refuse to work are online documentation, your Twitter account, and the automatic update functionality. Your web browser may open with an empty page, as there is no Internet connection. Apart from that, everything is going to work fine. It’s your business. We respect that. And we want a professional, reliable solution for the professional business user, so we make all our solutions offline-capable. Your Internet Connection is gone? – no problem at all. Your interactive business planner keeps being productive. This is not a web-based interface, and so you’ll never lose your business data this way.

At Dynamic Applications, we support transparent machine calculations for the public, and privacy for the people. This way, we prove that all the machines and products we simulate have got a realistic business case, to everyone. We think that’s an advantage from the customer’s perspective.

You are invited to go the same way. As long as you calculate something, your privacy is fully protected. Nobody can find out about it. As soon as you save your simulation models and publish them on the Internet, they’re transparent again. No way to switch that off, it’s part of our culture.

In case you‘re purchasing Windows 10 Store Apps, you‘ll get partly automated, unlimited upgrades for all of our products. As we operate no Webserver of our own, we don’t know much about how they do it. We presume that for every app that’s in the store and every user, they just track the latest downloaded version, and show a small (1) to you if we publish an update. You hit one button if you want to update, and there you go. We recommend you ask Microsoft in case you have a problem with how they do it.

We keep our software small for the perfect user experience, even with a bad internet connection in a poor country, and it works on a laptop in the desert. We think poor people are important as well.


Dynamic Applciations - Logo

We accept as description of defect any relevant or serious error you may detect in the evaluation of the formula system, i.e. the general Differential Equation Solver algorithm. Use a pocket calculator to verify our software, anytime, and you should get different results, please let us know. We’ll do our best to get it fixed. This also applies to any crashes or serious malfunctions, should there ever be.

If there is any other issue with running the software, please see the following resources, and vote for your topic of interest. It’s the desired way of requesting new features – a fair user competition. Every month, we focus on the top voted dynamic idea, and the top voted roadmap issue, in turns. We work from Top fav retweets, so you got 2 votes on each item.

The list of most favourite ideas and roadmap issues is available through our website.
You can access the Dynamic Idea and Roadmap competition throught the software icons:

A detailed description of the Dynamic Idea and Roadmap competition and its rules, designed to be a small proof-of-concept for an online democracy, is available on our Website. Simplicity.

dynamic_idea_logo_48x48 dynamic_qs_logo_48x48

Pay with a Tweet, or love it and donate.
Feedback, constructive criticism and serious complaints are always welcome.

For detail requests, use our traditional Support Email:  support@dynamic-applications.com

This software product is copyright (c) 2016 Martin Bernhardt of Dynamic Applications, except for

The Reverse Experience, which is copyright (c) 1989 Martin Bernhardt.

All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Support / Contact:

Dynamic Applciations - Logo

Martin Bernhardt

+49 15 25 35 26 101

Dynamic Applications
Business Model Calculations.

We are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

An elaborated version of this document, including the ethical foundation of
The Sharing Economy, can be found on our Website.

Sharing is caring.

Leopold’s Height, Central Western Europe, 2018.03.01. Valid from today.


==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ====  End of License.  ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ====


Dynamic Applications.

Dynamic Applciations - Logo

Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we develop Perfect Desire, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and we call them Dynamic Applications.

SocialMedia driven innovations for the 21st century. And you could be one.

at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

Thank you for choosing Dynamic Applications, today. Comment section is open.

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