Family development in Hope, Truth, Fear, and basic democracy.

This page is written Saturday, Febrary 2019.02.22, down here in Greste, Leopold’s Height, near that one very border of what we’ve called here Helpup village, for you guys, right near Route 66 here, snail racin’s route to be in good old gigomentary belivin’ Germany, where i was born thinking to be still in the middle of wonderful sea, for you guys from EU, and those of us already on their own very one new way to sea,

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to see that one new light, as well, on their personal horizon of one more person’s diary, as small as mine, or even smaller, or even younger of what may ever here remain from, of what there ever may remain of you and me. Who cares?, i say, and then i write another one of my own childmare diary.

And so we all once in a while remember Noah, greatest ever Pirate and his survival island theory, how lonely must that very guy writing these words have been. But in the end we all still we remember lot of him so i say if you look closely that guy was radically attracting man and women, unbelievable, it’s unbelievable how famous that one very guy is now to be. He died 5000 years, ago, it seems unfortunately, i say, he’s dead and so we have Pirated now his great story. Why not, i say, we learn a lot from history that many Pirates, many bee, they came from Noah on his way to god’s own country’s so lonely greatest on earth Pirate story. Could not top that one to day, so n o, a h, we here saye.

Unfortunately, some soldiers and some farmers came along, and then, look what their greed has mad of god’s own country, today. People in Paper bill theory, i heard, Trumpeting loud along they be the Presidents of Peace, pfui, i say, connections mafia negotiations over there, ruling along all over your fine shipwrecked country, that we once called united states of home basic democracy to be. And golden courtains they have put around this very special old people’s home story of the counterstrike attack we Pirates are now gonna play against this one corrupted guy who’s even taking money from the weapon industry. Pfui, i say, and now i rather write about the story of my own family.

if just to write down, just write away all that my hurt from what i’ve seen, last year. In hope that one more person, may share mine, my small thoughts to be, or comment up on them or others in all that deep blue sea of international net works developing next level, up in what we call here new land’s online democracy.

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written and hereby declared valid from today, by Martin Bernhardt, Founder of Dynamic Applications, from Leopold’s Height, at Teutoburger Wald, in the middle center of what we’ll call the heart of European Union 🇪🇺 in future, in better burn heart times to be.

One Year after taking my first child away, by those so-called ‘officials’ from Town past Route 66 west of a beautiful morning, so here’s my offering, for you, the people, valid from today.

for all those people from down under, to be valid same for you and me, looking up to you from street in that so far west way long one Route 66 ashtray, ooh, how poor these people, down on street there, they might be, who gotta still live right within there.

may it be man, kind, or woman, having to live near, in, bye, or down on street that town, in cases where your situation may be same, worse, even, or just similarily to mine, i’ll pray for you, you’ll pray for me, that day we meet again, in all our bitter truth’s of honesty. Oh please, forgive me, may that be, that i compare myself to what, to what utter despair you see, to day. When they walk by, on street to day, every new morning, on their way, Tick Tock, buy bye, down there we’ll saye, when they come by, posh shine, nose up, on way to ministry. Gonna build new glass house, i heard yesterday, 20 more million, they wanna see, if just to sharegen, what they call mongst ‘we’, with friends of them our own money, and shatter down again that place of me to ruins, and build again more glassy shine, for you and me, to see how powerful these people be. No sense at all, that’s what i say, and so they’ll come by, and spit on me. If not today, you’ll see, will be tomorrow, chuck off, one more of those, one unforgiven, they’ll saye.

Nose up, Tied well, and shall they grow?

man woman’s kind, they gonna pick, from house next street?

No way, i say, no more for me, no way for you, keep child, to be, so i decided made up my mind and have developed just one more Business, model’s doors open so very wide, as far as i could ever see, to scrap and ruin them, from today, effectively.

So here we go, just you and me, and now i ask, will you call me.

You bet, i say, you bet on that, that this one story won’t ruin me, again to see, no way, i say. This time, people, this time be, i found solution ‘gainst all thee.

One bee shall eat, alive, one bee to see, fore shall be vowed, ok, to ever, ever be allowed to sail again with Lukas, my poor child, living right here, next door to me.

Room’s empty, today i see, so now i know, it’s not Thursday. Father’s day, they use to say, what do you want, more than enough, we say today. So if you poor one, you Mr. P.?, want see your sun again, already more, before Thursday, ha ha, they say, we got your wife, and so, first you pay me, or no child be. Ha ha, i say, no more with me, Ha ha, cause from today, revenge, you guys will see. Ooh no, no not from me, you guys will see revenge from fear, deep down below your bright white teeth, you damn vampires in town of thee.

And peace i see on a new morning, once up again, sun’s light i’ll see when you guys say, good, gone bye he, finally. Ha ha, i’ll say, ha ha you’ll see, now we got even better

one business model theory.

More than enough, i say, more than enough, make U2 guys some feare, of what i’ll see before here me. And then, you’ll see, and then, you’ll see, later on, people will say, that was a good guy, saved us from thee, ugh oh, how horrible, these times before, before our standard, new standard business model theory, how cruel, how cruel a world must that have been.

The Federal Press Agency is your personal reporter

Tie bearers all around those dumb old model of big old dada’s, gone bye, gone by old Mayo’riot’y theory. Ha ha, we’ll say, ha ha, we’ll say, and from today, you’ll laugh with me, check! Look, where’s your mate, now, right here with me, check mate, we say, you lost, and soon you’ll see. As people around the globe will see this page, and say, that was no right, what you guys did, to people down, down there on street, but now, they fear, as beggars are to be with me, beggar’s rich world of light, white light, before them, with in we be. Oh hopefully i was not wrong to write these lines down here, today

My offering, best one, my best so ever, oh one brand new, brand new family business model development theory. It’s free, i say, it’s free to be, to share amongst your friends and thee, no matter, matter at all, and that’s what i call standing under, under the powers of Transparency. Truth, Verification, imagination, hope, and understanding, new guideline to me.

In Freedom, Sharing is Caring, Freedom we’ll see, more Sharing is Caring that story of me, what i call my own refuge here, defending myself, just, even, fair, my smallest family,

so peacefully,

in what i call here Dignity of you, now, you who chucked off one more head, too much, and now it was too much you got, we’ll say. All these poor people down there on street, where ever you may walk along, you’ll see.

Signs of this very, one cruel childmare, that i wrote for sou guys now, to read, to fear, to shake afrom, just we the people, just we will say, this guy great Pirate, true from today:

Check mate, gone bye, your Time, ha ha, Tick Tock, new age from May, we’ll say, EU to be.

Check mate, gone bye, your Time, ha ha, Tick Tock, new age from May, we’ll say, EU to be.

As we the Pirates, hear what we say, if you find that, all just, what they did now to me, gone, gone bye, from now we’ll saye, gone by it may well be of what you’ve caled to swaer for me on good old books of Federal Republic Germany.

good’s!, we’ll say, good’s point to see, of why we say, now here,

now you will see that we could write an even, longer, even, weirder, but so much better, so much more fair of what we call here EU wide winning elections’ strategy

and even if we never won enough of seats to Rule you out we may decide to live on here with you guys, now here, peacefully, as you will fear it well more grow our future, strategic majority.

Who said i’m writing ’bout the year of 2019, by the way? –

next time, more movers, that’s we’ll say, in all our growing, beautifully, growing beauty of thinking from side of man, woman kind’s ever diversity. Check mate, you’ll see.

one day, to come, true be.

Hope. Freedom. Truth. Children. Democracy.

Article 1: was dignity,

That’s all you need, that’s what we got, we’ll say.

Who cares any one more about what those guys will try to say?

Strong state believers, ha!, we’ll say, now we the people, have developed an even, better, fair, and long time winning election campaign strategy. World wide, new light, to see.

And maybe you shouldn’t have been so cruel to me, as you do them, to day, i say.

And even more live here within what we will call online, new online land’s democracy.

Thank you, i say, Thank you from me to all those Pirates who have been sharing their thoughts with me, developing this new election strategy.

Sharing is Caring, here we say, and sharing oh, sharing is scaring, they’ll echo bye.

E lection time, we’ll saye. A lection’s time, to be, right then, in May.

We gotta plan now, much, much better. We gotta plqn now, much better, for you there, you and me. Altogether, we’ll sing, we’ll say, altogether is our new winning strategy.


Dynamic Applications | Sharing Economy.

we the people make a wish come true.


these few words, few words are all, that shall, i hope, that shall remain, one day, in that great story, we write, for your election, crowdfunding us, once more, so tiny, so small tiny share we need to grow, you on, just you and me, and that part, this one very page,

our family’s development, developing’s new wisdom’s policy, that was from me.



and i hope now, in your own heart, deep down, you’ll see that you belong to us, with me.


offer’s to be valid from today, i say, as long as i can bear, and these my words shall be valid for any order as stated, all rights reserved, on this very one page, as stated below.

First come, first served, and may our tiny, single one, founder’s personal small business consultancy’s Customer and IT service conditions apply, as usual, under the conditions of the dna license, defined in early ages just by humble me, starting that project that they called, years later, years gone by, online democracy. When you guys wrote back so much more thoughts back to me, so i sort out of what be junk and what shall stay on this one web site, one small page of this site’s Logbook’s history. 10 years, i say, 10 years to be the standard, well-weight median of keeping that page rolled out, just by tweeting it

Hey, you, Hey, why don’t you all just hear what’s Truth by me.

It was some kind of public sports in early 21st, let’s say, in first few years of early 21st all damn forgotten century. Who cares?, i say, and so i write just one more page for you, yes you, one reader of my diary, today. How did i do that, how could i continue? – oh, just simply, what i did every day:

No food, no drink, just keep on writing, that’s what i say to me.

So when they come and they’ll come by take one new child away, you may have found just small few thoughts may help you, defend your child from takeaway by what they called that town’s own Mayo’riot’y.

.. . ..

Consultant Nr. 1: 

Martin Bernhardt, Dynamic Applications, Leopold’s Height, Teutoburger Wald, in European Union’s subsidiary and former State of believers in Federal Republic of Germany.







Consultant Nr. 2: 

N.N., we say, Nomen Nominandum, ……. of Dynamic Applications, ……. ….., near ……. seashore, in Federal, or People’s Republic of ……. on this very one planet earth, reading this at home, as of today. And creating their own, personal variant of a pursuit of happiness, to day.

.. . ..

Send in your application, join us, our ever so small family, of we the people, when ever day you may. So that we’ll define, we shall define your own, personal spot in this small planet’s history. And shall it be just free on Fridays, that’s what i say, as long as i can bear that, i can just foresee. I think we made it, quite a bit good of way, to day, like one small microscopic snail, one bird’s small child, one single ant in our own garden’s history. So let’s consider participation one of our own true targets, to be. And i’ll be glad to help you, on your way, and if you can afford it, book me again to help you on some other day. And so we’ll sit here, growin’ on, today, as we did back then when they hadn’t took my, your own child away.

Tick Tock, buy Bye, le feel D, we’ll say.

When they came by and took one of your own’s first child’s, away.

My rates be small, as small as i, allow myself to set them there to be, to live here on with you guys, peacefully, who walk on by, who spit on you, on me, today, tomorrow, yesterday, or was it last week, in mine, in your own personal history. As we the people, we are just so small to be, so we not buy that bullshit, all this high, high taxed bullshit, that these people just keep throwing on, on you and me.

As that’s how they’ll define their next very own Majority. Are you stupid, i say?

Take a look, you philosophers of Social Democracy, You greedy lame Green land lord’s of more greed neglected, braindead poshy shine fingernails barbarian shopping mall vote Green Party of holy now we got more land than you dumbos.

1948 it was, where you shall take example from!

1948 was not written to be a manual, how state should become so, so very greedy

that they take even more Pirate children away!

Robbery, i say, Hostage, later i scream,

what are you guys doing there to me, and my small family? –

ok, ok, i say, you uttermost of big bullshit data collectors, have you never heard of true values?

Paper Tigers on the works, i say, and no idea what we the people find important.





And then they come again, come again and say let’s capture next of them, and put me in their big new shiny clinic for the psychos to make more of their ever so devastating experimentations, just to share the profit of raping themselves my parents memory, that one more house before Town’s walls that new land lord seems to have selected for one of his mafiose connected grand friend children.

Hello, Hello, are you there nuts, are you Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Can not believe what people in that Town nearby seem have to have elected.

But i have some idea that sandman and sandwoman came and told them let’s destroy the Pirate children in completely one another way, so that people wouldn’t couldn’t ever start to believe what is happening in that nearby Town’s won Management all day.

So now you know why we here publish even better lesson in globe’s god made, i just took some crap from Wikipedia and started to explore how that could really work, my own hand-made eLearning solutions of what might be world’s ever so greatest future Management Theory.

Targets, you know, Targets.

In this my own very diary, Pirate child, i write about the Story of my life, like many of us do today who are gonna elect new Pirate Vision of dissolution of the whole good old Federal Republic of Germany just to let some change happen and to found the first of all EU core country. As that’s what i declare myself to be, so don’t be dumb and if you wanna join you all better vote Pirate Party (considered you are called adult as they took half our voter’s base away already, not even to count, not even to collect all plants, trees, and animals. Well, well, i say, and Rome wasn’t built on day one. Ao you bet when i die some people gonna say that guy was so completely crazy good a choice that we would never, never ever wanna vote for Pirate Party, even though that one guy was most mad Captain of those night mare, child mare stories that the whole gotta lot of children mindful stories they shore deep in brain of International Network to remain.

Chuck, Chuck, Tick, Tock, we say. Chuck off more heads alive, more Pirates you’ll see all around the Globe, and that’s a nightmare that the local Party Major’s Trump will have to blxxw and sxxck (censored by Orwell’s Animal Farm theory, not to harm green fashion lady’s std brain children, so they lock more of our, our beautifully diverse, our beloved small ones’ children away, in big Town’s orphany). Now don’t you see?

Now don’t you see how much, how much kindness and love, how much all those children to us Pirates meant, from thousands of years, in history? Participation first of all means Tolerance, and most of all, decision making shall follow the guidelines of inner-family democracy. How can there be peace, if every one of us is raised, in You better shut your mouth now, small one, Father speaks to Mother,

AND NOW Mother speaks to Father, horrible we’ll lock the all of you away, in your room’s forgotten castle of infantry regime?

You won’t believe, you would not believe how much, how much of Tolerance is there required that these people let us stay with them, let us as well live peacefully with them just only because we chose to live a little bit of more in decency, as we did not want to take part of national, so cruelly wrong national socialism as we see what they are doing to us every day. Just out of all that pure, slimy green greed that Land’s Lords told them truth to be, in big money paid paper tigers of journalist industry, on paper or TV.

And now you know why some of us have chosen to live on in International Network, in god’s own where we came from let’s please people one more day remember Party.

Tick Tock, chuck chuck, they take another child away, from father, or mother, to day.

Half orphaned still be better that to live with modest parent, that’s what i think they have brainwashed all their minds with when they watch traditional TV at night, these in the Tradition of Strong State believers we-wash-your-brain-out industry.

Think self, we say, Think self today, and take a lot of care defend yourself in the best social way. Download Startup Informer or, if you are stronger, The Federal Press Agency, before they come by and chuck away even those finest words of man kind’s core ethics in history (inventors, you know, when they walk over water, in clouds, tend to be a little unrealistic, at times, but always remember we are the good ones as those other guys, they call themselves either Terrorists or Strong State believers of the left-wing-of-the-dove for Russia slime of more greedy industry. We tolerate as much of them as we can bear, but not, no way we say, not when they come and take one more child away.

Nine-Teen-Forty-Eight, if you are Pirate let’s remember post the war in Nine-Teen-Fourty-Eight. Look into constitution of your own country, i’m pretty sure you will find similar thoughts of wisdom, written into your own country’s ever so forgotten constitution, i say.

They’ll say again, you see, it’s just, now we define here right and wrong, in town of buy Bye, le feel D. Let’s bend our head, let’s move in silence, let’s write our words of history on that one page, that one page that you may have found on internet, inter national network’s own belief of a social, democratic, and federal republic of good, old Germany.

Not what they say, you know, not what they make of it today.

I’m talking here of that ol’e times when here all was shut down, i heard in school one day, was broken by, was broken by the people here before us, just they were just like you and me, who did not even understand how dangerous it may can be, to define that just, that just to throw out our money right of their brown windows, and fill up, next pocket, next friendly pocket of what they call green-brown mayority with SPD. More debts to pay, one day, more debts to pay. And every year they find next reason to burden all that debt on child they took away from me. Hm hm, you say, hm hm, how can that be? – well then, just go there, and ask these guys what Martin Bernhardt had suggested back then on 21st of February, in 2018, when he stood up in early morning of next day’s history, and wrote a 4-page letter, first of them all, 4 pages of complaint how they could dare to ask for all his private, and company money, to make him pay, poor guy, to make him pay for all those files these guys keep sorting, in their small, brown, so full of number head’s bureaucracy.

In solvency, they’ll say, now that’s what we call insolvency,

when they come by, call me bankrupt, and declare debts to be on my own craft man’s hand written personal history. And so they’ll keep my little sun even from heritating me and take my work down from this website and hide it down, down under, in that town’s very old historic archive of one town’s history archive of guilt to day.

But some day, oh, ohw, may that be, oh may i see that, we don’t listen we don’t hear, as

We the people make a wish come true, so busy, we didn’t even recognize at all,

One of that dirty, dirty ol’e brown letters of taking my, of taking your next child away.

Let’s keep on working, that’s what i say, let’s just define some good’s for me and you.

And help our selves in voting, for this new one line, continuous, world wide participative project’s ion of online democracy. let’s just move on, and let them be in that ole’ people’s home, up there, so high, that we the people from down here just no more long to see.

As what we ever, ever so more we, have learned from our own history,

some things have never, ever turned out just out of pure coincidentiality.

Let there be votes, let there be free, let there be truth, let there be one more life in dignity,

Let there be children, and most of all, let there be one more day of what we call here that


we the people make a wish come true,

sharing is caring, sharing economy,

in what we call here, online democracy.


My wish for your today.




my offering to support You and your Family’s Business Model Developments,


defending your basic rights of constitution, as well,

in situations similar, or even better, from today.


This offering shall be valid for people around the globe, claiming to be neglected, punished, hit injust, having negotiated their last own thoughts of right and wrong away, who battled, who stumbled, who’ve fallen down, are sitting down on street, now, are begging food, have become ill, keep signing bills of Hartz and IV, may it make sense or not, or just keep feeling here today, belonging here to be, as desperate as you, sometimes, and me.

Let’s help ourselves, i say, Let’s help ourselves, and if it just there may be left the very you and me, defending those few words that they have written, they wrote to remember all that greed.

I hereby grant you the right to demand 10000 Euro to be paid back by those people who call themselves gouvernment, backed up by we the people’s choice to sue the so-called “Town Leaderz” in buy “Bye, le feel D”, living in there as a family, family member, or being hit by them in living near that Town’s defenders of what they call a Town’s mayority to be,

all on your own risk, i’m no law’yer, i’m no judge, i say,

but backed up by up to 20 hours of my own personal consultancy, free of any additional charge, for 250 Euro total, to be paid beforehand towards me, including our own, written self, money-back warranty, print out, i say, print out these words and then you may sue me, well under these, my offering’s conditions, as stated here and below.

In case noone else shall feel themselves willing, capable, or in charge to fulfil that offering, my humble person, Martin Bernhardt, shall be your responsible consultant in such cases, subject to personal availability.

Shall I succeed, your payment shall be 250 Euro towards me and my little sun, for up to 20 hours of consultancy towards your success in court, of Amtsgericht in Town of Le’m’go, where they may defend the offerings of Dynamic Applications all towards future’s history.

But shall i fail,

your payment shall be limited even to 100 Euros total, 5 Euro per hour,

The Federal Press Agency is your personal reporter

for listening and trying to help you defend your very own, project of family support in founding one more helpful company. As good as i can, i’ll be willing to share these few so utterly most tearful thoughts in me. Please show respect and let me say few words as well when i’ll be listening as well to what they did to you and your own family. And if they came and took, tick tock, another child away. As i say was not right what they have said to me, what they said i would be.

Not even sharing, not even caring, for my just very own small part of my own family. 

That’s what they said, That’s what they say to me.

And then they keep on writing those artificial debts on me.

Too small, they say, Too small they say to me. Can not ask child, to small, small child no wishes that we know from history. So best that we take care of your child here, they say, and put all that brown dirty bills in my child’s history. How can you be as cruel as that?

i say. and so i say, believe me, until they come, they come by here and take my own last words, as well, from this one page of diary, of new horizon’s hope away. Because i have just written down all these my words for my small sun, so he may find his father’s page one day in future history. Thursday, they say. Thursday, they say.

One day a week, see child, enough, that’s good for us, they say.

Or at least that’s what i have understood, how they think of a proper, 2-parts family.

So we the people, as we are living in Buy bye, le feel D, or any other Town right here, in good old Germany, shall accept that Martin Bernhardt and his little sun shall also have a chance of living here with us, to day. Working man kind, we say, no wrong in that, we see, as long as we deliver our small contribution, our utterly so small part, as well, like a small, guiding light on horizon, of people visiting this very website, this logbook, so far foreward we see.

Shall I fail, shall we fail, in being Dynamic Applications, altogther, we hereby declare that Your payment towards me shall be null and void, except for minimum reward, for minimum respectance of 100 Euro for up to 20 hours, 5 Euro per hour, of work in time, in consultancy, in programming solutions, and in despair, of not being able to help you on your way, as written by Martin Bernhardt, by me.

Accepting that while no single one of us be god, or shall know everything, still we accept that Dynamic Applications shall be seen as a Small Business consultancy, working as good as they can, in forming any kind of digital associations (“Apps”, “PDFs”, “Tuturials”, or “Guidelines”, or Apps including these) on the basis of a participative voting as described in The Dynamic Idea and Roadmap voting competition,

themselves targeting to safeguard and improve working and economic conditions worldwide, as well in the European Union, as well In the Federal Republic of Germany.

So that all people in my home country shall have a right to demand that unversal, basic democratic right of Participation, in earning some food for their family.

All quotations as cited below, as near as possible in free translation in relation to their origin, relating to we the Founders of 21st century’s dna license, to be or not to be accepted voluntarily by you and me,

as officially provided by department of Law and Justice in Germany:, GG.pdf (de).

( Thank you, we say, to Katharina Barley, a shall-we-say future MdEU P., of what they call ‘social democracy’, ‘of what?’, that we say is, ‘for people?’, you mean, ‘for you and me?’, ‘that bullshit, now, ‘you say that’s Truth now?’, lost in space here also, lost here again of what we call here, SP defending D. Where even Trump can even better defend his lonely family ):

[as we were told to belong, or to believe, within the existance of the Federal Republic of Germany, as defined in this my own, people’s language transcripted letters, in brackets].

May everything else be recited here, literally, as written down there by their own Translators, today. Well, personally, i found, at least she joined the European wing, fair enough, that’s what i’ll say, what ever she then did to us and our free internet, oh may.

Driven by forces of control that not even i, Mare Teen the Burn’heardt,

chips ship, of Pirate I, ugh oh, to you there now,

could understand.

Please let me know if you have reason to find this page has one wrong s’word’s translation. Anyway, Katharina Barley, sorry for you, i always felt, i feel to day, why don’t you join by us, once in a lifetime, once upon a time, why not, gone by, one single day?

for justice, ooh for justice, just to see what that word meant, here down on street, really.

With open arms, we’ll catch you then, when falling down, our smallest ever angela to be.


I. [Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany – Basic Rights of we the people].


Article 1, GG: [Human dignity, Human rights – Legally binding force of basic rights].

(1) Human dignity shall be inviolable. To respect and protect it shall be the duty of all state authority.

(2) The German people therefore acknowledge inviolable and inalienable human rights as the basis of every community, of peace and of justice in the world.

(3) The following basic rights shall bind the legislature, the executive and the judiciary as directly applicable law.





Article 2, GG: [Personal freedoms of we the people, i.e. for you, for them, and me].

(1) Every person shall have the right to free development of his personality insofar as he does not violate the rights of others, or offend against the constitutional order or the moral law.

(2) Every person shall have the right to life and physical integrity. Freedom of the person shall be inviolable. These rights may be interfered with only pursuant to a law.




What have they done, we say, what have these people made of those few words of utterly freedom, of dignity, of participation, in all our ever so beauty. And so we call that very offering our own, backed up by my word, pay-back your money warranty.

Well now you know, all kinds of people we are around the globe, so if you go a way like us and found your own 21st century startup or consultancy, as we see it here, that kind of Business Model development for the people is to be seen 100% legal. We’re tolerant. But that doesn’t mean that we the people shall starve to death.




Article 3, GG: [Equality before the law, for you, them, and me, including both our ancestry and children, now, and ever be].

(1) All persons shall be equal before the law, in Germany.

(2) Men and women shall have equal rights. The state shall promote the actual implementation of equal rights for women and men and take steps to eliminate disadvantages that now exist.

(3) No person shall be favoured or disfavoured because of sex, parentage, race, language, homeland and origin, faith, or religious or political opinions. No person shall be disfavoured because of disability.




Backed up by this general Business Model, we have therefore developed an idea to safeguard and improve economic working conditions for 21st century Startups of all kind, around the globe.

May these pages be my witness, my last words, and you be my witness in reading this, should I suddenly disappear, that I’ve written down these words as of today. May god forgive me if you feel utterly shakin’ in terror’ st fear now as you read these lines, forgive me god, that’s what we call fair and just, here.



Article 6, GG:  [Marriage – Family – Children]

(1) Marriage and the family shall enjoy the special protection of the state.

(2) The care and upbringing of children is the natural right of parents and a duty primarily incumbent upon them. The state shall watch over them in the performance of this duty.

(3) Children may be separated from their families against the will of their parents or guardians only pursuant to a law, and only if the parents or guardians fail in their duties or the children are otherwise in danger of serious neglect.

(4) Every mother shall be entitled to the protection and care of the community.

(5) Children born outside of marriage shall be provided by legislation with the same opportunities for physical and mental development and for their position in society as are enjoyed by those born within marriage.





As of today, this very offering shall be valid from today for every man, woman and any man or woman kind in Buy bye, le feel D, or every other town where there is substantial interest to sue them self-takers on the backs of all the utterly poor from down under, sitting down there, on the streets of town we work upon, drinking against pure hurt, only on, for the rest of their remaining lifetime, relating to that same suggestion, in my own words of justice.


So they are not demanding what we call Hartz IV here anymore, that modern kind of national socialism, and as they are neither demanding to receive a basic ground income of 1000 Euro and more, anymore. Just sitting down there, shaking in cold, drinkin ‘gainst hurt, and looking up to us, asking for that one second, so very small, that we the people shall share with them, the unforgiven, the locked-away, those spit-out dumbos sitting down there, holding up their ever so small cup of sharing is caring, we the people based voluntary democracy. As they are trying not to live too much on the backs of others, just like me.


and there be dignity - and there be truth - and there be children - and there be democracy - and there be hope


As we see it here, from 21st century, we the people are connected. As we the people see it here, from 21st century, we the Pirates say that we the people shall have got a choice. As we the Pirates say that from 21st century, we the people shall have a fair chance of participation, in freedom of choice, in man and woman, together, in setting up a lifetime’s plan for good, in planning to live on, in world’s ever so smallest dignity, in just the smallest part of participation, in practice, in what we call a family. May it be one, two, three, or more rooms of people who feel belonging to that one family of we.


Let’s keep our chances, i say, let’s sue them all, but only, in cases, as injust, as here we see.

Let’s be tolerant, as far as possible, but let’s demand justice, for we the people, from today.


Let them child-takers, let all those careless fancy-thing-of-nonsense negotiators, let those we-don’t-know-what-you-want-here, why-don’t-you-ask-next-office-door deniers, let all those all-so-mighty-we-be-connected, corruped, lobbyist, or mafiose, so well-personally-i’m-sad-for-you, but-that’s-how-we-have-learned-to-earn-our-money-here, basic human rights negators.



Let all of them, let them pay that same amount of justice, of rights to be, in memory of those of us sitting down there, on street, today. Let them pay 10,000 Euro, towards you, and me, as long as they insult our great old institution, and claim that to be just, and right, in any town of this or other countries, in European Union and beyond, today.

Can not believe it, anymore, i say, so if i wasn’t able, to be good enough a father, let me help you, i say, in sharing just few thoughts of what i have experienced, in neighbour town, trying to win just one more small inhabitant, be it any right or wrong.

it’s unbelievable, i say, to day. Just listen to what these people say! – so they are joking?,

so they make a lot of fun of me, being one father caring for my child’s wish t’wards me.

can not believe it, can not tell true to be, now don’t you see them, all those state believers people in fear, full of experienced bureaucracy, how do you treat all thee?

not even in the utter outmost rights of family you have developed one good plan to handle us, the parents, 2 of us, one child to be, where we just wanted take care of that child to day, when we split up out of pure desperation did not know to fix her, living, to fix me, and so we said, child, what’s your wish, more without you or without me.

So that our first own child may just decide today stay with your mum, and alter see daddy, or have it other way around in turns then see how child would wish in later age, where child would live with thee. One third, i said, 10 days, why not one third of time with me, first weekend, then last week to be, same for my wife, 10 days, first week, last weekend may it be, and child decide last ten days where he just wanna be, so that child may have chance to learn to live with both his parents, you and me.

and then decide, when old enough, to visit, and/or leave one of us, voluntarily. As child was small, too small was easily to see for me, with mom would stay, but would not wanna disclose me, as that was too much of responsibility as well, for small child i did agree with thee.

And so i offered to reduce my share and should child say, with mum, i wanna be, agree to say, no more with me shall have to be, ‘xcept one last week in every moon rise for the time of 7 years to be, fore later we can see.

no way, they said, no way they said to me, small child, no wish, can not ask child, must stay with mum, if mum took way the child of me (and so they could rip off one more inhabitant in town of thee, which i thought reason, money reason for the whole they called bureaucracy, that was what they, i thought, that was what they would really wanna see).

And then, it became even worse to day, than in my worst most childmares i could ever imaginated have to day. You think that money, all that debts of me were just invented, virtual, to me? – no, no, i say, believe me, i have seen to be, just one more pocket took away from me, when ever there was one more letter of that town to me.

And so i understand now why my mum, my dad took away me, right after birth in Bethel, from that town of thee and rather asked inhabitant to be of Leopold’s old height in dukestry of water leaps awa down to north sea, where they can flight one day with one more boat, this time built for our own, whole family.

Poor people, oh, poor people in that town to me, where they are ruled by such a cruel mayo’riot’y. Oh, and by the way i’d say, most of those people won’t not know, not even know tomorrow, about what i have seen, to day. You better tell them, in a hurry, hurray.


So if i’m wrong, in doubled debt, so i might be, at least, i shall try to warn you’all of thee.


Just they not come, Tick Tock, come by, and take as well away your child

To feed them selves!

in what we call here buy Bye, le feel D, as we help up you, help you up, to day,

just that?? to see.


can not believe it, that’s just what i say.

as i thought they had understood, at least, what their own constitution used to say.



Article 9, GG: [Freedom of association].

(1) All Germans shall have the right to form corporations and other associations.

(2) Any associations whose aims or activities would contravene the criminal laws, or that are directed against the constitutional order, or the concept of international understanding, shall be prohibited.

(3) The right to form associations to safeguard and improve working and economic conditions shall be guaranteed to every individual and to every occupation or profession. Agreements that restrict or seek to impair this right shall be null and void; measures directed to this end shall be unlawful.


it’s unbelievable what some people now call just and right, today, in 21st century, i say, just 70 years gone bye of when they broke us all, shut down, shuttered all stone, in fire, shut dead a lot, lost war, too many people out there, then they’d say, and then those guys, worst of those murderers who wanna be, returned to us, came home, and say ‘we had no guilt, that one guy from bavaria, a dolf, he was the one and only wolf’.

ha ha, i say, ha ha, did you believe that true to be?

if yes, you better now repair your child, your shooting weapon before me, or i may well declare to all of thee, you are no soldier, no police, how can you defend all, no any one of we? – if you have neither understood of what our constitution say, nor can you repair that one weapon you have broke again today, and can not even reassembly it, to me.

and now you say, ‘pay me, so i buy one more gun, for them and me’? – ha ha, we’ll say, ha ha, we’ll say, you paper tigers, now we buy gun and shoot you braindead, holyday, from money we have earned here honestly, or you now better go to live with them peacefully all in buy bye, le feel D, until you can repair at least then, your mum’s old bakery, as we are still not that weird’o’ dragons what you guys wanted us to see.

Just no, belief, we’ll say.

And so we’ll live on happily, with you and me, and those guys shall be punished, punished swell, for crooking on us in a just, fair, and even peaceful way. And i think for the poor people down from there in Buy bye, le feel D, it wasn’t really much worse than what we have seen, what they did them, already.

Win-win, we’ll say, Win-win, we’ll say, and so they need no one more gouvernment in town of Bielefeld, to day, and live on happily with us, man, woman, soldier’s kind,

in what i see future, here to be.

Forgive, i say, forgive oh me, to my small sun and former family. I did not know how to live on with my words locked up here in me, and have faith in this country’s written words of constitution letters, as i have once, as well, as well i once sworn to keep, to day,




just to protect that very one idea, that one idea of no more greed of no more greed than that we’ve seen for you and me, that backed up whole our constitution when they wrote it down for us to live on here, just, right, fair, evenly with them, in modesty,


and still they bet we be ashamed, so shamed that we not write of right and wrong, when we be, in situations like all like thee, and so we see what they keep doing, what they call was right to you and me? – No way, i say, no way to me. At some point all of us have to defend those very, very few what we call rights of universal wisdom, in online democracy.


and we shall to be peacefully, in Federal Republic of good, old Germany or European Union, as we now call us to be.

Less laws, i say, less laws, how good, just, shall that be

When we decide to solve in wine last’s’words of good old Germany.

At least, i say, at least, let be, that i not take as much from you, when i help you, to see.

From May, let’s say, From May let be less Refugees, as well, to be,

as we the people finally decide and let European Union just create, elect more Pirates

just to be, as well, we say, as well, we’ll see, we could live one without any or all of thee.

Leaderz, you know, those Ruler guyz, Geizhouse is Geil we called them once, with all their pitiful bigdata bureaucracy.

No plan, message, or light no more to see, in all those numbers that they call ‘our guilt’ to them and let it be just to put just one more paper shine in what they called ‘our small, our diet pocketry, that we just had raise up again, defend ourselves in all that work, so many more of numbere found in all our digistry’.

Too bad they did that child mistake, one year ago, i say. As i did not know one man, kind, woman or child who may have found that funny s’well, in any way.

Oh, by the way. You think i got any debts? – i’d say all paid, tonight i’d say.

and then i’d say again all paid, almost, paid almost back by one of undead of like me, one of my own people, your friend’s chucked off head’s Muse Matthew bellamy,

of people here down on street, to pay me, small money, good, much off the same, oh, just like me, almost, i say, almost, forgive please me.

You honest people down on street, near me.

Who did refuse take just one more shine from those people in that town, near me.

And let that be just that one more, child mare to be, in all of your dreams from now on, from now on oh, You May’o’riot’ry of shame to be.


Tick Tock, Buy Bye, le feel D, we’ll say. When they came back, oh they came by take one new of Pirate’s own child away.


Tick Tock, Buy Bye, le feel D, all Pirates of one world shall say, when they came by, and took first one of your own children next, away.


When they chucked off all Pirate’s heads, one day, they’ll need more blood to feed their pockets on, next day. Ha! I say, and now i have so well understood why we got such long history.




Where they put artificial debts on us, on you and me, same way, just because we the people have chosen, have tried to be, good father, good mother, good child, just single and ever so small, if partly, basic democratic, ever so utterly small family people, we be. Living in decency, modesty, and following our simple sharing is caring strategy, demanding that smallest of Transparency, of Truth, Honesty, and Understandability of State’s believers to explain, of Privacy Protection in keeping together, in keeping visiting ourselves, our own family, in keeping a visitor’s right to that ever so smallest part of society, our children, and let’s demand that kind of utterly so small basic democracy.


We the people make a wish come true. my wish for your today.


And let’s show them, let’s show these people who call themselves government, who think themselves to be true kings of 21st century citizen township, that we the people shall not accept one more child been taken, like that away. Living here, amongst you, in tolerance, as we the people have learned to be, to survive here in thee, never the less, in cases as utterly injust as these, we all shall sing, shall say:


Tick Tock, Buy Bye, le feel D, we’ll say. When they came, came by taking, Pirate’s child away.

Tick Tock, Buy Bye, le feel D, all Pirates of one world shall say, when they came by and took first of your own children away.


Who’s next, they’ll say? – who’s next, to day?


And so, they grow on, pursue-ing their bitter irony, and follow that same strategy, be words my witness, in that town, that we the Pirates, shall call buy Bye, le feel D, to day. Tick Tock, we’ll say, Tick Tock, we’ll sway, when they came by taking our last words away, our last words of Tick Took away, from this very page, to morray.


Polar Vortex Brings Extreme Cold Temperatures To Chicago
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – JANUARY 30: A man walks along the lakefront as temperatures hovered around -20 degrees on January 30, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. Businesses and schools have closed, Amtrak has suspended service into the city, more than a thousand flights have been cancelled and mail delivery has been suspended as the city copes with record-setting low temperatures. Scott Olson/Getty Images/AFP == FOR NEWSPAPERS, INTERNET, TELCOS & TELEVISION USE ONLY ==


So please feel free to print yourself out these very pages, of my last words, today.  

So when they came and took my words away, you shall witness, you be my witness, why we found Participation to be.

And I’m writing down theses words, bankrupt almost, no further offering placed on my desk, to day, while being willing to work from 12 Euro, per hour, having not even the money anymore to back up my own retirement’s insurancy. Just working, just writing down what I call serious, useful business models developed for we the people, in 21st century.

As we the people have learned from man kind’s history, that things never appear just out of pure coincidence.


And so, Tick Tock, buy Bye, le feel D, we’ll say. When they come by and place those voting ballots, before your eyes, one day.

One more Euro for those guys, do you think that’s ok? – may be, I live in my own world now, as they say.




But I thought that I was just one of those last, so very few, who had an understanding why words of wisdom were written to constituion, post World War II, in nine-teen-fourty-eight. Oh what they’d say, oh how they’d shiver, those men and women, who’ve written that parts of wisdom in constitution, what we call here the Federal Republic of Germany, to day.


Tick Tock, buy Bye, le feel D, we’ll say. When they came, they came by taking another Pirate’s child away.

Tick Tock, buy Bye, le feel D, we the Pirates shall say, when they came by and took first of your children away.


And so we say, and so we learn, from history, to day.

Problems there are, Problems there be, and it is all a matter to be of subjectivity.

So my words here may not be worse, and not be better, than your words, from today to future, or history. Just censorship, just takeaway, just disallowing us to write what we just see, may be forbidden, from today on, towards all future history.


Oh let there be, please help us god, Participation, Truth, Justice, Honesty, and the most basic democracy. But we have learned, our lesson, from all these ages of history, that things tend never to turn out just out of pure coincidentality.



Article 20, GG. [Constitutional principles in a Democratic and Social Federal State]

(1) The Federal Republic of Germany is a democratic and social federal state.

(2) All state authority is derived from the people. It shall be exercised by the people through elections and other votes and through specific legislative, executive and judicial bodies.

(3) The legislature shall be bound by the constitutional order, and the executive and the judiciary shall be bound by law and justice.



And so we say, and so we pray, please print, write, share, or recreate that ever so, that utterly small part of my view of society.

Because, as we see it here, as i write down my personal belief, just my own understanding of justice, from history, my little sun, it was granted to be the courtly right of we the people to define in elections of May, and other Months to be, what may be seen as being just, fair and even, in this and other European Union state members of country.

So if they come, they come again, by taking one of more of us away, we’ll all be standing right there on street, in bitter poverty.



And we’re peaceful, as we the people, shall be kind, up to the last very day. And then we’ll see, then we’ll demand, to vote for Pirates, for those of us, who live down there, down under sea circle’s visibility, down there on their, one very own, desperate way to keep be looking, be looking out, to follow their own vision, of we the people’s new land basic democracy.

And before I shall be repeating these my own words to day, let’s close this very one, this almost solid business model of develping one new more level, of we the people’s basic democracy of all those countries, of constitutions, and pray, in what we call 21st century.

And so i shall take right this one, this one just moment in my own life’s time, and share with you what you may need to see, how i felt when they helped, they helped take my own child away, in caring for their own, so ever boring way of artificial debts, in modern bureaucracy. You shall be bankrupt, they used to say, and wrote more letters towards me, and then, in January, 2019, they said they gonna sue me. Not for my words, you know, not my words written here to be, just they said what a bad, bad father they thought me to be as i decided to care myself for my own child from then, to now, towards what we call future’s history. And i say that’s my own, just my own very interpretation of what we call the ultra, most right way, and i hope that i won’t have ever to go that far, that far right way again. So i may be, may be rewarded, by just some time, just few days having that small child with me. As i did best to care for him until they helped to take that child away.

Too poor a father, Too small a child, i hear them say to day, when i  keep telling them 10,000 Euro almost with no debts ever on my own bank accounts to be. Yeah yeah, they go, Yeah yeah, they say, that’s what you guys all keep telling, telling us to day. We better take an eye, or two, on you, we take your child away, we feed your child with bills, so many, may he have asked for it or nay. And then, you small dumb Pirate, well then, we’re gonna make you pay. As well, they say, As well, they say, As they said thousand times in Karlsruhe, defending what our constitution’s rights may be.

And you are wrong, i say, and you are wrong, to day, as this one case has not yet been accepted even, in Karl’s ruhes town of people defending rights of constitution, of learning all what’s right and wrong to be, from utter selfish greed that we have seen in history.

Please Lord, i say, Please Lord, help me, that they at least protect, that people who write this and find it wrong write not about it mentioning me and my poor, own broken family.



Tick Tock, buy Bye, le feel D, we’ll say. When they came, they came by taking another Pirate’s child away.

Tick Tock, buy Bye, le feel D, we the Pirates shall say, when they came by and took first of your children away.


In reading this, if no one cares, in my eyes, You are today what we here call kind,

Water Supply - Logo - 48x48  dna_logo_48x48  bpm_logo_48x48  Startup Product Manager - logo  The Federal Press Agency is your personal reporter

so kind a sample of we the people, as kind, as normal, as utterly democratic, in understanding, how me and you, shall see our world, today.

So feel you free to write about and share this one and only, in utter despair written words of my own history. But not may they take my name on and write about in right or wrong in their own, utterly so shiny posh fine magazines. It’s just because i hope and pray that they will see some day, they come, some day, it’s time, for you guys to say Tick Tock, bye Bye, le feel D, if you insult now spit on me and my small family, just trying to protect most basic part of what we call belonging three. So please don’t write just one more word in just or just addition to what i see without you asking at least two members of my small family.

So what, so what they ever tend may to say, we just can see that this was our one small majority.


Sharing is Caring . Thank you.




at Dynamic Applications, we got a choice, whatever they say.

the attempt counts, that’s what we see, be just, be fair, be evenly, and first of all, try to respect your own family, for years to be.

and if that fails, only, try forming balance between you, them and me, in trying to save at least, what they called basic democracy, for our children, in writing constitution’s history.

so was it right, to say, to report, what i here see? – that’s what we all don’t know, and if i’m wrong, telling, what they all did to me, and my small family, may lord forgive me, one day.

in a pursuit of Freedom, Truth, of Luck, of Happiness, working in Honesty, of being part, in dignity, of working to survive, just like you and me, with all our ever so small being, our being here with you, our dreams of one just family, allowed to stay, here, with thee.








SPM - PV System v3.76, with daily production cycles.
StPM v3.76 – Small Business Simulation, 3 product lines, with daily production cycles.


Dynamic Applications. It’s a work in Progress, written for you, me, (and my little sun, just in case).








a cup of coffee -





Predicted Desire v0.1: most exclusive version ever (10 downloads).
Predicted Desire v0.1: most exclusive version ever (10 downloads).


Pirate Desire.


is our full-featured Business Model Development environment.


free version shall start 100 Times, but may destroy one bit on your PC, last day.


Pirate Desire is based on a universal equation solver in x / y / t.


Unlimited Upgrades for the Windows 10 Store App.



Pirate Desire. Logo.




Pirate Desire. Tick, Tock, gone buy., clap clap.

Thank you for supporting us.


download nw (beyond control).


Perfect Desire v2.88. Bakery Tutorial. Note a few small Pen symbols, allowing you to change everything.
Bakery Model, v4.00, with self-created, built-in Formula System editors, activated. included.















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