Release Notes.

SocialMedia driven App developer. Scenario: Dynamic Applications.


Release Notes for:


  • Startup Product Manager (PM), our introductory proof-of-concept simulator.
  • Predicted Desire (PD), a simple, historic version of Startup Product Manager.
  • Photovoltaic System (PV), the perfect number of PV Panels for your own House.
  • SocialMedia driven App Developer (AD), our true 21st century Entrepreneur.
  • Internet of Things developer (IoT), a multi-material device development predictor.
  • Business Process Manager (BPM), from supporter to consultant to manager to CEO.
  • Perfect Desire (P), our all inclusive solution with editable parameters and formula.

Roadmap – upcoming versions:


We’re doing 2-4-week release cycles. Expect a new release every month, minimum.

==== next:  ====  winner of  2016  @dynamic_idea  competition: ====

Q2 / 2017 – v2.x – simulate 21st Century Worldwide Growth of Forest (CO2 model).

==== in work:  ====  winner of  2016  @dynamic_qs roadmap competition: ====

Q2 / 2017 – v2.x – add Values. add Formula. Customize Your Business with Rule of Three.

Formula Editor (Preview):

Perfect Desire v2.020 with Formula Editor
Perfect Desire v2.20 with Formula Editor.

Release Notes – current version
(PM, PV, AD, IoT, PD, P):


Feel free to send us feedback and suggestions here. We love your ideas.

Please make sure you have updated to the latest version. For ease of development, there is only one release line. We can not address or fix issues in outer versions.

2017.05.15 – v2.20 – repeating outgoing Targets in ToolTips – fixed.
2017.05.15 – v2.20 –
first beta of the Target Formula Editor (promo code req).
2017.04.30 – v2.16 – 
first alpha of the Target Formula Editor in (promo code req).
2017.04.30 – v2.16 –
 renaming of Input and Target Values working in (P).
2017.04.25 – v2.16 – PV System includes a Smart Meter certificate (PDF).
2017.04.25 – v2.16 – PV System includes Battery independency calculator (Weblink).
2017.04.15 – v2.12 – optional indices for Input and Target Values, including ToolTips.
2017.04.15 – v2.12 – new f(x) Target symbols for upcoming formula editor in (P).
2017.03.30 – v2.08 – optional indices for Input and Target Value identification.
2017.03.15 – v2.04 – growth and elaboration Management Scorecard.
2017.02.28 – v2.00 – introducing the Dynamic Applications Web Store.
2017.02.15 – v1.96 – All-in-One PV Anlagenbewertung (de) for existing PV Systems.
2017.01.30 – v1.94PV System Prosumer (de), with EEG (german regulation).
2017.01.30 – v1.94 – configurable runtime for all simulations: 10 months .. 100 years.
2017.01.16 – v1.92 – all models: calculate production time only if Employees >= 1.
2017.01.16 – v1.92IoT developer calculation model reworked and refined.
2017.01.11 – v1.90 – added a multi-material product simulation
2016.12.15 – v1.88 – Tooltips with outgoing Targets, e.g.  used by: -> T_NetIncome.
2016.11.30 – v1.84 – an IoT Developer model for the Internet of Things. It’s expanding.
2016.11.25 – v1.80Promo Code live update to Perfect Desire. Any Model. All Features.
2016.11.15 – v1.72 – small UI Design improvements for all, e.g. line dots and visitiliy.
2016.11.11 – v1.68 – first alpha version of Perfect Desire, for the True Entrepreneur.
2016.11.05 – v1.64 – improved support for Small Screen UI. Minimizable Inputs.
2016.10.30 – v1.60 – standalone Photovoltaic System with Prosumer Network Trading.
2016.10.15 – v1.52 – Detail Input with final value and percentage. Dark and light UI.
2016.09.30 – v1.40 – realistic amortization of a Photovoltaic System over 30 years.
2016.09.09 – v1.24 – inline help, improved Touch support, small UI improvements.
2016.08.30 – v1.20 – Small Business Model, with up to 5 independent product lines.
2016.08.30 – v1.20 – a SocialMedia driven App Developer model. it’s tough. it’s possible.
2016.08.30 – v1.20 – supports True HD, Touch, and 100% 125% 150% 175% 200% dpi.
2016.07.30 – v1.0   – celebrating PD v1. online docs, inline help, banners, bonus dialogs.
2016.06.30 – v0.96 – fine-tuned detail input – auto-scaling of result graph.
2016.06.15 – v0.9 –  any input magnification. verified, signed setup installer.
2016.05.30 – v0.8 –  result gfx and detail input graphics magnification (2x).
2016.05.15 – v0.75 – result graphics – detail input (beta) with detail value table.
2016.04.30 – v0.7 –  automatic explanatory tooltips for input and targets.
2016.03.30 – v0.5 –  formula solver working beta. all calculations correct over time.
2016.03.15 – v0.2 –  first calculations. formula solver in alpha stadium.
2016.02.29 – v0.1 –  first ever version – just a mockup with dummy gfx.

Promo Codes.


For anyone who got an – unlimited access – code, stay tuned. Bonus Models are in preparation, and will be published from Q4/2016. All your downloads and upgrades on this Website will be free through 2016 • 2017 • 2018 if you get the code word right into the box.

You got a business card? – congratulations! We’ll consult you one day for free, at no cost.
Meet our Founder, Martin Bernhardt, anywhere on the street and ask for a card. You’re in.

System Requirements.


Dynamic Applications support traditional Windows Installer Setup, and Win10 Apps.

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10.
  • a 32 or 64 bit processor.
  • 10 MByte of HD or SSD space.
  • a 1280×768 (+) display recommended.

Dynamic Applications are based on .NET 4 Framework, as included from Windows 7.
Pre-Install .NET 4 on Vista/XP: although not officially supported, it should work.

Free. no Ads. no Spyware. no WebServer behind. For your eyes only. Just the basic thing. Your free, 1-year cc-by-sa style license is included, as shown during Setup Installer.

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