2017 customer waiting list.

2016.10.24. Thank you for coming by to read this today.

consider this offering valid until further notice on this site.
yours gratefully,

Martin Bernhardt.

Dynamic Applications

you need #food. we need #food. how can we share in a fair way?
you need #food. we need #food. how can we share in a fair way?

At the moment we get ca. 100 requests/day, including incoming notifications and offerings of all kind. We like our work, it’s much about doing something useful for the world. It’s fun and it feels good. We understand you: it’s urgent. People call here when they need us. We help a lot of them for free. It’s just please don’t make it feel like working in an emergency hospital all the time. As we’re rapidly expanding, we thought of an easy way for you to get our attention. Think about one day, you got 150k followers on Twitter, world’s fastest network, and you’ll understand.

We won’t accept anymore product customization orders in 2016.

We’ve decided to concentrate on the platform development of Perfect Desire, our second-level product. It’s not negotiable. The new functionality will enable people to help themselves, by enhancing our software on-the-fly, and reduce need to contact us at all. Please excuse. It’s not about blocking people away who want to buy. We just think this is most important functionality. We’re so happy for every request that we are going to save them until it’s your turn.

Just keep in mind Dynamic Applications is a rather small company.Remember that time is infinite. We conclude in most situations, no need to hurry. This way, we can hurry at times when it’s really urgent. This page is an attempt to ask people to enter our office, in an easy way, in one location, and build a queue.

our conditions:


First come, first serve.

One customer at a time.

Waiting list is open 24/7. Please use comment section and add yourself.

Don’t pay if you’re not satisfied. That’s ok.

We define and implement 4 additional Input Parameters in one hour.

As well, we define and implement 2 additional Formulas for you in one hour, as long as you provide the formula in a clear and well specified form.

Implementation will include providing your customized business calculator setup. 

If we don’t succeed, rest of the day is free of charge.

No need to order if you’ve solved your problem by the time you’re in. That’s ok.

In this offering, we assume you’ve downloaded one of our products and have got an idea of what we are doing here, so you can specify what you want. It doesn’t have to be 100% complete; as you can see, we’re really fast adapting our calculators, so we can do it part by part. We recommend you start concentrating on things that are critical to get any operating calculator, as we can target important things later. We’re really fast, and this way we get you on your way pretty fast as well, you get results, you can see what you need more clearly, you’re productive from day one, and you save a lot of money.

As long as we see you’re trying to understand, no need to look at the clock. We see you’re lazy or, you like to let us do all the work, no problem, clock’s ticking. Feedback and questions are always welcome.

Should we finnd out you just ordered for fun, and were not going to buy anything that you’ve ordered and that we’ve implemented for you on demand, we’ll charge you.

Standard Rates:


25 €/h (175 €/day) for WordPress Website creation and maintenance, as well as Startup and Small Business consultancy.

33 €/h (250 €/day) for Perfect Desire programming, if you come up with a good argument why your request will benefit our simulation platform.

66 €/h (500 €/day) for Customer specific effort, e.g. configuration, details, simulation models, targets and formula.

99 €/h (775 €/day) for Workshops, but you can invite up to 10 people to join in.

These rates are introductory rates that apply to customizations of Perfect Desire.

Should you enter yourself as being interested in our work in the comment section, remember to mention a contact info (Name, Website, …). This way you can also generate a back-link to your website, which may be good for SEO for your project.

We’ll get back to you, discuss who you are, note a few details, get a picture what you’re working at, and consider a small pilot project. You can also enter the list anonymously (by use of alias, send contact details by mail). See examples below.

The Bakery is baking Bread.

We are looking for trustful, sustainable partnership.

If you never pay, your penalty is we may decide not to work for you, anymore. If you think our pricing is too high or you sincerely can’t afford it though, please see Impressum for EMail contact address. We think our fees are really attractive though, so if you can’t pay, you’ll have to offer either work or diamonds.

If you think this is overall a little embarassing to enter a public waiting list, consider to be a proud person for a moment. You are deciding for a non-conventional, but extremely rare holiday experience, as we see our mission in finding real solutions for your problem. We do our work as good as we can. We target you will be satisfied. We target you find a solution for your production or process that really helps you on. We do not target confident customers. We target customers who get totally excited when they understand what they hold in hand for a ridiculously low price, and they pay with a tweet.

We keep all rights on our own sourcecode, the code we write. This way we can make cheaper solutions for every customer, and we do not have to write it all down, again. If we add part of your solution to our standard, congratulations, we’ll upgrade and enhance the thing you need, your excellent contribution, for free.

Conditions for partners and consultants.


If you are a consultant, sales accountant, or project manager, and want to collaborate on a trustful, long-term basis, our standard conditions are 75/25, where 75% of net profit is for you. As a pre-condition, you should be willing to buy an initial customization that applies to your business. It may be small. From there on, when a trustful partnership is establishing, you can apply for a 75/25 win-win cooperation. Its purpose is we can concentrate on App development, you can concentrate on consultancy, definition and sales of any customized applications. So this is kind of a reseller proposal.

As long as it works out, we’ll support you for free.

In exchange, you offer to share 25% of the total revenue you achieve in the projects where our software is part of. As we’ve done a lot of work beforehand developing our software, where you benefit afrom, it should also be clear that you are willing to bring in 75% of the work (acquisition, pre-sales, solution definition, specification). We can define alternative shares of workload, where suitable in cases.

You can come up with any questions about how our software works, or how it can be adapted to your current customer situation, and we’ll help you on as good as possible, for free. You can introduce us to the customer in cases where you need our expertise. This can be done through phonecalls or web-meetings (ongoing 2nd-level pre-sales and project support), which will also be free. We can join you visiting the customer, on request, both in pre-sales as well as in support or training, for free, as long as you spend the train ticket, and there is no extra cost for us involved. This is subject to availability, so we have to agree on a possible date before you commit us to the customer.

A cooperation will not include sharing any sales profit of standard Dynamic Applications products. We develop and sell these on our own behalf. However, if you have a specific customer target group you want to address, we can always talk about adding specialized applications to the portfolio on our website or in Windows 10 Store, and sharing 75/25, where again 75% of net profit is for you.

The copyright of our sourcecode will always remain with us. We can decide to integrate parts of a customization project into the Perfect Desire platform, but there’s no obligation for us to do so. This way, we can optimize our services over time, and all future upgrades of your need will be free.

As we pointed out in detail in The Desire Language Specification, all we need to start from is a single sheed of Din A4 paper with a Balanced Scorecard, including a sample calculation (numbers), or a pure list of Input Parameters, Target Values and Formula to calculate for you.

Once you’ve understood how to do it, we assume you’ll be able to specify a perfect solution for the customer’s next need, as well. We’ll train you, we’ll target customer satisfaction together, and we’ll be there as a backup. You learn to specify, and where you can do it, you start to contribute well-done specifications as good as you can. As long as it’s as simple as that, we can make the price.

All we do then is enter all Formula into a new simulation model, and compile once.

Startup Product Manager v2.016, a Perfect Desire simulation

Out comes a Dynamic Application.

So why should we take all the profit if you’ve already found the customer, understood the problem, are capable of specifying what needs to be done, and so did all the work? –

the way we’ve developed our platform, the calculation specification is all we need, so we’ll charge 25% only for our effort. Assuming you did 75% of the work, the rest is for you.

Conditions for entering the 2017 customer waiting list


This is no fun, no hate, and no advertising space with no interest. Be fair to others. There’s lots of websites where you can do it: Facebook, for example. If you do it here, it will be deleted. Can you enter your startup’s website and write your slogan? – of course.

We’ll contact you. If we find out you’re not interested in our products at all, ever wanted to buy, or are just making fun of us, your penalty is we’ll never call you up again.

No need to order if you’ve solved your problem by the time you’re in. That’s ok.

This company is alive, a work in progress. If someone comes up with a good idea, we may change our conditions any time. But we’ll inform you about it, here. We’ll close the list as soon as we’re totally overcrowding. Until then, it’s gonna be open.

One final thing.


Well, you know how it is, at Tesla, they gonna charge you 1000 US-$ just to be placed on the customer waiting list, at all.

At Dynamic Applications, we’re not like that at all. We don’t build cars, we build software. And we’re really proud to make exceptionally lucrative business models. However, there’s the business word involved.

Congratulations, Young Modeler.

Be invited to enter the 2017 customer waiting list for 1 Euro, altogether.

It’s your decision… just a test to see how determined you are to work with us.

via Paypal

If you want to talk first, pay next, that’s ok, just tell us in our first ever Skype call, so it’s really just a test and we get some impression on how you like to do business.

Thank you for considering us, we sincerely appreciate it.

Are you ready?

Welcome to Dynamic Applications. 


Let’s start changing the world, together.

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a world in progress.

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