how to define a conditionless, financeable Universal Basic Income.

we define a conditionless, European, and seriously financiable Universal Basic Income.


it may sound impossible, but neither it is impossible, nor does it have to be fictional, ridiculous, unrealistic, oder have to be a neo-communist approach. Just requires a bit of modesty, good-will, and a smart approach where we trade, we balance nature’s benefit against poverty and neglecting, selfish behavior of the super posh and shiny super rich.

Let’s calculate a simple, financiably viable UBI (BGE) of 400 Euro/month for the 4-person family.


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Life‘s what you make it.





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Family development in Hope, Truth, Fear, and basic democracy.

This page is written Saturday, Febrary 2019.02.22, down here in Greste, Leopold’s Height, near that one very border of what we’ve called here Helpup village, for you guys, right near Route 66 here, snail racin’s route to be in good old gigomentary belivin’ Germany, where i was born thinking to be still in the middle of wonderful sea, for you guys from EU, and those of us already on their own very one new way to sea,

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to see that one new light, as well, on their personal horizon of one more person’s diary, as small as mine, or even smaller, or even younger of what may ever here remain from, of what there ever may remain of you and me. Who cares?, i say, and then i write another one of my own childmare diary.

And so we all once in a while remember Noah, greatest ever Pirate and his survival island theory, how lonely must that very guy writing these words have been. But in the end we all still we remember lot of him so i say if you look closely that guy was radically attracting man and women, unbelievable, it’s unbelievable how famous that one very guy is now to be. He died 5000 years, ago, it seems unfortunately, i say, he’s dead and so we have Pirated now his great story. Why not, i say, we learn a lot from history that many Pirates, many bee, they came from Noah on his way to god’s own country’s so lonely greatest on earth Pirate story. Could not top that one to day, so n o, a h, we here saye.

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dancing with Tears in my eyes.


we the people make a wish come true.


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How you feel when the Mayor of Town helps take your child away.

We are Dynamic Applications,

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and this simulation was compiled in second one.


In January 2019, in an outrush of emotion, i’ve written this article originally on the Photovoltaic System page. This story is written from the point of view of a person that i know well, but for the sake of keeping last bits of dignity, i won’t tell.

However, it’s become a long, sad story, and i don’t want to spoil all users away, who are looking for the software at the PV System page. So i copy it here, today, leave it to read – with a proper Title – for those of you guys who are looking for help, maybe in a similar situation.

All i can say is get yourself a good lawyer – unfortunately, mine has given up, today.

I’ve now witnessed my wife in court divorcing me, and i say not all debts were paid, but i’ve paid mine, i paid for divorce myself. What i did not understood was why these people at Youth Welfare Office did not help me at all, when i reported my child was taken away. Instead, they gave me a lot of paper sheets to fill out again, each time, and they demanded me to pay money so they can feed the child, so they can pit the money into the child’s mouth and keep us shut. So they don’t take the child away, and lovck him up, as well. I can only say that in a situation like that, you feel like being locked away, locked alone at home. Noone there, just letters from town with artificial debts they write on you.

And all the time, you feel that you have done nothing wrong. You have done nothing wrong except trying to be a good father, a good mother, so you didn’t bring, didn’t force your own child out of home by planning a children takeaway.

The people from Youth Welfare Office in shiny big town, they don’t care at all.

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Thunder Road.

The screen door slams,
Mary’s dress waves
Like a vision she dances
across the porch as the radio plays

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The Prince and the Revolution.

In Memory of an honest person.

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His name was Prince,

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Federal Press Agency Publications.

we the people.


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and there be kindness.

and there be hope.


and there be dignity.

and there be truth.

and there be children.

and there be democracy.


All publications of the Federal Press Agency are based on the democratic vote of the participating members. Guests and Guest Authors are welcome to join. 

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The globalist.

written by:

Matthew James Bellamy.

work of / recorded and

published by:





You were never truly loved
You’ve only been betrayed

You were never truly nurtured
By churches or the state


You were left unprotected
To these wild and fragile lands

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How to define a Basic Ground Income.

This is a resolution for a global, participative, fair, even, and conditionless Basic Ground Income, also called Universal Basic Income.

August 04, 2018.

Year one.

In the first year, the basic ground income for every person in the world shall be 1 Euro.

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