Founder’s Vita

Martin und Lukas - Pizzahut Bielefeld 2013
Martin Bernhardt, in early 2014.

Founder’s Vita – from 2016.

Martin Bernhardt.

+49 15 25 35 26 101

Independent Strategy Advisor and Startup Consultant.

Founder of Dynamic Applications (2016/01/01).

Developer of Perfect Desire, a free platform for interactive Small Business Planners and Product amortization calculators over time, based on System Dynamics.

This includes Simulation models for Renewable Energy.

Renewable Energy is produced by thousands of people around the globe. They’re not all energy or regulation experts. They’re just thousands of people like you and me, somewhere, supplying their family, and maybe a few neighbours in their village with energy from Nature, in a sustainable way. And so, the software to explain it has to be simple, easy to operate, transparent and self-explanatory, and from my perspective, it has to protect the people’s privacy, so that they can follow their own way to success by the thousands. Like a Pursuit of Happiness, in a way. Happy customers. Our Target.

Now you understand why Dynamic Applications are free for everyone.

Dynamic Applications is a participative organization. We vote for the next big thing to publish. We work from Top votes, and our software is free of charge.

Pay with a Tweet, a good Strategy for Scaling you up, believe me.

Martin and Yvonne Bernhardt, Munich, Museum of Train Science, burn’s back from 2009.

Should there be any value, or debt, to remain from me, please ask @ Mrs. Britta Holwitt.

Best Lawyer in the world, i found, to defend my interest – working man kind, Britta, was Lukas Bernhardt. The little sun on my horizon, that my 1st wife Yvonne took has taken away from me.

Thank you! And so, in being 48 years old, half Time, I’ll try 2 remember the all of you.

Be invited to my 50th birthday on – hey you, Ye’s you – oo — 25 04 1970 ++ 50 ++ 2070 — oo.

Last will, and so it be.

Martin Bernhardt, geb. Grote, Helpuper Str. 314a, D-33818 Leopold’s Height, European Union.

Lukas Bernhardt, Home again, on Thursdays only, back then in late November, 2018.


Head of myBusiness Supplier department.
at Next Level Integration GmbH, Cologne.

Main Customers:
EWR/Worms, GfM/365AG, Cologne.


Working as strategy advisor for regulatory and strategic asset management questions in the mid-european energy market.

at Mettenmeier GmbH Samco Networks, Paderborn, led by

Dr. Michael Fette, Peter Frasch, Dr. Peter Lohse, Manja Harnisch, and

Klaus von der Mosel, Münster, Managing director of that whole company, at the Time

(great admirer, good human heart, Customer’s Satisfaction is our greatest Gebowed),

and later on, Manja, she was all who’s kept in heart, by me.

As she was teaching System Dynamics mainly, towards me, from 2012 to day.

working in cooperation with Vesta Business Simulations, Berlin,

working with Martin Sommer, Nils Bohr, Dr. Markus Schmies, and Holger Pietsch.

Sept. in 2014 – January, 2015, @ntellgenio, Munich, working with Dr. Sven Hübner, Sabine Schieffert, Susanne Schwarz, Karin and Heiko Spitzer, Michael Häuserer, Terence Dürauer, and programmer Christof Werner.

and Mihaela Buda, my first personal associate.

Main Customers:
N-Ergie Netz GmbH Nurnberg, EVI Hildesheim, EWA (CH).

Acquired Customers: BKW (Bern, CH).

Her’s one of my oldest, very old, self-made slides of System Dynamics, back from January, 2016.

Balanced Scorecard: Management. Found that in German Wikipedia, translated, uploaded same story in English language, for We the people, on WeKeyPedia, and here as well. Only that here, on Groten Hof, we are 4 children, my mum just died on 25 Nov 2016, and i call us base democrats.


Martin Bernhardt, 2009.

Responsible Product Development of Mobile Geo Information Systems (Tensing Mobile GIS).

mobile and operative asset management implementation, project lead for Tensing Mobile GIS projects, a C# solution for mobile Geo Information (maps and data coverage), including multiple project managements.

for Mettenmeier GmbH Utility Solutions, Paderborn.

Main, and personally acquired Customers:
Linz AG, Stadt Regensburg, Stadt Duesseldorf, OÖ.Ferngas

Team Members of Team Tensing, and Quality Inspector, as far as i remember, to day:

Klaus von der Mosel, Dirk Weidemann, Hans Hinsch, Peter Frasch, Andreas Trantow, Daniel Dau, Anette Paschakarnis, Marco Graupner, and Uli Wode (Tensing’s core Team @Mettenmeier in Paderborn), Christian Niehus, Wiebke Stötefalke from Heepen, Bielefeld, Manfred Mayer (Linz AG), AJ van de Werken, and Sophie Verbeek from Tensing b.V. In Utrecht, Patrick Smeller from Tensing U.S.A. in Washington D.C., Susanne und Werner Kloke, Regina Reppenhagen, Alexander Stangl aus Regensburg, Peter Frasch, Herr Waizy aus Afghanistan und Herr Kolbo (IT der Stadt Düsseldorf), Joachim Magiera, Knut Biermann, and finally, Team Q’in’S, Quality Inspector, Service:

Wiebke Möller, Michael Tix, Masoud Zandieh, Frank und Nadine Mügge, Guido Rump, Herr und Frau Eva Mettenmeier, Helena Häusler, Stephan Hake, Verena Becker-Forell, Andreas Wiederhold, Petra und Jörg Zude, Christina Emminghaus, Uta Griwodz in Münster, Westfalen, my personal favourite, and finally:

Ulrike Gunst, Thomas Borscha, and Günther Ruberg, Heads of Personal Dept. @ MM.

Special Thanks to Dr. Peter Lohse, managing director of ErDF/GrDF project, and finally, Michael and Silvia Wolf, 2 famous Project Managers in Munich, and Dr. Sabrina Geissler, from Uni Paderborn, and Gerlinde Natusch, now from Landkreis Oldenburg.

Thank you, it was great to work with the all of you. Forgive and tell me if you miss/one.


Working in large-scale projects, esp. responsible for MM Quality Test Suite development upon Smallworld GIS.

for Mettenmeier GmbH Utility Solutions, Paderborn.

Main Customers:
Electricité de France, Gaz de France. Stw Munich, N-Ergie, e-on. Legends, later on.


Working on micro-grids, simulating high frequency reflection, crosstalk, electro-magnetic compatibility and -radiation of signals on multi-layer computer boards.

for C-Lab, then Fraunhofer IZM, Berlin/Paderborn.

Xing Vita, written oo in small, base democratic letters, in 2015. i always write too much, you know.

Post Graduate in Public Research from 2000.
starting as student programmer in C++ and Java, 1994.


Studying Physics from Oct/1989 and, in parallel,
Studying Computer Science from Oct/1991.

University of Paderborn, Germany, European Union.

Diploma Thesis:

“Java-Simulation und 2D/3D Parameter-Variation des Verlaufs mikroelektronischer Signale” (1.0)

Since 1988:

Developing Reversi / Othello board game “The Reverse Experience”, including a scenario variation of applied computer game strategies, and a move evaluation UI, in Visual C++ as a long-term hobby project.

Father of a small family, including their 4-year-old child. Living in Leopoldshöhe (“Leopold’s Height”), Teutoburger Wald, Germany, European Union.

See reference section on for a detailed listing, including personal certificates of former employers.


Luck’y’ast Bernhardt, geb. Yvonne and Martin Bernhardt, geb. Grote, in summer of 2015.



Britta Holwitt (similar, when smiling), when we met back in 1997/8 – i consulted her once in a very difficult life situation. When i was looking again for a lawyer in 2018, i found her Anwaltskanzlei in Oerlinghausen still there, so i asked her to witness my divorce, and one more children’s takeaway.



Britta Holwitt, Lawyer of Martin and Lukas Bernhardt, Oerl’ing’hausen, EU, near 2016. Thx, Britta.



a central Message for Martin Bernhardt’s –oo– Dynamic Applications –oo– Family, in late 2018.



For Lucky Luke, called Lucky’as’t, Lukas Bernhardt. And that T was mine, my Time, with my sun.
Dynamic Applications, 2016 .. 2020.
Dynamic Applications, Low’go, 2018. Next child’s taken away. Next Town, they’ll say, look at next town, again. Tick Tock, buy Bye, le feel D, we’ll say. Everyone’s taking away children the same way. Basic Rights, Constitution, we’ll say. Look into constitution when noone cares for child’s takeaway.


Ground School in Leopold’s Height, Class Room, Frau Hoos, 1d – 4d. clap-clap, good work, we say.

Martin Bernhardt, geb Grote, in Paderborn, 1999, still puzzling on The Reverse Experience.

Piraten im Nürnberger Korn, wo große Party’s’tagt, bis heute. Denn wir sind alles kleine Leute.



Official Announcement by Martin Bernhardt – see Page’s History, Pirat Heriag. Let’s discuss on that.



at Pirates in Germany, ?., we say. We’re poor, we’re doing good, not that they come by, and shoot us, to day. As if you look closely, child Pirate, not much has changed in History. We the people, all in the same boat. My father was a carpenter, child 🏴‍☠️, and i’ll be doing good. And so i set my sails, here in my boat, and i go with you from, and to school, as should. One day per week ,’n 7 yold, please tell your mummy, my child, is not enough, does neither father nor child no good. No matter what they say, believe in trying to do good. That’s my message for you, poor guy, where ever you from look at my personal Vita, of Martin Bernhardt, geb. Grote, Helpuper Str. 314a, in 33818 Leopold’s Height, EU.

And Basic Human Rights, of me & you know, shall be universal, oh if i could.

What can i do? – i’ll work on that. And soon as possible, again, at your school’s playground i come by and look.

And that’s what town where you were born clarified have should, instead of take more money, take where could. I told them look, we don’t need anything, just Le’mgo. Where you shall once defend my work when they come by again, and want these words be shut.


Your father, Lukas, was Martin Bernhardt, geb Grote.


The Federal Press Agency is your personal reporterFederal Press Agency – your Personal Tweet Reporter, ever. Free. And so it be, my history.


Martin and Lukas Bernhardt, Home again, on Thursday’s only, we’d farther say, back in 2018.


Groten Home, Leopold’s Height, Teutoburger Wald, in 2010 a.d.


Tischlerei Grote, Home, in 2012. With Tobias and Miriam, Laura, Yves Luca, Lia Lotta, and Nick.



Groten Home, our self-built Tischlerei, a Carpentry. My old Volvo, almost gone by, already.


Ruth Biermeier, Martin Grote, Britta Heissenberg. – Paderborn, Ferdinandstr. 67, 1994 a.e..


Martin Grote’s own work room, looked up from Helpuper Street, 314. Photo Camera’s not yet that good developed, back then. So we have only a small photo. A few more things i store there, now.


Yvonne Bernhardt, oo, Martin Bernhardt geb Grote, 24.07.2009. Ziegensteinhof, B66, near Lage (Lippe), and Lemgo.



Martin and Yvonne Bernhardt, oo, on 27 August 2009. Ziegensteinhof, Lemgo-Hörstmar.


Groten Home, back then in 2010. What a beautiful House it is that my parents have left to us, all.


Neighbor Family, from left: Herbert and Hannelore, to Imke, Silke, Anette and Gerd Grote, and me.


Martin Bernhardt, outlook from Home, built 1995-2010 with so many help from Johannes Grote.


Thomas Laube, Tobias Grote, building altogether at Groten Home, back in 1994, for Sylvia Grote.


Lucky’e’st Bernhardt, geb Martin Bernhardt, geb Grote, at Kaufhof Bielefeld, back in 2014.


Martin Bernhardt, early 1996, visiting an old friend in Cologne.


Yvonne and Martin Bernhardt, Norbert Grote and Conny Fiss, Gert and Christa Prüssner, Tobias and Miriam Grote, with a whole lotta funny Groten Children. My nieces and nephews.


Family Evening @ Pizza Hut, Bielefeld, Jahnplatz, back in 2012. My wife wanted out of thebpicture.


Wilhelm Grote’s Garden, my Father’s and Mother’s Wedding Present. Kept as it was in memory.


Martin and Lukas Bernhardt, im Tierpark Olderdissen, in a memory for @Teirdes. 1st EU parl. Pirate.


Familie Margret und Johannes Grote, (2nd last me) and last, but not least, Magdalene Blecher, my poor granny. We’re Rich in the heart, up to today, you know. And they’ll remember us, to day. My grandpa Wilhelm Grote, born 1900, always said: try keep the acre, so you’ll have food in poor Times.



Lucky Luke, Lukas Bernhardt, 2 ages, in 2013 a.d., genannt nach Jim Knopf und Lukas, dem Lokomotivführer.

and at some point, it seems, Yvonne Bernhard’t, my first wife, wanted to be written out of the story, out of my life’s’story. at least that’s what she said to me, back then, to day. t’rue, i say, and sun broke part’s o’ my daddy’s tooth, away. Stop now, i’d say. Look him, i say. So small to be. Write me out, take me out of that story, she’d say. No more pictures, just a life in decent privacy. I said, o.k. But in the end, it seems, neither of us knows what to do.

So all it be, all you see is now our hi’story. Read her side, some o’sir day, or go Youth Welfare Office in Buy bye, le feel D, and ask for that store’s history. Red and Green, they kept showing, flags’ of Truther and Just’bee, and look at Gugat‘s own Party, saw poor, we be. But AnnaLena BaerBook, and Robert Habick, that’s newsmag’s glory Story, today.


Tick Tock, buy bye, le feel D, we’ll say.

These are mine, i say. I’ll keep your pictures. To day. When they come, when they come bye, and they’ll buy my last ‘word’s away. Sharing is caring, @afelia. Said, new horizons, and gone we are. Met her in Münster, at Bookstore Thalia, in 2013.04.

Take care, we say, Take care, we say.

All those broken Burn’ Heart Pirates, of 21st century.

When they come, come in dark, dark’ness comes by take your own child, away. True day.

There’s nothing more to say.




Pirate Party’s on, from 1984, where i’ve been play’n whole lotta Pirates’ on Sid Meyer’s, gimme C64.

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