21st century worldwide growth of Forest.

The 21st century worldwide growth of forest simulation is much about thinking about the consequences of CO2 in the atmosphere. Thinking over time.

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Sunshine, Atmosphere, CO2, fertilizer, Glass effect, Clouds, Rain, Growth of Forest, Siberia, Green Land, Plants, Trees, Animals, and finally, Human beings and technology.



Our Planet as a whole, in neverending balance.

Coastal view with mountains. Sundown. Clouds gathering from vaporizing sea water.


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All calculations shall be based on Wikipedia sources and articles, which contain further weblinks for public research.

Our simulation does not intend to provide the singular world formula, neither do we have the capacity nor would be so arrogant to claim we have got the knowledge to do so.

It should rather be an easy enough starting point for everyone interested in the topic to check it out, yourself. By concept of the Dynamic Applications platform, all parameters are publicly visible through ToolTips, with formula and live sample calculations.

For each ToolTip, we’ll be adding a hand-written comment to explain what this value is about, where we got value and formula from, and cite the (Wikipedia) source.

As usual, for everyone interested in adjusting the formula systems, there’s promo codes around on Twitter to activate Perfect Desire, our professional simulation, for free.

Perfect Desire includes any simulation model and activates all features that we’ve built.

Baumstamm - Perspective Orchideen
Rain Forest. Nature’s Treasure in global resources, woods, animals and clean air.

Simulation Time frame:  2000 … 2100.

First Publication (alpha one) planned: 2017.07.15

Expected Release: 2017.07.30

stay tuned.

under construction.

Living in Nature. Dependency. Understanding. Living in Balance with Nature.

page created: 2017.06.15

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