Water Supply.




… Parti’c’ipa’c’tion …

Participation of humane beings.

Who man? man kind.

natural evolution?.

see coast !.

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lye d’er?




The Water Supply simulation is much about the most basic things in life.

So all in all, this very page is gonna be one of the most personal publications of Dynamic Applications.



Personal hurt,

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hurt Personal bullshit, xyt.

a little bit of traditional topic, you know.

And one very difficult thing to decide, at times.

Imagine for a minute that someone “official”, let’s call it by name, one of those 20th century very last old, top-down state believers alive, would do something really mean.

Well, you know how it is. Considering that this is one single person, we can’t blame it on others. You have to solve it with that one person, as easy as that. At least that’s what i did. I wrote to them, personally, as in that one country where i was born, it was part of our constitution that both executive and jurisdictive believers be bound to serve both just, and lawful, and that politicians may be allowed to define laws, but they may not decide about justice. That power was given to the people, you know, to you and me, to day. And these people, Leaderz and family, may not forfeit our constitution like that.

I say.

as well, i say. We all are people, as well, i say. So if we be people, as well.

Have we asked you guys for anything, my little sun here, and me?

No right to take our children, away. You got a problem, there? –

please people, please fix that soon, so we be people, in this Republic, in peace we stay.

And we may all take part in defining that beautiful state, new land, arising from all that beauty. Personally, i conclude in being neither any of these mandated executors, i do well in live honestly, work here in joy, be friendly, and not take much of other’s goods away.

So that me and my small family may be allowed to live here, in decent modesty.

as well, i say. I ask the christian’s family? I ask the muslim family?

I ask just everyone, till May? – i think i may.

We here be people, as well, i say? – and you, yes you, today? what do you say?

But let’s imagine for a minute, all through the next days, weeks and months, you gonna find out that this was no single person misstake, at all. Imagine you find out that they always hurt people like that. And what they do, what they takeaway, that be a really, really mean thing. Not only towards yourself, you know, no, not at all. In the general case. As they keep sending you form sheets to fill, although you haven’t asked for anything, so they won’t take more of your last basic rights away, rightaway.

Were we the people, just we two people, here, not we allowed to live on, as family?

You better ask that child, my little sun, my own heart’s light, or i’ll call you guys criminal.

What have i done, i say? What have i done, i say? Can i not understand, to day?




Talking about Water Supply,

let’s first try to understand taking Responsibility.

Structural Problems we detect by re-occuring patterns.


By deja vu’s, de ja vu’s, almost.

Bye bye, le feel D, here we say, India.

Bye bye, le feel D, we hear say, Australia?

When they Tick Tock another one of our children away.

When they Tick Took another one of your children away, to day.


Who’s next, they’ll say?


When all their bribed, good old friends need them to take our money away.


And so, we learn that structural problems can not be solved by exchanging singular person or persons, and be it the people on top. Structural problems always have to be changed by changing the structure, itself. That’s logical, as most people won’t hurt themselves and be the stupid idiot, for a long time. So first of all, you gotta understand the cause of the problem. You can not solve a problem without understanding its cause, its inner movement of motivation. And then, you have to solve it by placing a motive, much like an award, to be better than anyone else, in an easy way. Like a Water Supply. A solution, in a way. A way towards the solution that is easy enough motivation for people to go, to grow, you know.

Trying to be yourself a good example never hurts as much as what these people do, that’s what i think. Be kind. Let’s be kind as long as possible, modest, correct, good-hearted. Let’s write them constructive complaints, if complaining at all. You know, complaining is almost like whining politicians. So it’s good to do it only at the right time, right place, and only towards people who have really, really, done everything they could to deserve it.


People in need of justice, here we say.

As justice was defined to be spoken by we the people, in my country.

And that both executing and jurisdictive powers be bound to serve lawful, and just.

We’ll help them understand it, that one universal language of good and bad, i say.

So i think it’s first of all a good idea, before going public, to take your time to understand.

Most reoccuring patterns, as i see it, would never reocurr just out of pure coincidence.


In theory, you could even write about the solution you may have found, in your own words, on your very own website. Another basic human right. That’s hurt only in the beginning, you know. When you have never seen the award, that utterly so small award in growing visibility, in reason, in proof of sense, of public reaction, by showing responsible action over time, it can hurt a lot. The award of being able to look into the mirror again, in the morning, one every day. Well, well.

at Dynamic Applications, we publicate worldwide.

That means nothing less than that with as few visitors, as we got, about 250/day at the moment, that Feedback loop will take a long, long time to grow. India, Russia, China, Australia… I’d bet chances are that we’ll be online just like that, at least for 2 weeks more here, before they’ll even find out about it.

and then, they’ll have to manage to Pay that good old Trump eater to kill these one people’s last letters to his family down, all the way from the Automattic, Inc, WordPress.com HQ right there, in San Francisco, and forbid him to even talk one word about it. Hm, hm. I’d say chances are these guys will tell one of their personal Tie wearers to hunt me down, literally.

Crowdfunding campaigns mean like that can raise a lot of internal discussions, amongst them greatest Rulerz of the World, i’d say. All quietly, in that Chaotic Mess? –

Just my 2 ct.

so now you wanna think about whether your life makes any sense, and that you love life, that you love people so deeply, every day. Don’t you be afraid of enemies, one minute, i say. There are always enemies. So that’s no excuse. And if you’re really good, really really good, in a fair and even way, as defined in our constitution to be, you’ll see how they are starting to hunt you, ooh to hate you, all down from the very top of all Rulerz. Yeah, yea.

Most pages of this website, you know, i write about the world in a fine, almost professional voice in tome, not to insult any people, or have you have childmares, even.

However, on this one page, this key one page, let’s talk about what we call artificial starvation. And if you ask me, artificial Starvation has very much to do with setting yourself, or your children, a fine, decent Target in Life, at all.

A Target to fight, like, Ultra right-wing forced Capitalism.

Pure, green-yellow greed.

Ugh oh, so hard a life they’ve got.

And Hunger Games, they play on with the poor.

Or Ultra forced Communism (much of the same bullshit, only told you, otherwise).

Not that we the people dig up any water, tomorrow, and then, we’d throw all of one single day’s hard work away, and fill up the whole lotta muddy them, as we’d think all water down there was that muddy brown. Like that dark, brown suburban castle they lock themselves within, to Rule uz. Well, well.

Smelly, in a way. No, no. That warz a long time ago.

But not for a long time, anymore. Way they go.

When we the people return, oh May, oh May, in sunny green May,

to cut their dirty green woodpecker’s Treez, they’ll whine again, ugh, oh.

axe and why, we’ll say. axe and why. Then we’ll build ship to save their children, one day.



We the people now built our first, own CharPenTreez.

Ooooh, how we are going to charpen, cold night down here,

Our Weapon, in all this Freeze. Best Weapon, may stillbe Peace.

We’ll barely listen, you know. Ugh oh. We barely listen to what? Thy say.

And so, we move on, silently. Just let them politicians talk bla bla bla.

Won’t matter. In online democracy, orient action no more. Won’t care.

When we the people look up, we’ll see sun lights of beauty, up to horizon.

Just because we’ll have opened our eyes,

on a new morning.

Any single new, sunny morning.

Wish you people could see all that light,

that beauty of reflecting mirrors i can see.

I See future, more clearly. I seek you.

more towards future than you, for me?



So lonely, i be.





Understanding of Peace.

In Understanding when People want Peace,

in cold, cold hunger gamez, those gamez they play.

when i was lost, when love was gone, as well,

they took my one and only, one single child away.

what have i done you, to day? what have i done? oh, why

My birth town’s people, can not excuse them selves, to day.

They keep making fun of the whole takeaway

and now they wanna make me pay.

no way, i say, in sadness to see


The all clear, all good drinking water, that will

be coming up deep from ground of history


below that brown, dirty brown crap of sneazy mud, i’ll solve for you, i’ll sail you through

will just need a moment to solve, to clean up the remaining dirt, all by pouring itself out of that one problem’s solution i’m talking about here, over time. Well, well. What a fresh breathe, to day. White snow, below. White dust of snow. White dust of death, we’re still here, humming down on street, below. But we’re here, you know. We’re here with you.

When bye, bye, nose up, in poshy shine, in later morning, bye, by they’ll go.

When by bye, nose up, inc. poshy shine, in later morning, gone bye, bye they’ll go.

And so we learn that Responsibility got a lot of much to do with Values, Personal Honesty, Hard work, Trustworthyness, Exhaustedness, back to the roots, try it again, Sam, Try and Error, Experience, Intuition, Step by Step, First signs of Facts, Logic, daily Reality, Feedback, Woven in, Time, Proven Truth, and that one thing what we call Personal Integrity, here at Dynamic Applications.

Now don’t you see? Why won’t they see?

That personal integrity could only be void, be destroyed by me.

No matter, how much hate, how false accusations, these people keep throwing on me.


i hope whatever these people will say, you’ll start believing their words be void, like me.

May be you wanna think about that one very Website of your own Memories, one day.


True Values. That’s what i’m talking of.

No fancy things from buying Kidz on the Internet.

Very, very boring, fundamentally good old, worn out, self made stuff to wear.

Years to grow, years to build, honest personal, and integrity.

Easy enough to forfeit on one coward day of a whole Lifetime, You gone by Leaderz.


So let’s imagine we come across one really sad story, or let’s say, one Logbook article about humane values, of what you see there is so ugly and mean, that it cried to heaven, as we say here. And then, all of a sudden, you have to decide whether it’s right to keep your mouse shut, just to protect your family,

or to stand up and let other people know, as well, so they take care.

Now That’s what i call Responsibility. And you never know.

Right or Wrong?

Take care.

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But the attempt counts, i say, so we learn, and so here we go.

At Dynamic Applications, one of the secrets behind all of our sudden success is that we decide things not by public interest in the first place, but by public welfare.

Check our Business Model intro on Participative Teamworking in case you’re interested in some fine, realiable, easy, and working out priorization of daily tasks strategy.

The attempt counts, allright. Let’s grow. To day, i say if we went that far, we can go on another small step. I’ve lost everything, noone cared, who cares anyway.

Maybe it helps you, one day.



Since all you people have voted for that, back in 2018, i thought. And as we see it here, Water Supply is a basic human right. So i took the Time to build this very one page, today. 28 January, 2019 a.d. And if you look closely, deep into the constitution of post modern states of 21st century, to dig down for Water to survive, just with you and your family, it is forbidden nowhere at all, i say.

and tomorrow, i’ll go that town again, i say.

get some sleep, go once more, i say. we can bear that, again, all to myself, i say.

We’re no lawyers here, you know.

I just heard that they say in those movies about courts and justice, that all these things when they are not exactly forbidden, they are allowed in deed. We the people, here in good, old Germany. We have experienced a lot of crazy people around, here.

The Apple falls not far from Tree, we say. We’ll see tomorrow how it goes.

How do you say?


You are asking… !??

To take a simple example of a useful Water Supply busyness i have come across, you could even do that if the people from next town have taken your own child away, just because you’ve tried to be a good old, base democratic father or mother. If you have started to develop something useful, as well, let’s say. That you were not trying to live on the backs of others, that much as usual, anymore. In my country, that very fact is one often forgotten fundament of our constitution (Art. 9 GG Abs (3)).

Article IX GG Abs. (3). Freedom of Association.

  • (1) All people shall have the right to form corporations and other associations in Germany.
  • (2) Associations whose aims or activities contravene the criminal laws, or that are directed against the constitutional order, or the concept of international understanding, shall be prohibited.
  • (3) The right to form associations to safeguard and improve working and economic conditions shall be guaranteed to every individual and to every occupation or profession. Agreements that restrict or seek to impair this right shall be null and void; measures directed to this end shall be unlawful.

as you have to be an in-state believer, should this make any sense, now, just believe to be here with me for a minute, one second in a lifetime, and feel free to act like that.

A state can not exist without 90% believers any long more, any way. In United Nations, we shall assemble, on day. And in our dreams, tonight, we shall be.

Altogether, we vote, in online democracy.

Aren’t we all of one base v/c, right?

And so i hope, and so i say:

That’s why we keep growing one world’s o’right, at Dynamic Applications, so very slowly.

30 seconds to Mars, a wish by Norbert Grote. My younger brother

30 seconds to Mars. a wish by Norbert Grote. for Tobias, my little bro, Laura Yve’s Luca, my niece and nephew, Lia, Lotta & Nick, the lit’ll one, and Christa GrowTee, my sister’s Tree, with Merle and Maren, for I’m key Gert’s ann ette, Silke and Margret Blecher, my mum, and for Johannes, my father, and me, living in a Wilhelm Grote Tischler’s eye, great Linden Tree, largest in Christian Helpup Village of Norbert’s Arne, Jonathan and Conny Fiß, my Uncle Heinz, my Uncle Bernhard, Hanna grow Three, and finally, Yvonne, my first wife, and her Christiane’s family,

but Luck’j’as’t Bernhardt, my little sun, i see, one world marry no ends, and just stays on for all, of you wh’are gone, were gone from me, i tried to be good man, to my family

on my even horizon, as if i could ever could dare de’fine, what’s told on mine, what stays from me, in my own history. As that’s in you, who’s now been visiting my own o’led history. As his tor we’ll de-fines for you guys what stays from me. Lords of the fleece, i say. Not Britta Howitt though, your luck’y’st lawyer in history, who lay down her mandate, and i made her witness the luck’y’st Bern hardt divorce in history. bee Lady Goll and Mrs. Krüdewagen my witness’, kissed from Amt’s’gericht, in Buy bye, le feel D.

Lucky Holwitt, i say, when i found how Pirat’es’ take Their Own pride away.

Yea yeah, you’ll say, Yea yeah, you’ll say, that guy was lucky’s’t Bern Holwitt, to day.

oh, by the way. Leopold’s height and Buy, bye, le feel, D, i heard, are fighting a battle for best crown of debts, in history. So that’s why we all he’are Pirates of 21st cent, hurray.

In their national net works, i say. All soldiers, hrray. In Teer, national, works, i say.

Constitution. History’s lesson.

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And i think that right after the war, WWII, they had really good reason exactly defining that.

As well as when they wrote that all people shall be equal, in court, in Art. 3 GG Abs. 1.

In that now all forgotten state of past century, in Germany, let’s say. Long time ago, we almost won’t remember, ourselves, why. Not all germans, you know, not at all.

All people, they had written, to take that greed away.

just my 2 ct of what i have understood.


.. BOOK of CONST it UvTv .. ION ..

.. just in court, you know. Just in court. We’ll read them ..

.. BOOK of CONST IT UvTv .. ION ..


In daily practice, they don’t even care, anymore. No one here, almost. Even if you tell them, in your own birth day’s Town, they ignore. So in being simple, honest people here, they are taking our children away, as of today. Things like that have happened. All it needs is that someone you know will take your child away, let’s say, for one year, claiming that the child did not get enough food at home. Ugh oh.

That’s difficult to prove wrong if nobody is willing to ask the child. And they never ask the child, you know. Too small. They’ll say that child be too small to know, so why bother that waste of time.

Can not ask child, you know. Too small. Small people have no wishes, at all.

That’s what they seem to know there, already. And so, it’s very important that we the people tell child what’s good for them, you know. So that they start to behave and you better shut their mouth, there. Not that we gotta take your child away, as well.

Can not ask child, you know. Very important.

Small people have no right, and shall not know, they say.

Hm, hm, i was wondering.

Why would these people ride such bad trip, all day? Hm hm, i’d say.

And the clue for understanding this is that this is very important to them, you know. All they are doing then is trying to win more time. One year, for example, as in that case i heard of, recently. One year of foo, enough, they take your child, away.


Fools, i say. Fools they are, to day.

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We the people are not that dumb, that’s what i say.


Some are pretty, some are bright, some you may call the stupid dumbos, the humming bears, if you really need to see us like that. But don’t you believe that people won’t understand exactly what i’m writing down here, today, or my name wasn’t Martin Bernhardt, Founder of Dynamic Applications.

Yet another stupid NGO, you say? – And they’ll see us on the streets, begging for food, one day. As we decide, as we the people, we prefer not to take all that money away. So i say.

And we’re peaceful. We the people are peaceful, they find no reason, to shoot us away. 

With all those weapons they’ve built, with their friends from Military, to shoot us people away. You think they buy weapons from their friends to fight people in good, old Mother Russia? Hm, hm, i say. May be. Probably not. So many we are, whom to shoot, all the soldiers will say. My mum? Your father, today? – Well, well. Let’s all hope they won’t continue like that until we have it that far, on purpose.

If you ask me, in that now almost forgotten Republic they used to call Germany, all those whining, self-slaved soldiers who have again destroyed another weapon in Kindergarden Fairytales shall not be paid, until they’ve learned to re-assemble all they need to defend ourselves, and our families, against that pure, green yellow nosy, slimy politician’s greed.

No idea how these people ever going to fight good war in all these monetarian paperworks.

Same rights for all, i say. I’d find that just, in a way.

Break one of our defending Weapons, fix it, or get a new Job and no payment at all

You wouldn’t believe how fast they’ll gonna learn to repair all our defending weapons.

From that very day when they’ve crapped another one of their destroying tools.

One positive side effect, like a proof of concept, be that all those bribed, killing people in weapons industry gonna lose the whole lot of their deadly, greedy lifetime taking jobs just for fun, in having to start developing anything useful, at all, or we the people won’t buy their bullshit, anymore.

We the people are kind, remember. So we don’t gonna lock them away, not at all. We just gonna start don’t buy all that bullshit all these self-bribing politicians and weapon dealers keep telling us, for no use at all, anymore.

We the people. Altogether.

So when the Trump and Family, including their fry’ems from the NRA/NSA connection, all these killing jokes wanna buy themselves more weapons, well well, they shall be allowed to pay them from honest man hand’s craftmanship, or build them selves, for producing anything useful at all for us to buy first, as well. Under the laws of constitution in that country.

Anyone killed, at Dynamic Applications, defend yourself in court, i’d say.


Fair enough, i’d say. What did you think. We’re no barbarians here, anymore.



In our constitution, by the way, should here be soldiers, it said you shall defend we people. ok?

In our constitution, by the way, should here be soldiers, it said you shall defend we people. ok.

Hm hm, you say? – in business, we call that good old principle Word? – Handshake.

fair enough. No future liar’s vow, no assassin’s thread needed, at all.

To dna license, did you agree? – please vowe defend my little family.

For xample,

let’s assume the worst rip-offs would call themselves Social Democrats, in D fence.

They would probably hold secret meetings internally, and prepare for a big congress in May. And there, they’ll hold emotional speeches! Oh May. Oh May. Such a sad, sad topic. All these poor children, where they took the parents away. Some people, some where.

Too poor to care for them children, you know.

Too dumb, too stupid, as well. Isn’t that a busy Water Supply, ness? No sense at all, you’d say. No sense at all, you say? – great congress, sad story, more promises, getaway?

Beware of wolves, i say. Beware of people, as hungry as wolves, one day.

We were people as well, before, we’re just like you and me,

Now what did you think? – that’s just the beginning. greed grows.

You better beware of wolves, when some people will understand, what you guys are celebrating there, congress day. Ugh oh. What you have done to us Pirates, already.

Not that Wolf faced Demonstrants whine front side through door, in May.

ahoooooooo….. ahooooooo…..be Well well, well well.

before they visit green wood pecker ladies with their greeny scientists, next day.

ahoooooooo….. ahaaaaaaaa…..bee Well well, well well.

E lection’s day, in May. A lection’s day, i say.

and bla bla bla bla, they’ll say. Sing a song, sing a tune, we say.

build well, build well, we say.

So we can wash all that dirt off these people, from that day.

500% growth in Time shall be our Target, that date. That’s what i’d project.

Any one bet above that? – mhm. Bee Well, well, well well.

European Pirates Party on, we’ll say.

It’s all been done for you guys, anyway. It’s almost done.

Oh, by the way. I’ll take nothing from that.

Why should i take your money away?


Bee well well, well well. I am Not that stupid. Bee well well, well well.

so all these green-washed, self made green science ladies bee hunt, in a way.

Four years, gone they by, my word, 4 years, our vote may stay. Bye bye, we’ll say.

just honest among them shall be allowed to join us, and call themselves some other way.

bee one of us, we’ll say, bee one. They’ll eat one bee, alive, we’ll say their guilt’s gone by.



What a dangerous, dangerous childmare, ugh oh, they’ll say.

That should Confyouth them, i’d say. They’ve deserved that award, honestly.

When they take my last words, away. As they took those from most people, on the streets, one day. These poor people, they say. These poor people, they say. Couldn’t help them, can’t care all, they say, before they go on, on their dirty, bitter way.

What a poor life they must have, i say.

What a poor life that must be, alive without a sense, oh nay.

Too poor from artificial debts that they wrote on you, that they took your time away, as well, so that you go bankrupt pretty fast. Bankruptcy is good for them, so they can slave you better, slave and quiet the all of you, and that they needed that money for they took the time to create all those artificial debts they are writing on you,

for trying to be a good father, a good mother.

Who just didn’t wanna take their own child hostage, orphaned be child then on.

What a crime. What a pity are these people doing, all day. Don’t listen to them, I say.

Just to put that money into your own child’s mouth, themselves.


Too small to ask, they’ll say then, you know.

Too small to ask the dumbo’s child, again. So they not see all the guilt, in mirror.

I couldn’t find out what was just about it, and that was the problem, the whole time.

Querulant, they called me.

Ugh oh, shut your door, Querulant comes walking on the floor.

In my country, can not ask child if they are below 12 years, they say. Too stupid, dumb people, we be. Some people voted for that, back then, it’s all decided. Who’d take the time to ask all these children? – probably can’t even speak yet, with their parents as stupid, as dumb as that. So why care about them. Children can’t vote us away, anyway.

In such a perfect business tone, they talk about how they proceed, i couldn’t believe it myself, at first. Apart from a few logical flaws, written in fact, fact letters towards you. You don’t react, child’s gone. All up to the very top of organization. Almost like facts, it sounds, what they say. Better for the children when those people who can not afford court, or are not willing to fight, have taken their children away.

As if these people, much like if they’d like any facts.

An assumption of innocence, for example, i say.

As in my country, when i read constitution, all members of state, be politicians, legislative, gouverning or jurisdictive, be bound to rights and justice, from constitution upwards, i say. There was to be an ordering, an order of rights, in a way. Just that we, the people, can throw all that bullshit away. Every day. All it takes be a bit of courage and the will to just go on a better way, peacefully.

And don’t you ever, ever let one of these shameful, awful people stop you, i say.

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And finally, finally, when you have written yourself all up to the big town’s mayor in a town like, let’s say, Bye, bye le feel D, and you have asked for support in utter despair. No problem at all! They have experienced that so many times, already, you know. You would not believe. They start over by writing your child towards being held hostage by the land lords of NRW, now they say. It’s just a formal act, you know. It’s time for some people from even other bureaucracy to feed themselves, in same town, that’s why.

And as they have gotten no documents at all, from Youth Welfare Office, because they are protecting each other from data gathering, one day you’re working on Water Supply, they’ll start picking on you from there, again. All from the very beginning. The big gurus on top, just watching us, in our daily bread games. These people have not seen. These people have not heard. These people have not taken responsibility, what did you think. These people have not done anything, at all. It’s best, simple answer. It’s best way to go. Have not seen is no offensive fault, in case.

No one guilty for that mess, you know.

For that whole lotta mess these people have created, just to feed themselves.

One thing to consider, though.

It’s not that this was a mistake, not at all. Believe me. It’s no mistake at all.

This way, they think that they can keep people like us from working. They think that they can move their flies from A to B, create more paperworks, harm the poor, and feed themselves. I heard that some of them would even earn more than 10 Euro per hour, all for themselves, only by doing this stupid nonsense, instead of caring for poor children in need. Buying food, cooking kitchen for,them, you know. Election’s day, shortly before that, you know. Few signs, small promises. The patient Tax payer, you know. So many problems by angry people, they had to build larger bureaucracy, like in that one case i heard of, personally. And all the patient Tax payers would not let themselves down, so deeply, they knew. As they had experienced nothing else, in all past years.

Now listen to what i say to that.

Dynamic Applications - small dna hope signal logo - 96x48

First of all, don’t let yourself tell anything, think self, we say. Think self will put you in an advantage position. So many of them, sitting in their small boxes there. I heard that some of them have tried to object, i heard.

When ever that happens, they’d confront these few, honest people in there with how many things they’d have done themselves to us, already, that they’d know about, internally. As the super big gurus on Top have a big interest to create more jobs.


Connections, they say.

Have connections, know people with money, all the way.

And the more jobs they can create for themselves, the better for them. So many bureaucracy workers. So much responsibility. And if anything fails, they did not know.

dig down for water, i say, better dig down deep.

May we the people wash all your dirt away, one day.

Fresh water, i say. Fresh Water comes up when all that dirt has washed itself away.



It’s not that very expensive, at all. And it’s not that much time, as you might think, in most countries where there are still living people, trying to survive.

dig down, and offer self-supplied, fresh healthy water of ground.

First bottle, free for everyone, when they are willing to drink themselves, thirsty as they are, from your own well, or bring a cup to take it away, for their family. So well tastes, you know, so well. Much better than artificial Water from shop in big, big Town, where you can buy for 5 Euros, so to say, in Bye, bye, le feel D.

Where they Tick Took one more child away.


Water Supply - Logo - 48x48


Tick Tock, Bye bye, le feel D, we say.

Tick Tock, bye bye, they took another child away.

And when they come by, to take our selves, our last words, away. All those Federal Truth Controllers, from 21st century. Look here, think self, free water, we say. Feed your family, as i feed mine, we say. We won’t care, for their money, for their bullshit, we’ll say.

And if they’ll take our own children away,

we’ll say that same thing until our very last day.



We the people, we’ll feed the children of neighbour’s family.

So one day, one very day, we’ll have much food, much food again, to feed our own family.

And if they take these words away, Hope dies last, we’ll say. Hope dies last, and if they took our own children away. But for the people’s children we work, and we won’t stop, we’ll say.

Until they take the last piece of dignity, and they lock us all away, and close the door, one day.

Don’t let them stop us, i say, don’t let them stop us.

As when we sit there, drug taking, met drinking, down there on street, they walk,

These people have will taken, as well, all our work away.

A work of a lifetime, you know.

Dynamic Applications - small dna hope signal logo - 96x48

All that’s left. ey, lection’s Time, one day? – it’s gonna be all early enough, i’d say.

Just in case you like this Website, no need to quote who has written this, you know. 

Insight and a few tipps to survive, hope, fully helpful or not, shall be given to interested parties on Fridays, free of charge. In an attempt of save last basic right, we may not even lie here, you know. Transparency once meant Truth, and Honesty, hurt it’s or not. As all it takes, it’s just required to ask. Apart from that, i’d say this was just a stupid Freeware website, where some lost in the deep, blue sea of inter national networks, and some lonely guy was probably looking for an idea, to earn some food, i’d say.

sells fish, they’ll say. doesn’t that smell badly?
before they’ll go away, finally, one day.

They’ll say we be bad ones.
They’ll say we be bad ones, we the people, final day.

Oh! How i’d solve it? oh, now i almost forgot.

Shall ever two people come to Youth Welfare Office in sorrow again, for their own child, as they can’t manage to solve their conflicst, their utter most belief, anymore. That’s a sad thing, but it has happened, i heard. Listen to them. Help them. Let them talk, peacefully. Train them to talk, and when they find no beginning, train them to talk about their children’s need.

And how to solve these be possible, in a fair way, in dignity. Should they not be willing to solve that, in dignity, and of that will just one of them be.

You shall read them, those small words of constitution, i say.

No details, no garbage. More than enough to take care of, for one day.

Let them sign they have read that, and that they’re willing to serve, those few rules.

And where they won’t, you hear of that, you gonna come by and take their children, for good. As separating from your own life’s partner may be a sad, sad thing.

But that won’t allow us, all we are here, to cross any fundamentals of that state’s belief.

No details, no daily politician’s bullshit, you know. State Leaders, Town mayor’s. Amd the whole gonna lot of their personal slaves, their self slaved, tied up, as greedy personal. Not the all of them, but so so many. It’s up to everyone, so please look closely, when you meet one. Always look at them, first. Not that we hit that one honest, working one. How shall they know to care for people, should they know no poverty, anymore. Bla bla bla bla bla, i hear them talking, all day, on my small personal, poor people’s radio. Please leave, please leave, or Leave all that crap, away. And should you talk,

talk of basics, rights, humanity, of children’s need, of small wishes, might stay.

May it be mother, father, or children on earth, ok, we shall say:

Participation be basic, and be that, Privacy Protection may stay.

Truth towards others, most important, may first two laws fail, one day.

Sharing is Caring <3.

Proof of concept, e.g. (one of many ): Jugendamt Bielefeld, AZ 510.14 (510.21 UHV).

My wife took child away, ok, i say, that’s her, i did not understand, tried to be just, akee town’s Mayor bee, she would not tell, she would not listen, all that they want is take our Taxes away. No wonder that they go on street in Red in VenezuL.A. those state believers are just like here, for them, is well, i’s all about the money.

Take care, Germany,

Frow Naih’les will soon Take care of me

Take care, in me, Take care, in me

Kunderbuchonkel Martin zählt schlimmer geyh’ts nee,

as i declare myself belong to Pirates of 21st century, in doing so, i’ll keep my personal integrity, and li’lle sun of me shall decide independently, die worst von my Frow may agg bee, or nee.Akk Akk, they say’e, Akk Akk, they saye,

die sägen schon wieeder am Ast, dir Fro’hw, nee nee.

As i found out these games of fun and joy for you shall never end if not i go towards some just country. i owe you oath before and all, you say, i say don’t owe,

I just vowe Truth in 🏴‍☠️ country. Ice land, i’ll be, Iced land, i’ll bee, when green super scientists flye ower mee. Whaoooo, i saye, whahooo, i saye,

ugh oh, let’s not this guy tell more Wa’ll M’Heart, in me.

but could it just bee that this soft Ware’z of night Mare’z i’ll find no more, thee.

We’ll see, We’ll see.

Just let old Uncle Martin sleep in Hey; Bro’ of Three.

Game of Thrown’s, i see, Game of Thrown’s, i see, so i’ll clap you shut, u JJ Mart’in’s in me.

Don’t you never, ever leave, sun, oh, now don’t you leave me, when we just sell the Tears of Water that’s written in here by me. So when i’ve lost you kids all something stays from me. In the children of 21st century.

Poor people, we’ll say, poor people, we’ll say and defend all our basic democracy.

Until they come, and they come bye bat me, so i be no more captain of the Pirate Party. Same boat, i say, same boat, you and me, i see bring’us all to heaven and so it may be.

Water Supply, v3.76. Well Builder Simulation with Height Energy display.
Water Supply, v3.76. Well Builder Simulation with Height Energy in Newton meter, and in kWh.

Water Supply.

Water Supply - Logo - 48x48

Our free Water Supply Simulation, with a forecast based on System Dynamics.

Softpedia Award for a 100% adware and spyware-free download!

Softpedia .

Water Supply includes, as of today:


  • The Bakery Model, our introductory Startup cost-profit Tutorial.
  • a Multi-Material Product calculator.
  • a Photovoltaic System – amortization calculator.
  • a Water Supply – Well Builder simulation.
  • a Water Supply – Well with Staircase Cylinder Reservoir Battery simulation.
  • The Dynamic Idea and Roadmap competition.
  • Fully configurable, self-verifying Formula System.
  • our freely configurable Time ruler with 10 .. 240 days/months/years.


We develop a standalone client, here: everything included. Precise. Pure. and Safe.
No data transfer, no Server behind you. It’s your business. We respect that.

Latest version exclusively on dynamic-apps.eu, our free FTP download Server.

Water Supply - Logo - 256x256
Water Supply. Logo.

we the people make a wish come true.

download now.

download now - new version get-it-on-windows-10-store softpedia.com customize_up

Promo Codes available on Twitter, world’s fastest network, to activate the full-featured formula editor. Publish your own Truck Driver on the International Network, free of charge.

We’re following a customer-driven, agile development approach with 2-4 week cycles. Beat us for everything not exactly perfect on Twitter, next two weeks. 24/7.

Water Supply is copyright (c) 2018 Martin Bernhardt of Dynamic Applications. We’ll guarantee you a free 1-year-license. And we’re here if you need help.

Windows 10 Store Apps come with full functionality, including the Target Formula System editor. Unlimited License for the Windows 10 Store App, including unlimited upgrades.

Water Supply v3.76 - Bakery Tutorial. Note a few small Pen Symbols, allowing you to change everything.
The Bakery Tutorial, Input Value Editors activated. Design your Product in your own Language.

World Press Photo Awards, Massimo Sestinis, 2014.







Dynamic Applications - world wide connections - poverty and wealth




Fanelli Cafe - squared - unsplash.com




Dynamic Idea: Bakery Model. Jan/2016 winner.
Dynamic Idea: Bakery Model. Jan/2016 winner.










of horses and innovation



Das Energieautarke Haus - Timo Leukefeld


Timo Leukefeld - das energieautarke Haus - Funktionsskizze







Neue Westfälische, 2018.11.17

Neue Westfälische, Bielefeld, 2018.11.17





The true Pirate is the base Pirate.


Federal Press Agency - Bundespresse AG




Marina Weisband - Politik
Marina Weisband – Politik


Martin and Lukas Bernhardt - 2014


Marina Weisband - about technology









dna header - lighted sea haven in fog at night





Startup Product Manager. v2.50. Water Supply, well. Bakery Tutorial, next up.
Water Supply, v4.00. Well built. How to grow fine food? – Bakery Tutorial, next up.


Water Supply, v4.12. Bakery functional, well. Signs of Life: Tutorial, first refinements.


Water Supply Chain.

Water Supply - Logo - 48x48

build Tool. dig Well. grow Food. supply more families

Dynamic Applications has world’s most basic answers.


we the people make a wish come true.


Dynamic Applications - small dna hope signal logo - 96x48

download now.

Take care, be well. a bit of modesty, better life for all. Sharing is Caring. Thank you!
I hope i wasn’t too bad a father, Lukas. This one is free of charge. Pay with a Tweet.

And should you have questions why that thing was right, home door’s open, you know.
Our time was short, here, but you know, i’m still here most of the time. At home.

So we got few, good food, to share when you got one free day. Best greetings, the one guy who didn’t have to rule the world. Your father. Still working for food, i’d say, for we the people, kind.

Psst. Ey You, we’ll mumble. Yea, you there. New maid. Any wishes from your side, today?
Pirates, they’ll say. Don’t trust them. But i think at the end of the day, that’s a matter of opinion, really.

Think self ?.


download now - new version


PS. Anyone think that i had any debts? – hm, hm. May be. I think all paid. There’s nothing more to say.


about Dynamic Applications.

dna logo

Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we develop Perfect Desire, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and we call them Dynamic Applications.

SocialMedia driven innovations for the 21st century. And you could be one.

at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

Thank you for choosing Dynamic Applications, today. Comment section is open.

4 thoughts on “Water Supply.

  1. They*ll say but it‘s the general income quest sheet, you know. I‘ll say thank you, keep your bills, and i‘ll keep away from saying Tick Tock, bye bye, le feel D. Social amt Bielefeld been starting all over, just a few days ago. Though neither me nor my sun have asked for any money, anything, Mayor of Yvonne in Bye, le feel D, all from Feb 15, 18 up to today. I owe you nothing, Youth Mayor’s Bee. Tick Tock, Buy, bye le feel D, rip off, we‘ll say.

    When they take next Pirate‘s children away.

    Lukas Bernhardt wurde am 01.02.2019 von seinem Vater, Mqrtin Bernhardt, geb. Grote, in Bielefeld, nahe Bethel, der Geburtsstatt seines Vaters, unter Verweis auf Art. 20 GG Abs. (1) in einem so’genannten demokratischen und sozialen Rechtsstaat abgemeldet. Sie haben es dem Vater nicht einmal verschriftlicht, für 5 Euro Noten und 3*2 ein Euro Silbertaler. Für 11 Euro gab es die Auskunft, dass der Sohn umgemeldet worden war, aber wann und wo, das behielten sie, ob 7 or 6 Years old, das war wohl des Guten Rechts zu viel. Tick Tock, we‘ll say, Tick Tock, Buy Bye, le feel D.


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