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Here’s a collection of our favourite customer remarks.


In a way, this is our little thank you – page. We believe that in 21st century – information age – it’ll become more and more essential to become visible, considering an exploding number of public websites. At Dynamic Applications, we are visible because of our SocialMedia network.

We’re working to make our solutions better, they found us, and all these people out there are our reporters, wherever you are.

We don’t have much money, as you can imagine. We’re poor people in a rich country.

We pay you with a better offering, every 2 weeks, and people continue to report about this. We ask them to pay us back 99 cent after using our products for a year.

We’re not saying everythink is perfect, here. We just think we offer a work in progress, as part of our principles. It is based on a very good idea, at an exceptionally good price. And we’re expanding, worldwide.

Pretty fast if you view it over time, actually.

Thank you!


Crowdfire HQ, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, India.

first of all.

most valuable comments from people, helping us to find our way.

free of charge.

  • “awesome !”

Carlton Avant, Father Green Inc., New Jersey, USA.

  • “consult yourself. – that’s what it is.”

Ulrich Grubert, IHK OWL, Bielefeld, EU.

  • “add gamification. add process management.”

Ulrike Künnemann, Innozent e.V, Paderborn/Bielefeld, EU.

  • “we’ve added you to Earth plan for free!”

Sneha and Rish, Crowdfire HQ, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, India.

Crowdfire – Team, 2016.

Predicted Desire Review by Catalin Chelariu, of Softpedia:

“Determine how much money you need to run a production and view accurate forecasts, with this useful application” –

Predicted Desire Review by the Windows Club:

“Plan your business startup with Predicted Desire for Windows” –


Business Process Manager Review by Reinaldo Martinez,
inventor of
the Urban Eco Toolbox project:

BPM Review - Reinaldo Martinez
BPM Review: one of 2017 Friendliest Innovations
Business Process Manager (BPM), v2.016
Business Process Manager (BPM), v2.016

Freeware and Shareware Magazines, Awards & Ratings for Dynamic Applications:


free download Predicted Desire :: business-finance-software
Predicted Desire
free download Startup Product Manager :: Business & Finance Software
Startup Product Manager
free download photovoltaic-system :: hobbies
Photovoltaic System

Softpedia 100 No Spyware Award

ok everyone, as we’re uploading our solutions,  we’re getting more and more banners coming in… we got over 50 five-star banners by now, alone… we’re not going to add these anymore, as some of them got broken after time (target website changed). It’s too much work. Apart from that, we got problems with http images: if we use such, our website isn’t regarded as pure https website anymore, which is bad for SEO (search engine optimization). Can’t be fixed…


Photovoltaic System, App Developer, Internet of Things Developer, and Perfect Desire are based on the same platform, so we’re not going to add them all again.

See a Download Website of your Choice (Softpedia,, Windows 10 Store, …) You’ll find all 4/5-star banners and more reviews on your favourite Download websites, all around the globe. Please let us know if our product is not available at your favourite Download site, so we can check that out.

In August 2017, we have counted 864 single Website pages referencing one of our products, most of them linking back to the manufacturer: Dynamic Applications. Here you can already imagine the power of the upcoming Sharing Economy, a network of free and micro-payment websites referencing each other, highly connected and referenced by SocialMedia fan crowds.

The Reverse Experience, Awards & Ratings:


The Reverse Experience v2016.08.10, with a strategy game scenario evaluation.

#SocialMedia success of our startup – simply overwhelming.


In the first 3 months alone, more than 25.000 people (including bots joining without our knowlegde) have joined the new, topic-related feedback channels we have opened on Twitter, world’s fastest network (@dynamions, @pre_desire@dynamic_idea, @dynamic_qs,  @trxthe, and @startup_2020). They all have their own topic, and where they overlap, we retweet on both channels. Then, there’s of course @mydarkstar, our Founder’s account, @mobile_gis (one world), the second one, and finally, @shareonemy (Sharing Economy). Well, we have also sent a lot of contact requests, yes, but we haven’t bought their accounts for money.

And they seemed to be interested in SocialMedia connections, right? –

(May 2016): it makes up for 60000 followers total, an average of +450/day since 01 Jan 2016 – at this spot, such a big thx to you all, and sorry to everyone we have overlooked to mention. (Update, August 2016): we’ve just passed 100000 followers!!

(Update, August 2017: we’ve 225000 followers on Twitter, 25000 on LinkedIn now).

Thank you so much.

From Twitter stats, we see that a Tweet from a single account gets from 1000 to 2500 impressions in the first week, alone. This means nothing less than that we save about 2.50 Euro from a single Tweet, compared to booking Google Adwords. Now with 10 Tweets a day, 300 Twitter days/year, make up your own picture.

What a powerful feedback force to drive us forward on our way, every day.

SocialMedia driven Website visitors


Top Tweets scoring at 100000 people who have seen them (Twitter impressions).

about 1/100 of viewers have hit the green (retweet) or red (fav heart) button.
about 1/1000 of impressions make a person go to our website, per Tweet.

you think, such a few?

we think, best 1 of 1000 in the world.

we think that’s a game theory proven approach.
welcome to 21st century, age of surplus information.

August 2016: we already got more than 5000 Retweets, which means 5000 inbound Web-Links from independent sources! –

If you want to be included, tweet feedback, mention us, request by Mail, or comment below, yourself. We’ll be happy to retweet you, as we do all the time!

@dynamic_idea and @dynamic_qs competitions


Should you like our Software, prepare to send in your @dynamic_idea, young modeler!

Fav-Votes and Retweets are equally counted and welcome.

But should you think this gallery is probably not representative and sounds overall too nice, or would like to express any other unfulfilled issue, bug, or desire, (or just want to say thank you), @dynamic_qs, our public roadmap in form of a feedback and support database, is your place.

@dynamic_qs - are you working all night long - give me brightness

We can say that more that from our point of view, more than 95% of all feedback is really positive. However, we also value any critical feedback, as long as driven by argument. Content is key. So whatever feedback you send, as long as we can figure your argument, we’ll put that online for you.

International Networks, driven by customer’s priority.

Our way to success.

How about you.


Your company is selling shoes? – building? – machines? – cooking?

We’re pretty sure your problems are as complex as those of everyone else.
You thought about connecting before, right?

Take a minute and look what others wrote to/about us on world’s fastest network. Twitter. Content is key. Information, Feedback, Love, Hate, Beautiful Pictures.

And Worldwide Connections.

That’s the one thing you get for free. We’ll show you how to manage it.

How long do you want to wait. Connect.

Be warned. From about 25.000 Followers+ you don’t manage to check your timeline anymore, so we just read and answer the direct feedback channel. One hour of fun, 5 tweets a day, 500 new Followers. Be warned: it’ll consume up to one hour, every day.

Check out the Workshops and Book a Workshop pages in case you’re interested how to achieve success in SocialMedia, and get 5000 Visitors to your Website in 6 months.

All by Yourself.

Startup Product Manager, v2.012. Bakery Tutorial.
Startup Product Manager, v2.012. Bakery Tutorial.