Dynamic Idea and Roadmap Competition.

Dynamic Idea and Roadmap Competition.

dynamic_idea_logo_48x48 dynamic_qs_logo_48x48

This one is for Explorers. 

We’ve got customer driven development, a dynamic roadmap.

There are two feedback channels available on Twitter, world’s fastest network:

  • @dynamic_idea  ( fan / contributor / simulation idea creator / voter / child )
  • @dynamic_qs  ( bug reporter / feature demander / platform developer / democrat )

So if you like our product, prepare to send in your @dynamic_idea, Young Modeler!

If you want to complain about anything, hit on it @dynamic_qs.

We work right from top.

— — 2018.12.10 – @dynamic_idea — 10.12.2018 — —


and there be #dignity.

and there be #truth.

and there be #children.

and there be #democracy.


— — 2018.09.24 — breaking news — 24.09.2018 — —

Dear all!

dynamic roadmap - logo

we are sad to see that favstar.fm is closing down due to changes in Twitter API.

to keep the favourite voting online, for the time being, we’re switching to Twopcharts. They deliver the most popular RT. When defining our priorities, we’ll still consider RT+Fav, altogether. Give us some time, we’re preparing the concept for our own Top Charts website.

From next year on, we’re planning to change the voting so that for each @dynamic_idea, and each platform feature @dynamic_qs, there’s gonna be 4 options to choose:

0 votes

1 vote (rt)

2 votes (fav)

3 votes (fav + rt)

The reason for this is that @Twitter, they see themselves as world’s fastest network of short messages. Much like a newly invented, free, distributed Newsticker service, in a way. In being the crap, we’re unbelievably small, the sand corns of globalization, we’re microscopic, and we’re lightweight like a feather. Be free like a bird, you know.

In 21st century though, our voices might be heard. They may be transported, supported, reviewed, feed back, and commented upon by the ever so utterly small grassroots democracy networks of we the people. Value the feed, you know. And so we grow. Altogether.

And so, @Twitter, they have defined the favs (emotions) to be exclusively used by the people, while the retweet (rt) transporter function may also be used by SocialBots like the Startup Informer, or The Federal Press Agency. As the underlying corporate ethics seems flawless, we follow their rules as good as possible.


We the people.

We the people are strong.

At Dynamic Applications, our votes shall count.

Let’s build some tools for each other.

Altogether, we vote.

our vision.




Martin Bernhardt, 2018.09.24
Founder of Dynamic Applications

Thank you for supporting us.

don't let small minds convince you that your dreams were too big.

Your Top Voted Simulation ideas.

The Reverse Experience - logo IoT developer - beautiful butterfly on a robot hand logo

Your Top Voted Platform Roadmap.

SocialMedia driven App developer - logoPerfect Desire - logo

Dynamic Ideas.


Live Voting – Simulation Ideas (RT, Fav):

Dynamic Roadmap.


Live Voting – Platform Roadmap (RT, Fav):

How it works.


Dynamic Idea

for simulations over time for 21st century #Innovations of any kind: possible targets include Amortization, Expansion, Downloads, Cost, Profit, Website Visitors, TCO, RoI.

Your favorite simulation model for the 21st century Startup, published free of charge.

Dynamic Roadmap

for bugs, issues, features, enhancements, and general platform improvements – anything you want to do, create, learn, or simplify. anything that drives our platform forward.

The way we’ve constructed our Dynamic Applications development platform, from any vote on the Dynamic Roadmap, all Dynamic Idea Simulations will benefit at once. 

The Dynamic Applications platform is our basic product that is able to load and run 3d simulations in x/y/t of any kind, including your very own Input and Target variables, if/then/else, sum-up values (for loops), formula, and functions. Fully integrated formula system editors, the result of your top 2016 roadmap voting favorite.

So @dynamic_qs is the more important one. Our Dynamic Quality Service voting for you.

Every month, we start from that channel’s No. 1 vote.
If time remains, we realize dynamic ideas up to the full extent of the whole month.

Dynamic Applications is all about me, the Programmer, and You, the Driver.
So we recommend you get in the Driver seat now, and decide what to do. 

Take anything you like, and include that with your own project. We believe in that the large variety of people and on this very planet will ensure a beautiful variety of creative projects over time, all enjoying fully transparent calculation models that will help everyone to plan their 21st century life as well. Dynamic Applications. 3d Value calculators, corruption free. customers out there.

Are you ready to grow?

2018 User Favourites.


We’re doing 2-4-week release cycles.

Expect at minimum 2 new releases, every month (15th/30th).
From 2018, new releases are published on www.dynamic-applications.com, exclusively.

Every 4 weeks, the next former version is published as freeware. So that we increase our versions on our own page by .08 every month, and by .04 on the freeware sites. In times we got paid orders, Freeware catches up again. This is a voluntary offering. We spend as much time as possible working on the public vote, but there may as well be Workshops, Customization orders, or other urgent tasks to do, as well. Anhow. Beat us for everything not exactly perfect on Twitter, 24/7. We’ll fix any bugs as soon as possible.

There’s even a bug bounty of 25 Euro cash, define in our license with clear conditions.
Finally, do-it-yourself and a few questions about how it works will always be free of charge.

See our Release Notes page for a detailed listing of upcoming and implemented features.

about Explorers. about Drivers.


Social Styles Model: about Drivers.

about Customer driven development.

dynamic_idea_logo_48x48 dynamic_qs_logo_48x48

Customer Driven Development – we provide for happy and angry voters!

@dynamic_idea: fan / contributer


There’s a wide range of simulation ideas in the competition:

  • standard ones like the bank credit calculator,
  • funny ones like the love someone simulation,
  • or sophisticated ones like the 21st century worldwide growth of Forest.

Vote for anything you like with retweets and favourites, as you prefer.

If you do, it’s our task to provide a free simulation as soon as possible. We shall publish new simulation models as a result from this competition free of charge at least for the first month of availability, and on our own website. As you see, most if not all our products are free of charge, as long as downloaded from this website.

You’re testing, it’s free.

We’ve added a few 3rd party Quotes (Retweets) within @dynamic_idea and @dynamic_qs. You can fave and retweet them, but favstar.fm will not count them for the competition, as there is no todo involved with them, and these are just 3rd party retweets for you guys.

@dynamic_qs: bug and platform development roadmap vote


Should you miss anything or you found an issue, think we must go another way, then tweet it to @dynamicons, vote for it @dynamic_qs, win our competition, and have it fixed or added to the platform of all our simulations, free of charge.

This way, we’ve defined a solution platform that evolves over time, driven by customer’s vote. As you can see, we’re working on Perfect Desire, our top product. Starting from scratch, we dislike about everything that there is, and we complain about everything in a funny way, so you can express your dissatisfaction very easily and get things done.

Be fair enough, and accept that not enough people may have found your issue important until today. It’s not our fault.

So these are not all-fun competitions. These are our public task priority lists, voted upon in online democracy. While you, our SocialMedia crowd, keep voting all over the playground, we keep working from the very top of the priority list in every spare hour.

One key benefit is that we easily sort out all these ideas and features that nobody finds any interesting. Yes, we delete those from time to time. Nobody cares.

And so we save all the time creating useless applications for no customers, and concentrate all our worktime on useful applications for many customers. As you, our customers, have already decided what we do before we even start to waste a single day.

See below for a detailed information about the 2 votes you got with each Tweet we do.

Tweet Examples – Public Roadmap:


So how do we evaluate the competition?


Every month, we check both competitions for your Top Priority idea, fix or enhancement. 

Prio 1:  we’ll then work on the Top voted Roadmap feature, until fixed.

Prio 2:  then, if there’s time, we’ll work on the Top voted simulation idea to generate new simulation models. If you want more things for free, please do a little micro-marketing.

Counted are green Retweets and red Favourite hearts (1 vote each, so you got 2 votes).
Vote for anything you like, leave it with 0 votes, and you may even remove a vote, later.

Pay with a Tweet. 

Should you require a specific customization, see our Customer and Partner Service Conditions, where you can see our official business conditions. As usual, we try to make a really good price.

It’s the only way to get something that’s not on top of the competition.

PS. for the time being, since favstar.fm went down, we’ll link to the most favourite ideas on TwopCharts.com.

Promo Codes.


For anyone who got an unlimited access code, stay tuned. Bonus Models are in preparation, and will be published from Q4/2016. All your downloads and upgrades on this Website will be free through 2016 • 2017 • 2018 if you get the code word right into the box.

You got a business card? – congratulations! We’ll consult you one day for free, at no cost.
Meet our Founder, Martin Bernhardt, anywhere on the street, and ask for a card. You’re in.

Customer Driven Devevlopment – our way to Sunshine.

June, 2016:

  • after 4 months, more than 1000 people have already voted.

Update (August, 2017):

  • we got 3600 of Retweets and Favourites for @dynamic_idea. 
  • we got 1250 Retweets and Favourites for @dynamic_qs.

And we’ll follow that way, be sure of that. The way our customers desire. Total number of Retweets and Favourites for all accounts must be way beyond 250000, by now (Sept/2018).

Thank you for supporting us.



We try to look at everything we do from the customer’s perspective.

That’s why we publish all your good ideas and contributions on our @dynamic_idea list, and work on the top wanted features from @dynamic_qs, every month. So we can concentrate on things you want.

As you can imagine, in February 2017, i’m hardly earning a Euro per day, to feed my family.

Living World standard.

We’re selling lots of used goods, these days, we reduce costs, and scale down. Living in a rich country, it feels alright to work from home. It feels alright, in a way. Finally, it feels alright.

However. we like to see the glass rather half full, than half empty.

That’s probably the reason.

You have to believe in your own idea, you know.

If you stop believing in your own project’s purpose, one day… who would.

So if there’s a problem today, you better solve it. It’s our challenge of the day. our small step.

Startup Product Manager v2.76. Free do-it-yourself Business Model Tutorials.
Dynamic Applications. Free do-it-yourself Business Model Tutorials.

Sharing is Caring.


You’ve checked the competition, selected your favourite topic, and you’re waiting for your a long time already? – come on, how fast can a horse be that is given to you for free!

We’re building the base platform on the fly here, even do the way you want it.

Once in a few days, one of our earliest supporters is buying an App. The way we do it here, we have to use a lot of free stuff naturally and we build all the rest, ourselves, so how much can you ask for? – This is a three-piece solution, Software, Competitions and Website altogether. Believe me, i wish to go faster myself, at times. Read on here why we’ve published an essential portfolio of basic product simulations first, how we sorted them, and why.

Think first, vote next, all i’m saying. 

This is your life, not mine.

Remember that in being freeware developers, we try to play the fair game, here.

Less money, more rewards from a Sharing Economy of Freeware publishing websites.

we recommend you to grow small as well, and follow the idea of contribution, hard work, and sustainability. as long as you help almost all kinds of other people, why should you get in trouble? – as you can see in the movie, destruction comes from egoism, greed, wealth, a cold heart, distrust, fear, betrayal, distrust, and dirty hands. 

from our perspective, just open your heart in due time, work for your fan crowd, and gain hearts and thumbs up and a thanks, awesome tool! here and there on SocialMedia. Let others speak and open your platform to many people in due time.

do you want to sit in your golden cage, all life?

then why don’t you start driving a lot of people. in your car, from today.

as what we believe in is the Ethics, the culture, the fundament of Sharing Economy.

as easy as that. 

don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.

and one day, Success will come to you. That’s way cool! :)
our promise, our guiding light on far horizon.

You may not even notice, at forest.

Are you ready to grow?

Imagination is everything. It’s the preview of life’s coming attractions.
Albert Einstein, 1879-1955.


Top Voted – Dynamic Ideas:


Top Voted – Platform Roadmap:

Dynamic Ideas.


Your Idea Voting – Simulation Ideas:

Dynamic Roadmap.


Your Roadmap Voting – Bugs & Enhancements:

Use your votes with care.


Success in Life does not come from holding a good hand
about Success.

Dynamic Applications - true innovation
Dynamic Applications – about True innovation.

Dynamic Applications.

Dynamic Applciations - Logo

Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we develop Perfect Desire, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and we call them Dynamic Applications.

SocialMedia driven innovations for the 21st century. And you could be one.

at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

Thank you for choosing Dynamic Applications, today. Comment section is open.

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