Product and Feature Matrix.

Dynamic Applications.

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An overview page of all Dynamic Applications based on the Perfect Desire platform.

Startup Product Manager - a collection of interactive 48-month Startup business models.
Startup Product Manager – a collection of interactive 48-month Startup business models.

Product and Feature Matrix.

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As for The Reverse Experience, this is a small board game. It is not based upon the Dynamic Applications platform for Perfect Desire, so it’s not included in the Matrix.

The Product Matrix shows the Simulation Models which are included with a product.
The Feature Matrix shows the Platform Features which are included with a product.

Dynamic Applications - Product and Feature Matrix

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A short overview on Business Model Requirements.

Personality in Business - Dynamic Applications
Dynamic Applications – Business Model Calculations for your Personality.

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Internet of Things developer, an interactive Perfect Desire Business Simulation.

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Release Notes.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Dynamic Idea and Roadmap Competition.

Customer’s Quotes, Reviews, and Awards.

Online Documentation.

Startup Workshops.


Dynamic Applications Web Store.

Product Pages in detail.

Our collection of fully functional, interactive 48-month business model simulations.

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All Products are free, fully functional, Adware and Spyware free.
No data gathering, no Server behind you. Your business is private and safe.

Windows 7 / 8 / 10. Freeware. 

We believe in happy customers being the base of any long-term success.
Everything is free. If you like it, please buy a Windows 10 App after one (1) year.

Any Windows 10 Store App comes with full formula system editor capabilities.

Only for Perfect Desire, our all inclusive solution, we ask for a small Shareware fee.

Photovoltaic System, a Perfect Desire Simulation. 20-50 years. ToolTips for all Inputs and Targets.

SocialMedia driven App Developer, a Perfect Desire Simulation.

Follow your way to Success.

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are you ready to go?

Perfect Desire v2.020 - Formula Editor
Perfect Desire – Input and Target Value editor.


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Startup Product Manager v2.56, predicting a small business, in light UI Theme.

Dynamic Applications. Success is much about heading in the right direction over time.

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