Federal Press Agency.

The Federal Press Agency is our answer to the Upload Filters of 20th century European Union Politicians. Federal Truth Controllers, you know. Whhssssch… and gone they are. history. It’s all repeated history.

We the people. Publishers of 21st century. Altogether, we vote.

We’re tolerant.

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at The Federal Press Agency, we‘re participative, you know. And we‘re kind. We let them all talk on, in their beautiful, ever so utterly expensive glass palasts. They’re all over the world.

Caring for their own pockets, and those they owe for all that fame. They take 10000 Euro per month and they talk about poverty, in shiny TV.

How do they know. How can they understand.

still, we tolerate them.


we’re free, we’re honest, even and fair. our Treasures we share. day one, we’re the poor.

altogether, we bear them all, for too once upon a long time ago.

day two. we the people make a wish come true.


shine on, you crazy Diamond. shine on.


How can they understand how cruel it is to die, from bitter poverty, in knowing from a broken shield’s iPhone all about how beautiful these people live in their shiny paradise, their daily parades.


The Sun keeps shining. The Sun keeps shining.

Your child cries. Your child dies.




and so, while some people who call themselves gouvernment are showing there faces on some bribed, old TV stations of past century, we the people have started to move on. We just let them talk on, you know. Just let them talk on, with their beautiful, white teeth’ bla bla. We barely listen. When we meet a friend, we mumble. It’s all about getting the work done.

at the same time, in some forgotten state of past century, it was the gathering of the early few. It was the time to think some new, new land. It was the time to build solutions for the idiots, the crank, the locked away dumbos, the beggars on the street, and the utterly forgotten poor from the outsider’s world.


They are rich on the bank account, you know. They’re shiny. They’re posh.

Posh Shine Takers.

ooh, how powerful they are, talking garbage about how many people can they can’t bear to feed.



East Freiesland, once home of awe forgotten poor, they joke about. Then they laugh, loud on.

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So first they ignore us. Then they laugh on us. And then, then they spit on us. We let them spit on.

And finally, finally. They’re gonna fight us. They’re going to fight us, that’s one thing for sure.

With all those weapons they have built to protect themselves against the forgotten poor.

We’re just the symptome, you know, we’re not the cause. These people spit on themselves.

And so we learn that kindness is not all about a friendly neighbour’ship.

These people will start fighting each other.


we are rich in our heart.

we are few.

we are Survivors.

we are Pirates of 21st century.

we’re global. and we’re determined to balance the world, as a whole.



Psst. Ey, you? – what’s your little problem, out there?

ooh, how the goof is fighting the better in you.

it’s up to everyone. it’s deep in us.

we try. in privacy. we sleep.

we recreate.



:-) ++


we publish.

they beat on us, day one.

it’s all for the people, you know.

at The Federal Press Agency, we’re builders.


Hope before sunset - early morning of a standard day.


good and bad is gonna stay, you know. Eternal rules.

it’s just the side we are allowed to choose.

defining the path of 21st century.

in all our ever so beauty.


altogether, we vote:


we’re wolves in the dark.



stay tuned.

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