Internet of Things Developer.

The Internet of Things developer is all about developing Smart Homes for every person in the world.

=== Start of Log Entry ===

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This Dynamic Application allows you to input the Cost of up to 10 Materials, Energy, your Production Time, your SocialMedia Followers, google-driven Website Visitors, Tax Rates, and Sales Price of your product. From there, by using realistic conversion rates, it calculates your Total Production Cost, Total Website Visitors, Your Sales, Your Total Revenue, and Net Profit over 48 months in-a-row.

And now you can address the complex problem of successfully developing a small device for Worldwide Deployment.

Change any single Input Parameter over time.

Internet of Things developer will calculate the combined outcome.

Dynamic Applications review on Newswatch TV, a nationwide U.S. broadcast on 08 Jan 2018.

This way, it’ll show you the consequences of every development step you are considering, 48 months ahead of time.

Even if you look closely, there is no magic trick involved. What we do here is based on logic. The calculation of common business development formulas, 48 months in a row. We do measured projections of future possibilities, and decide for the best way to go. Much like you always did, before. Added together, exactly. And now, decide for yourself.

Do you believe in the existance of Math?

So from all pages in the International Network, you came by here, today.

And now you ask yourself, why would any person in the world pursue something as crazy as that, and develop an Internet of Things device on top of all that?

read on.

and Imagine


you are a house wife, all day at home. One day, you think about the meaning of Photovoltaic Systems. As everyone knows, they are producing energy, from sunlight.

But, do they have a business case? – nobody knows for sure. They obviously have got one if you are the single owner of a paid PV System which is producing electricity from sunlight, and everyone else wants to buy.

They probably have got none if everyone has got one in your village, and the sun is shining.

However, all of a sudden, a thought comes to her. A new thought.

Sometimes when she’s cooking a meal for her family, in summertime, it gets pretty warm in the kitchen. She wants to be tidy and clean, and not dirty, sweating and rotten.

So she has wished herself an air conditioning,

for a long time.


When she mentioned to her husband, he said it was too expensive.

When she mentioned to her 17-year old daughter, she’s all about protecting nature and says it’s not good for world climate, so she’s all against it.

The thought is that as she has observed over the past years, renewable energy production, especially wind and solar, have become cheaper every year. While developing energy efficient machines, over an even longer period, has become more expensive, every year.

looking out of her window, all of a sudden, she saw a lot of potential: customers!

And so she develops world’s first Photovoltaic System – driven Air Conditioner,

a completely autonomic device for the Internet of beautiful Things. It produces cool air at times when the sun is shining. This way, she helps herself, and finds a useful purpose for all that summertime surplus energy production we’re expecting, worldwide, in upcoming years.

And so she opens up a Website and two competing Twitter accounts and if you got any idea on what the Dynamic Applications project is about, you’ve already seen that this way, she creates a win-win-win situation for her small family.

To be honest, she hasn’t got any idea yet whether this brand-new machine has got a realistic business case in the beginning. It just seems a cool idea and when she tells her friends at the laundry, they also find it a really cool idea for the laundry.

An air conditioner, powered by PV panels, with energy supply coming directly out of the Sun, worldwide energy source Nr. 1. The Sun. 4.000.000 years to come. Why not produce a little more energy, and have a better life? – energy-saving devices are soo expensive.

To be honest, she hasn’t got any idea how the International Network could be part of this brand-new machine, on day one. But she is pragmatic and opens up a website on that very evening.

She uses a software by Dynamic Applications and calculates a really good price.

She’s not a rip-off person. She calculates a really fair price. She calculates the optimal price that she gotta charge when they sell those machines by thousands. I’m not saying her problems went all away, no. She was realistic enough to see that most of all these new problems on her road had not even yet started. And she was determined to go the best possible way. Her way to success.

But when she started developing her idea, after a while, her family started recognizing her in a completely different way. They got a 21st century mum, now. 

A solution provider.

Is it possible? – we say yes. 

SocialMedia driven App developer - logo mydarkstar logo IoT developer - beautiful butterfly on a robot hand logo

From this story, we conclude it’s probably possible to develop such a device, in theory. 

And the business case is already proven, as there is an obvious need: her friends wanted to buy one, as well. So how much invitation do you need to start with your very own idea.

Now to answer your very first question – from top of this article – why should someone want to do something as crazy as… well…

the true reason for developing the Internet of Things, of course, is to increase diversity of connected machines to the International Network. Which means nothing less than increasing the diversity of the International Network, itself.

As long as people are creating all kinds of machines, in funny ways, connecting and disconnecting them to the International Network every day, some guys who are dreaming of absolute control got no chance at all to succeed.

We predict it’s gonna be too chaotic to be controlled by a centralistic machine, and, unfortunately (for control freaks only), this very situation is getting both worse and more expensive with every single connected machine.

As we, the people, are many.

As operating systems diverge every so much as we are connecting machines. For all us small IoT Developers in the world, if the situation in our country gets worse, some day, we can start encrypting our machines in the funniest ways. And remove them from the International Network any day, just because a small bug has been flying right into their operating system and has produced a small defect. Plug them back in sometime soon. We’re working on it.

It was a security issue, and that’s too bad for business. It was a mistake! Nobody’s perfect. We’re working on it, as we said. Too bad, greedy ones. We’re offline.

And you bet we’ll be online pretty soon again, with an even better machine.

It was the beginning of something great. 

Business Process Manager - logo Perfect Desire logo - one world Photovoltaic System logo - 48x48 SocialMedia driven App developer - logo IoT developer - beautiful butterfly on a robot hand logo

Today, at Dynamic Applications, we are proud to announce a brand-new, massive multi-player strategy game.

We the people.

Internet of beautiful Things developers.

In this game, we, the participants, are going to invent our common future

We are Solution providers.

We are Sharing Economy.

We’re interconnected by two user competitions right within every dynamic application. Defining the way we’re going to follow, with secret messaging through Twitter, world’s fastest network, then voting for the best ideas we’re sharing.

Sharing is caring, and so we win all, over time.

Customer driven development, one of our key unique selling points.

Hey, you! 

Yes! With your little project, down there. Are you ready to go?

Internet of Things developer simulation with automated ToolTips
Internet of Things developer v3.12 – a projection of Net Income, in a runtime of 48 months.

Internet of Things developer.

IoT developer - beautiful butterfly on a robot hand logo

Our IoT developer simulation, with a forecast based on System Dynamics.

Softpedia Award for a 100% adware and spyware-free download!

Softpedia 100 No Spyware Award .

Internet of Things developer includes:

  • The Bakery Tutorial
  • Multi-Material Product Calculator
  • Small Business Company Simulation with 3 Products
  • App Developer intro with Website Visitors and Downloads
  • SocialMedia driven App developer simulation
  • Internet of Things developer simulation
  • The Dynamic Idea and Roadmap competition
  • a freely configurable Time ruler with 10…240 months/years.

We develop a standalone client, here: Small. Precise. Pure. and Safe.
no Data gathering, no Server behind you. It’s your business. We respect that.

Latest update exclusively on, our free FTP download Server.

IoT developer - beautiful butterfly on a robot hand logo
Internet of Things developer.

download now - new version get-it-on-windows-10-store customize_up

We’re following a customer-driven, agile development approach with 2-4  week cycles.
Beat us for everything not exactly perfect on Twitter, next two weeks. 24/7.

Internet of Things developer is copyright (c) 2016 Martin Bernhardt, Founder of Dynamic Applications. We guarantee you a free, fully functional 1-year-license. And we’re here to help.

All Windows 10 Store Apps come with full functionality, including the Target Formula System editor. So there’s no need to apply Promo Codes on Windows 10 Store Apps.

Unlimited License for the Windows 10 Store App, including unlimited upgrades.

story & original idea: 

Written in Desire. Implementation, list of formulas, and publication: day one.
Martin Bernhardt of Dynamic Applications, 2016.12.06.

Continuous integration from day two. Pay with a Tweet! Sharing is Caring.

== End of Log Entry ==

Dynamic Applications.

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Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we develop Perfect Desire, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and we call them Dynamic Applications.

SocialMedia driven innovations for the 21st century. And you could be one.

at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

Thank you for choosing to visit Dynamic Applications, today. Comment section is open.

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