Believe in Yourself until the world catches up.

At Dynamic Applications, we believe in the value of humanity.

We believe that every single human in the world has a meaning, a contribution, an innovative idea.

  • Consult Yourself.

  • it’s time. all the knowledge is out there. for every one of us. 
  • right with you on your smart phone.
  • manage your strategy. Your way to success.

  • Download  Startup Product Manager
  • Train how to lead a company.
  • A small company in a smart home. A 21st century company.


Startup Product Manager v2.20
  • This sounds a little overwhelming?
  • Learn about scenario optimization
  • by playing a children’s game, first:
  • Download  The Reverse Experience.


  • We’re working to merge its game search evaluation with PD to build a game theory driven value optimizer.
  • It will be able to find optimal input values for your target,
  • just by moving around values until your success value is maximized.
  • as easy to operate as beating us in a silly children’s game.

You think we’re making fun? – Yeah. Good that you came by. 

Check out one of these two products and we talk again if you got an argument.