Founder’s Vita

Martin und Lukas - Pizzahut Bielefeld 2013
Martin Bernhardt, in early 2014.
Founder’s Vita – from 2016.

Martin Bernhardt.

+49 15 25 35 26 101

Independent Strategy Consultant.
Developer of Perfect Desire, a free platform for interactive Small Business Planners and Product development Simulations over time, based on System Dynamics.

Founder of Dynamic Applications (founded 01/01/2016).


Head of myBusiness Supplier department.
at Next Level Integration GmbH, Cologne.

Main Customers:
EWR/Worms, GfM/365AG, Cologne.


Working as strategy advisor for regulatory and strategic asset management questions in the mid-european energy market.

at Mettenmeier GmbH Samco Networks, Paderborn in cooperation with Vesta Business Simulations, Berlin.

later in 2014, at entellgenio GmbH, Munich.

Main Customers:
N-Ergie Netz GmbH Nurnberg, EVI Hildesheim, EWA (CH).

Acquired Customers: BKW (Bern, CH).



Responsible Product Development of Mobile Geo Information Systems (Tensing Mobile GIS).

mobile and operative asset management implementation, project lead for Tensing Mobile GIS projects, a C# solution for mobile Geo Information (maps and data coverage), including multiple project managements.

for Mettenmeier GmbH Utility Solutions, Paderborn.

Main, and personally acquired Customers:
Linz AG, Stadt Regensburg, Stadt Duesseldorf, OÖ.Ferngas


Working in large-scale projects, esp. responsible for MM Quality Test Suite development upon Smallworld GIS.

for Mettenmeier GmbH Utility Solutions, Paderborn.

Main Customers:
Electricité de France, Gaz de France. Stw Munich, N-Ergie, e-on.


Working on micro-grids, simulating high frequency reflection, crosstalk, electro-magnetic compatibility and -radiation of signals on multi-layer computer boards.

for C-Lab, then Fraunhofer IZM, Berlin/Paderborn.Xing-Top-5-Percent

Post Graduate in Public Research from 2000.
starting as student programmer in C++ and Java, 1994.


Studying Physics from Oct/1989 and, in parallel,
Studying Computer Science from Oct/1991.

University of Paderborn, Germany, European Union.

Diploma Thesis:
“Java-Simulation und 2D/3D Parameter-Variation des Verlaufs mikroelektronischer Signale” (1.0)

Since 1988:

Developing Reversi / Othello board game “The Reverse Experience”, including a scenario variation of applied computer game strategies, and a move evaluation UI, in C++ / Visual C++ as a long-term hobby project.

Father of a small family, including their 4-year-old child. Living in Leopoldshoehe (“Leopold’s Heights”), Teutoburger Wald, Germany, European Union.

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