How you feel when the Mayor of Town helps take your child away.

We are Dynamic Applications,

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and this simulation was compiled in second one.


In January 2019, i’ve written this article originally for the Photovoltaic System page.

However, it’s become a long, sad story, and i don’t want to spoil all users away who are looking for the software. So i copy it here, today, leave it to read – with a proper Title – for those of you guys who are looking for orientation, maybe in a similar situation.

All i can say is get yourself a good lawyer – unfortunately, mine has given up, today. I’ve now witnessed her in court divorcing me, as i say not all debts were paid, and if it’s mine, ok, but that level of bare honesty and correct, integer personal behaviour was too much for me, to see.

So whatever happens to me now – from when i write these words down – i hope that these words are going to stay, and will not be taken away. As my life was, when someone i loved took my one and only child away. Maybe you’ll read this, maybe my sun will read this, one day, and understand – in the worst case, you’ll understand, he’ll understand how a father felt, when a Youth Welfare Office of Town helped and took his own child away.

So whether you’re a man, you’re a woman – when your child is suddenly gone, one day, get yourself a good lawyer that helps you to heal the situation, in a hurry. 

It does not help to fuzz around for one year, and watch all the time, how other people who don’t want to be no guilty, take all of your life away, while you’re working like crazy to earn some food to feed your remaining family. It’s an old story, you know, and weird things have happened around this, including that people (men and women) been so destroyed innerly, that they broke apart, started drinking, go to psychologist, end up beating each other, child neglection or children’s orphany, etc. So i say that good and bad os always gonna stay, and that story of love and retreat has a long history, but the Youth Welfare Office in Town should never be part in helping at a children’s Takeaway, and instead taking care of the victim’s personality, keep sort Files from A to B, and support the child taker rather that the lonely family war refugee, or the lost at home disrupted heart bleeding personaliy. Instead, Youth Welfare Office should try to heal wounds in the family’s history, remind parents that there may be no crime even in such a situation, and take care that both parents get a guideline in childcare and train moderated mutual discussion of family’s belongings, where necessary.

But that’s only what i see – feel free to comment at the end of this true, sad story.

So that we the people may develop a better plan towards future’s history, from today.

Tick Tock, buy Bye, le feel D, we’ll say. When they’ll take our next Pirate’s child away.


Take care.



2019.01.16, Leopold’s Height — in utter despair, Yours sincerely, Martin Bernhardt. 


It be the starting point of a series of renewable energy calculators for the 21st century [Prosumer:], an energy consumer of past times, who’s now producing electricity in daytime, and consuming electricity at night. We’re fighting for the poor, the poor people in Hungary. In greed of sunlight, we’ve cut a blue line sequence of silli coin steps in our small vessel’s sails, while they were drunken and sway, celebrating they’re Super Successes from past times, all day. Green Party, you know. Green Party.

Strong words, but when i comes to a question of life, they hide away.

White boned our flag. We’re all Hungary, we’re like wolves in the dark, they’ll say.

Your children are our children, and you’ll witness our utter despair, that one day.

Day one, when another defendress of past century has taken my child away, so i’m writing these words, as of today. Yet another day, as a lawyeah’s defendress of the federal town i was born at, that one day, has repeated their holy farmer’s believe’s sway.

And the Land’s Lord let them Tick Took our children away.

In our language, in being Pirates, Tick Tock, Bye bye, le feel D, we’ll say.

In our language, in being Pirates, Tick Tock, Bye bye, le feel D, we’ll say.

And the Land Lords of more towns will ask to lock me away.

Before they’ll take one of your children away, next day. Hm, hm, i say.

Another fool, another crank, look at them, drinking down on our streets, while we spit on them, they’ll say. Hm, hm. What if may be, it’s not gonna work out, at all, this time?

Against our constitution, i say.

Against our constitution, i say.

These people will stamp last visible letters of constitution, of public memory, as we say, into ground. And then they gonna tell us can’t find where that was written once, anyway.

And so, in staying sober, i’ll write, i’ll write my bitter, my true hurting away.

Never understood why people drink alcohol, anyway. Sailing ahead, in fog’s misty clouds, so nice to see sun ray’s light at times. Don’t worry for me, my life’s destroyed, anyways.

Take care of your child, my wish for your today.

Take care of your own child, my wish for your today.

Haven’t understood why they all helped to take the child away, at first. Can not ask child, no wishes, too young, too dumb a father, they say. Poor guy, one day ahead they say, sits on the street, begging for money, as well. And so, they created a lot of debts, while i was trying, to save, to share, last bills with rest of family. Fools, i say. You Fools. No one will see that that was honest, anyway. No matter what they tell, what they will say. The was injustice, in the most extremely way. What have we done, i say? We’re punished for trying to live, just here, with you guys, in smallest form of basic democracy. Ok, ok, that’s dumb, can’t be, as politicians say. And then they help to take my last one child away.

I found that pretty mean, considering that i have done no criminal offense, to day. All i did was to ask to keep all that money away, that they take from you guys to feed it, right into my child’s mouth, to keep it shut, and stop me talking about that, by breaking another family apart. In an attempt of what they call better stability than happy 2-house family, so they make you pay as soon as possible, so they have some letters to demand more information from you to sort that into all those files they have already collected about the case. Not that anything good should come from it, you know. When you ask why, they say that they were being told to keep sorting files, while other people in that same big, shiny brown house that they had built for themselves to live within, in daytime, had told them to keep doing that exactly like that.

So that i may give up as well, and they have stopped another family from working, for you guys to benefit. Oh May, i say. Every one of us is just responsible for what they are doing, themselves. But we are not, we can not be made responsible for other people’s deed, and even if you may find that a little conservative, that’s how i see that. But then you consider that they are feeding thousands of workers already, there, thousands of employees to slave themselves in filing stupid nonsense, in filing no sense at all bullshit so that they got something to do and move their fine, green lawn at the edge of town at Feierabend, when they enjoy themselves in being rich and filthy and having built so many connections to all these rich, filthy friends from what they call a good neighborhood for their fine children. Hm, hm. Poor children, i say.the smaller the child, the less guilt in them. It’s just how i see it, you know. Just my 2 ct.



Such an unbelievable, unbelievably dumb deed, i say. Are these people serious? – can’t believe one more word, of what these people say. That story of greedy politicians in Parliament, of delegates, of super power lobbyists in taking our money away. I’ve verified True, i say. In their big, shiny ships of dark slavery. I’ve verified True. And i say, the bets are, Every day. In being Pirates, from we the people, man woman child, they’re taking our children away, already. In Bye bye, le feel D. In Bye bye, le feel D.

We’ll be like child less wolves in Hungary, all day. Oh nay.

Please help god, let someone defend, my case, i pray.

  • Fact 01:  take care to make it clear that you have never agreed to the hostage.

As i got no more money to defend my case, anyway. I’ll need it to feed my child, one day. You’ll need it it feed your child, one day. That’s what i say.

We’ve announced it, back then. No one believed. In being honest, we’re better, we’re best. In trying to be good, the attempt counts, i say. And in being Founders of 21st century, we have not been taken the Taxpayer’s money away. In Bye, bye, le feel d. We just gave our facts, i just gave the truth, in Transparency, that we were living slightly below what they call poverty. Instead of ending the hostage, they took that to take one more Pirate’s child away. Although i’ve built my rooms, with my father, under the roof of our carpentry. So that no rent i shall have to pay here, with my family, one day.

Now honestly, isn’t the better is fighting the goofs, in you guys, already?

So that’s why they hate us a way, in fear, i say. At Dynamic Applications, game over, we say. White flags we prepare, so to say. So they can surrender, when we win those election, one day. When more and more people will have come by, and read this to day.

You Fools. You Fools! We were the people! We are the people!

We’ll rescue our selves, your powers be void, i say. We’ll be beating those Green Party Tree peckers, that far election day. In their basement, we’ll cut our axes. Vote Pirate Party. In being Pirates, we’re building new fundaments of elections, we’re base democrats, in averse of the Mayor’s strategy. We’ll rescue the people, whatever nation, whatever flags they might sway. And more rights for your children, we demand, ad well. So they may choose, so they may choose, vote Pirates, in online democracy.

in Hungary.

Hung-a-ray. We stay.

But we’ll rescue the people, all those slaves, from down under, and we’ll take you with us, we say. You’ll know. So you’ll sway. Their fear is our chance, is our single one chance to get rid of our isolated stay. As we’re not taking money of the state away. No Euro, no cent. We’ll live and die, we’ll live and die as honest people, and we’re peaceful, i say.

  • Fact 02:  look into the Constitution of your country. Courts can not rule against.

To get rid of our isolated stay. To dig up new dreams, we’ll say. Our golden Sun’s light, for free. When we have to get food, when we have to get food, that one day. The world’s my fate, we’re the global in d, in t, we’re now all cosmopolitans, we the people are with you, will say.

When censors of 21 ct worth European Delegates will take my last words away.

When censors of 21 ct worth European Delegates will take your last words away.



On this page, Pirate children, gotcha.

Best vision. Dedicated passion. Best concept in question key one.

Now you won’t forget our ‘Pv, our ultra light Pirate ship’s vessel, one thing for sure. Now you know why i’ve taken all the effort to build it, to day. To give it to you, to share amongst us, i say. We the people are strong, i say. We’ll beat them, we’ll beat those green Woodpeckers, at the end of this article, you’ll see, you wanna download PV. New Land, in being Pirates, we’ll define new land of online democracy. So where ever you are, no date gathering, no Spy ware, no Server behind you, i say. In being Pirates, in being Pirates of North Rhine Westfalia we the people, we’ll protect each other’s privacy.


available today, for free. *****

And we’ll win elections, not too far away, i say. ****

In new land, we’ll country. In new land, we’ll count ray. ***

for free. We’ll be hungry like wolves in the dark of deep Hungary. **

one day .. oh, May, oh, May. … what did you do to our children, to day, i say. *

Introducing Photovoltaic System,

world’s first ever App fully written in Desire, our self-built simulation model language. Desire is the new standard that has resolved XMILE(™), our competitor’s std conglomerate, simply by matter of concept. Born back in 2015, in developing XMILE(™), the scientists of past century took a last, desperate attempt to unify their powers. To merge every feature they got into one super language. gone, gone by. Babylonian disruption, the natural follow-up strategy.

Fixed by any singular Dynamic Application.

Do you listen? – the lightweight birds are singing, the lightweight birds are singing the winner’s strategy, world’s fastest network of super modest producers of energy.

We the people are smart here, much smarter than what you guys say.

We’re here with you, i’ll say, until i’m dead, and if they take my last smile away.

My memories stay with me, and i’ll keep writing, i’ll keep writing that justice we see.

Dynamic Applications were born in 2016, and soon after, sunlight came back to earth.

Transpareny. Privacy Protection. and Participation.

our values.

In being Pirates, we the people have started to deliver all three.

We the people are strong.

Is it possible, you say?

Flying over green land, in their super air planes, all those green scientists have spread so much CO2, we the people couldn’t believe it, anymore. And so, we’ve decided to skip that ship, and here’s your upgrade. Free of charge. Too bad, you red and green smarties, you Gugat smarties’t. In 2019, it’s pay-back time, it’s check-it-out, do-it-yourself and be the winner of Time for Kingdoms of Photovoltaic System Piracy.

Pay with a Tweet, we say.

Borrowing money from the state, for your super, super expensive experiments (oops… important, eh?)? – you Scientists, what a bad, too bad story was that? – deep in that shitty brown asshole, you creep, of your state’s next beauty, with your great story of yet another, unbelievable theory. And when they pay, you mowe that ship, you mowe their lawn, so that they see how a good father, you bee. When child is born, we’ll see, wonders of unimaginable super star theory. Only in mirror, back time, we’ll see how much unbelievable bullshit greens keep telling me. Rulez makerz, lawn mowers, all i see.

In those braindead departments of red-green hi’story. No prob, no prob, they’ll say to day, when they all help to take next family’s child away so we just can live on what they call OK?.

You rats, we say, You rat, will bee.

any right-winged Trumpeater could beat you on that.

Dynamic Applications. Simplification. Beauty. ongoing reduction.

  • Fact 03:  if Youth Welfare Office does not take any measures, by all means, sue them.

An old habit of mine: Placebo albums, with self printed Digital Video Music on be. They call it rip-off, we call it Private Copy. And as laws are, only history will show, we’ll see what remains from us all in history. I feel bad, oh believe me to write down such a crap, but in daytime or not we got something to say.

Take care. So they not come, come by one day, and take child out of your own life’s story.

And so i wrote Photovoltaic System,

the 2nd winner of

our @dynamic_idea and @dynamic_qs quality of Service voting,

as decided by Public Vote back then, in 2016.02. Right after the Bakery Model, which i’ve published in early 2015.12, to prepare for my first own company.

Photovoltaic System.

Like few first rays of sunlight in the speed of light, heading towards excellence from day one.

Photovoltaic System v2.48, with self-verifying Formula Editors activated. Rename me, label one.

download now - new version

we the people make a wish come true, so as always, it’s free.

At Dynamic Applications,

we the people have added base democracy to [SMILE:]. And gone they are. All those Future promisers, with their shiny, posh green washed marketing campaigns.

And gone they are.

Photovoltaic System will allow you to calculate Your personal PV System’s amortization over 20…40 years, from Number of Panels, your Panel Capacity, House Angle and Slope, Sunshine Hours, Panel Price, and Network Electricity as Input Parameters. All you need to specify, with reasonable defaults on the left side. our Input Value Panel. We have amnestied the left towards 2018, so from 2019, it’s the last green party’s one world idealists. Shall we sharpen our Axes. Shall we hit the first Tree. So that brown wood will splitter, will split awqy from their dirty, old balkony? – before the first green leaves, fall down and reach earth, from super light gravity. Compared to Electricity, our new Super Power of 21st century. You green woodpeckers! We’ll hit our axes, we’ll cut your Trees, so that the dark brown wood shall splinter away. But your children we’ll save, i sway. You’ve done wrong, in beating, in taking our children away, that one day.

Don’t you tell anyone. This is the plan that we say to us, and ourselves only, we whisper, we mumble, and we prepare. As of today, gone by III Models of invitation years, Photovoltaic System is already the Super Star of Dynamic Applications, our flag ship, infinitely heading towards excellence. And if you think this guy is talking bare, blunt language, now you see the reason behind honest (“ehrlich”) and extremely defensive (“ehrbar”). The ultimate point in life up,to,which you defend your personal integrity.

And if that point is given there’s speak up to be, so i say.

  • Fact 04:  don’t waste your Time in asking Town’s leading Politicians to help.

Green Parties around the globe show panic reactions, as we the people have started to reign. As we the people have started to seed. As we the people have started to cut, to burn the first trees, in cold, cold, winter, they weep. As we the people have started to build first carpentries. As we the people have understood. As we the people have invented an even better plan, with our super smart sailing strategy. Pirates of sun light’s rays, we are. It’ true, it’s true, all those right winged Trump eaters would say. And There were Wolves in the dark of Hungary, back then from stone age, they’ll say. In Panic, they’ll fly away, they retreat back to Forest, they flee. Alas! Online Democracy.

It could work out, it could work out, if we the people, if we the people, would help all together so they can’t take one more child away.

And so, many of us people thought back to nature was the ultimative backup strategy.

But not anymore. Listen to me, you old white Trumpeaters, not anymore. The green party globe, still heading towards Trump’s strategy of ultimative possession, of farming the land’s strategy, as they say. Go away! Fly away, we say. Before we cut foot of your own Tree away. In Hungary. In Hungaray.More weapons we need? – gone, gone with the wind you are, all ready. We the people stay peaceful, just we take, just we take, a few Tree Heads away. To build our ships, our fleet, our damp-driven vessels one day. And fight for our rights in dark knights, on the night mares of 21st century. In bitter isolation, we stay.

We’ve asked Land lord’s maiden for help, we’ll say. We’ve asked Land lord’s maiden for help, we’ll say. In crazy cold cruelty, in ccc, she helped her to take, to write my child away.

What could we do, in being the people, of 21st century?

  • Fact 05:  don’t waste your Time in writing letters to the other Party’s lawyer.

Reporting a crime, we had to remain peacefully. As self justice they had forbidden, in that dirty cold state, once dirty brown state, of good old Ger Money, as they say. But not anymore, we say. Let’s cut them Trees, let’s build your ships, of lord’s land?, forget, i say.

In Hungary. In Hungaray. We’ll beat back, in being Pirates, we’ll splitter you wooden dark Tree. In Hungary. In Hungaray. We’ll beat back, in being Pirates, we’ll splitter you wooden dark Tree. Go Forest. We’ll say. You : Forest. We’ll sail. In bitter need, we’ll cut our own belief, and we’ll ship all kinds of Participation away. As when this war ends, as when this war ends, all people will cry, to save their children, one day. So they’ll demand, so they’ll demand, next level of online democracy. To defend our lives, to defend our children, we the people, we won’t fight, i pray.

In bitter despair, in dirty brown sea, we’ll sink? – no way.

That’s all for you guys who stay. So if you wanna be free, you better download, you better try our best Tool, today, Think self, get your own picture, before you click my words away.

In Photovoltaic System,

Dynamic Idea - logo

we the people are founding our own kingdoms. everyone.

The kingdoms of 21st century. In 21st century, everyone’s smart at home. In 21st century, sharing is caring, we say. In 21st century, we’ll take what we need, and leave the ultimate level of sunlight to you, young layday. In being Pirates, we’re now builders of silicone PV.

Photovoltaic System. Be Pirate, for one day.

Be participative.

Be tolerant, in modesty.

Write down your thoughts, i have to bear but please let me write my own story.


  • Fact 06:  the honest part of the Family has best chances to lose the child, completely.

2:1, no problem, when we can’t agree, we’ll say. That’s what i called family democracy.

Our own children, our own children, will have the last word, i say. So that they don’t come and chuck off my head away. All so. All so. We the people we’re victims, i say. Now we fight back, feels much better, in a perfectly civilized way. For a silent, a peaceful revolution, we pray. as easy as a silly children’s play?

Why waste any thought on a 2nd hand candidate, if you can elect the winner, today?

At Dynamic Applications,

we have a tradition in offering ultimate business models, free of charge.

Who wanna live and dye in L.A., color their own kid’s hair, in the fear of surveillance, of taking our children, eh? – dumbos! How can green ladies be that dumb, until May?

Last defenders of past century, you know. How can people, who are forming The State, as they say, be so stupid, in there? – In being Pirates, we’re True, white flags of Transparency, we develop, and we’re peaceful, we pray. New Land’s horizon, one day, we’ll see, i pray. So you guys won’t come and chuck my head off away.

As well. As well, it has happened, i say. Town ladies, ooh how they feel good, in May. All civilized state of police, hung a ray. No May, No way. No, No, No, we say. They don’t care.

Now they also demand take all my money away.

Ok, ok, i say.


  • Fact 07:  if Youth Welfare Office won’t help, apply to Court as soon as possible.

I’ll cut more woods, i’ll build more Trees, save woodpecker’s eggs, one day.

White doves of peace, white doves of peace, they may. Fly ahead, in being a flock of sea gulls i say. Before they finally come and take my last words away.

At Dynamic Applications, while the green super scientists still think they’re gonna reign, that one day, we the people make a wish come true. Free of charge, for a trial year one.

Pay what you want from year two. So Check! and IT out, white dove’s heart, today.

Just the left wings we save for the communist children, i sway. So they won’t beat us death, when we arrive, in bloody Russia, one day.

International Networks, da IT, i say. Braindead won’t believe us anyway, i say. They’ll just continue that way. So this very thought ware is only voluntarily. Now you see. Now they’ll say. That poor guy with his dna license, is dangerous, in a way. Think yourself, don’t be stupid, before they take your words away. We the people are strong, i say.

Altogether. We the people are strong, i pray. As i was not, will not be, the one and only. Who’s been taken my child away? State’s 1st Police, Youth Welfare Office, of Bye, le feel d, in NRW. Can you believe it? Can we believe that?

Stay tuned, as when this doesn’t stop, i’ll post more words of my story. Until finally, they come here, and chuck my head off, formally. He’s crazy, they’ll say, poor crank idiot, they’ll say. And they’ll feed me with medicine, until i can no more say. So they won’t have to look in mirror and see their own death look at they. But god’s revenge will be cruel, i say. God’s revenge will be just, fair and even, we sway.

Pirates! Pirates!

In Hungary, In Hungaray.

We cut first, holes of wood, in our own vessel’s dark moody slavery. Ooh how they’ll fear that we take their children away. Ooh how they’ll fear that we take their children away.


  • Fact 08:  write down a memo on every thing that happens. You’ll need it, desparately.


We’ll all vote, and you’ll support, more online democracy, from today. When you’ll see my own proof of how they take all our money away. When you’ll see my own proof of how they take all our money away. Full scale up differential equations, you’ll say. Full scale up differential equations, you’ll see. That’s what he built to defend us all, against the Mayor’s strategy.

1+1 is 2, you’ll see.

With your own eyes, you can verify my words true, i say. In full Transparency, all our formulas will unfold today. Hurry! Hurray! So you can see, so you can say, it’s better to vote Pirates of North Rhine Westfalia. Hurry! Hurray! In this state, we’ll all live, in even less poverty. As we the people will rule in Sovereignty, one day.

As we the people will be the Dynamic Applications NGO, formally.

At Dynamic Applications, we’re an NGO formally, from today.

I declare, my words are spoken. Now they’ll fear us, in May. In being Pirates, we’ll fight for your rights until last very day. And we’ll found, and then we’ll fund, United States of Democracy. And we’ll found, and then we’ll fund, United States of Online Democracy.

With the last very saved, rays of sun light’s energy. With the last very green woodpecker’s eggs, i say. We’ll beat back, in being Pirates of 21st century. We’ll beat back, in being Pirates of 21st century.


  • Fact 09:  if nothing helps, file in a jurisdictional charge at dept of Prosecution.


From today.

You’ll stay with me?

From version 4.0, Photovoltaic System

shows first signs of online democracy. We the people are strong.

In being Pirates, small Stars in Participation, in training that Tolerance in Modesty. In being Pirates, they fear what we say, i say. In being Pirates, i just hope, you can follow, our backup strategy. On Twitter, world’s fastest network, we’ll connect globally, to scale.

To scale up in light beams of sun rays, i say. To scale up in light beams of sun rays, i say. Targets, you know, Targets. At Dynamic Applications, we say it’s better to have a plan, than to have got no plan at all. Dyeing our children, at the barber’s shop? – what a bad game, you green woodpecker ladies. You spit on us, we beat your Trees, of farmer’s greed, of possession, that one day. And we’ll build more ot ships of 21st century.

As if we’d nothing else where to play. You vote for us, we’ll save your child, one day, i say.

Let’s be the best, in a modest, a smart home game of strategy. In being honest, in being poor, we the people may stay. Let’s keep our children, defend our countries, that one day.

Our countries of ship wrecked, of renewable lobbyist industry. Our countries of dark wood in a slavery ship flight’s attack on their may. And The Mayor’s lady will fall, one day, she’d say. But the Mayor sits there in Bellevue, oh my. We have to pay, they say, We have to pay, they say. We have to pay them, to rule us, that’s Law, they sway.

And now they take all our money to defend themselves, with their super dumb SocialMedia greed strategy. The Nationals. The Socialists. And the Liberals say that all need more money, money. So they help them, think of greed, and be worse, that one day.


  • Fact 10:  take care to behave correctly, yourself, by all means.

Federal Press Agency - The Circle Logo. - 48x48

Bla bla, just talking, no thought ware, we say. Bla bla, just talking, no thought ware, we say. In being peaceful, we’ll beat them, we’ll beat them in their own weapons, one day. And our children, we’ll keep, i say. Let’s develop the best Photovoltaic System calculator of neighbourhood, in online democracy. Who’s a genius, a win-win-win strategy? – It’s election year in Europe, remember? – let’s elect the best Pirate’s winning the game strategy. Right wings r out, with their green, ever so green-brown ice cold sorrow strategy, i’d say. Left wings are one, with their flesh, white dove’s flesh here to stay. White feathers of your children, we’ll save, we pray. So we won’t, so we won’t hqve to burn, our own children’s feet, away. Cross your fingers for Pirate Parties in Europe, in your Nation, nay? – Support Pirates of Europe, of European Union, one day. We support Pirate Party of Europe, we’ll say. In Hungary. Hungaray. On Election’s day, Election’s day.

At Dynamic Applications, we’ll be the winners, we’re the winners of 21st century.


  • Fact 11:  contradict everything that is beaten on you, as soon as possible.


Sim City, an iPad game that’s played by my little son, in early 2019.
Sim City, an iPad game that’s played by my little son, in early 2019.


Your vote counts, and from 2019, we the Pirates shall have more cash to share. Our neighbours. Our sisters. Our brothers. No more 10000 Euro per month delegates to take away, in their variant of Pirate’s say. Liars. In being Mayors, all liars, we say.

You delegates, you old-fashionied parties of past century. You delegates. Let’s invite them, let’s share the message, let’s teeth them all. Please Pay with a Tweet, to day. Please Pay with a Tweet, to day. So my child and me have some to eqt, today. as well.

We’ll save your child also, white dove, i sway. Come to me, Come to may. In god we Trust, i say.In god we Trust, i say. Left wing’s for the communists, in Russia, i say. So that we can sail, in our minds, north of russia, i say. Just we the Pirates, we the people, don’t take my soul away.


Can’t believe that they spit our constitution like that, we say.

Make a copy, post it somewhere, so that people will see.

They took another child away.

Won’t believe that they spit our constitution like that, we’ll say.

In Bye, le feel d. In Bye, le feel d.

What did we do, that you treat us like that, we’ll say.



  • Fact 12: in being a Founder or Foundress, You may find yourself very soon in the uncomfortable situation of more and more pressure from other Party’s Lawyer, Youth Welfare Office, Money Demands, etc. Take care of the Child. The child is not guilty. Demand rights of the Child to be kept, demand a lawyer or Social Worker who defends the interests of the child. If you miss here, chances are that the Child will naturally develop the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ of binding themselves to the other Party, in fear of punishment and in experience of nothing happening from your side, while you still try to behave correctly.


At some point, you’ll just try to stand up, eat something, do some work, and survive the day.

When nothing else matters, in god we trust, every day.

Stadt Bielefeld, Jugendamt, Umgangsberatung, AZ 510.323, 2018.02.14.
Stadt Bielefeld, juristische Abteilung, AZ 510.14 (510.21 UHV), 2019.01.07. Vollendet.
Amtsgericht Bielefeld, Sorgerechtsverfahren, Kindesentziehung, AZ xxx.xx  (stay tuned).

Insight shall be given to Journalists who show an honest interest in defending the case under protecting the people’s privacy who have been destroyed by this case of a nearby town’s general proceedings and habits: Father, Mother and our little Sun.

Photovoltaic System - TCO, RoI, Amortization and Net Profit
Photovoltaic System v3.12 – Network cost, PV cost, and relative net profit over time.

In online democracy. in being Pirates, best game of your whole life’s time. Sharing is Caring. It’s the winner’s strategy, naturally.

Uhg oh, uhg oh.

Retreat to forest, green people of woodpecker’s element tree. First Ships on the horizon, uhg oh, Pirates are now sailing your way! – Retreat to forest, green woodpeckers. We’ll sail. In utter Piracy, we’ll sail. What? – i’m talking nonsense, you say? – we’ll save your children, you stupids, one day! Build 1st better tool, you green woodpeckers of renewable 20th century lobbyist treaze! Photovoltaic System, you are asking? – Well, well, ‘da IT say, works perfectly. There’s nothing much more to say. Our Battle is won, a children’s play. Hoe, how much guilt can we the people bear, to stay? Let’s cut the woods. Let’s nail our vessels with steel, The steel of symbolized hats. Let’s sail. And they’re gonna join us by the thousands. Or they’ll take more of our own children away. That’s their understanding of greed, of national socialism, we say. Green Party, together with SPD. And Fools you are, we say. In being Pirates, we’ll be survivors, survivors of 21st century. At the Green Party, the fashion’st style laydies will all onces gotten to pay. Their inner injustice will fall them away. Go to Rotten, Rotten Oilqnd, we’ll say. And the nationals will help them degrade. Not true for every scientist, we say, but in being Pirates, as far we go away.

White flags we’ll be hissing, from yesterday to day. So they’ll learn to capitulate, that one day. And Peace may be. Oh, how i love my life, alive one more day.

As we the people make a wish come true, we build for your children, as well, from today. Vote Pirates. We’ll be free, altogether, that one day. In Transparency, in Truth, we say. What a dark, dirty loser’s strategy, land lord’s lay day. What a dark, dirty wood pecker’s sway. In greed, they take our children away. No Mercy, we the people shall say. Go rotten oiland, you’re outsiders, and we stay. What an island, that they called Germoney. As they’ve called Their Money, today. Well, well. We’ll dig down, down for Water Supply, and be Pirates of Sun’s very ray. Our sail, as white as our flags of today. White bones, they’ll say. White bones, they’ll say. Ooh, what a Mercy less Storay. Hurry. In justice, in Bye, le feel D. Hurray, they say today. Hungary! Hungary! We’ll built even better PV, they’ll say. As they’ve never seen us, never seen us such Hungary. In despair, in fear, they’ll sway, they’ll sway. Your Lies like flies, literally, we’ll say. Can you smell that rotten, oily way?

As we can already build PV Systems producing way more electricity than the standard household needs, the excess PV Power can then used, for example, to empower your self-driving electric car; why’d we want to throw it away. We say it could be even cheaper than buying one of these so more expensive energy saving devices that the scientists pray.

Be invited to check for yourself. In any case, if you believe in the existance of Math, we’ll show you how much can you earn from your brand-new or existing PV System, exactly.

PV System v2.56, Target: Return on Invest (RoI), automated ToolTip with live caluclation.

Photovoltaic System will calculate the Targets Installed and Effective Capacity, Installation Price, your Feed-in Electricity Profit, your Buy-in Electricity Cost, your Self Consumption Rate, Autarky grade, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and your effective PV System Amortization (ROI) over 20…40 years. So you can really compare this to another invest.

Your sweet spot should be somewhere around 10 years already, that’s where we start to make profit. We don’t say we know everything, though. This application is much about empowering you to check it out. Select a few switches, add up just the parts you need for your own house. Best of it all, as always, change every Input Parameter over time, as you think (and not as the sales guy tells you), before you buy.

Finally, an independent calculator, fully transparent by design.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You’ll clearly see how much your Self Consumption Rate will affect your overall profit. All Formulas are shown in ToolTips by concept.

At Dynamic Applications, we also say this software will improve over time.

As we try to explain everything we do as transparent as possible, feedback is always welcome. We’re just doing it this way. Be invited to contribute any suggestions.

Photovoltaic System - Network dependent Electricity Cost
Photovoltaic System v2.96 – network dependent electricity cost.

Photovoltaic System.

Photovoltaic System logo - 48x48

Calculate the perfect number of PV Panels on your own House. 

our 360 degree PV System simulation, with a forecast based on System Dynamics.

Softpedia 100 No Spyware Award Softpedia Award for a 100% adware and spyware-free download!

PV System includes:

  • Bakery Tutorial
  • Photovoltaic System – intro
  • Photovoltaic System (de) – for EEG regulation
  • Photovoltaic System – Prosumer Electricity Trading
  • Battery independency calculcator (Weblink)
  • The Dynamic Idea and Roadmap Voting Competition
  • configurable Start Date and Simulation Time (10..100 years).

download now.

We develop a standalone client, here: no ads, no spyware, no data transfer. Precise. Pure. and Safe. It’s your business. We respect that.

Latest version exclusively from, our free FTP download Server.

Photovoltaic System - logo
Photovoltaic System.

download now - new version get-it-on-windows-10-store customize_up

We’re following a customer-driven, agile development approach with 2-4 week cycles.
Beat us for everything not exactly perfect on Twitter, next two weeks. 24/7.

Photovoltaic System is copyright (c) 2016 Martin Bernhardt of Dynamic Applications. We guarantee a free 1-year-license. And we’re here if you need help.

All Windows 10 Store Apps come with full functionality, including the Target Formula System editor. So there’s no need to apply Promo Codes on Windows 10 Store Apps.

Unlimited License for all Windows 10 Store Apps, including unlimited upgrades.

Photovoltaic System v1.64, showing a variety of PV curves.
Photovoltaic System v1.76, showing a variety of PV curves.

Photovoltaic System.


You got specific requirements? – a PV System with battery, maybe? – or have you ever thought about a Smart Meter for measuring your own device? –

if you need customizations for your specific Photovoltaic System app, check our Customer and Partner Service Conditions, and feel free to contact us.

We’re here if you need help.

We the people. altogether.

Photovoltaic System - logo

Renewable Energy providers for the world of tomorrow.

So i say all my work shall be free that’s what we call R&D, only work time be paid to history. No product placement, no pay-for-here-be, but of course, from, we take pictures away.

So we all rob us nothing in the perfect, that future of perfect Sharing Economy.

Far away, we say, far away, we see. So by all that slow going my life remains here with yee. Help me god, i say, help me god, i’ll see when i see how they rip-off all these Apps away. It’s ok, we say, that’s ok, we’ll see, but please let SocialMedia live on people like me.

Who have done not much wrong in their own country, as they just looked in the letters of constitution’s history (Art. 9 GG Abs. (3)): Freedom of Associations and Corporations for public welfare, an undeniable social right in Germany, were big party politicians make themselves known by denying all thee. Talking either of much more gold in FDP or of strong states of red-flagged believers in thee. And so, i say, and so it be, to take part in Dynamic Application’s history shall be free of charge, and the rest you see

in that dna license of that stupid old guy. Martin Bernhardt, called me, of Martin geb Grote at the Linden Tree. So at least i’ve built that one my personal PV, so that you guys can see how i tried good to be. Every formula, every Input value was adjustable.

Free Promo Codes available on Twitter, 24/7, in the Dynamic Idea and Roadmap Competition.

a real-time Photovoltaic System of our common future. for a simple, peaceful life.

download now - new version

we the people make a wish come true, so it’s free for you.

Dynamic Applications

Dynamic Applciations - Logo

Dynamic Applications is a small business consultancy focused on customers, product cost, efficiency, sales, and net profit. We support Startups in developing 21st century Business Models. We’re driven by thousands of independent voters. Altogether, we develop Perfect Desire, an evolving platform of free and simple business plan calculators for everyone.

We vote in online democracy, we deliver for free. we work for you, and we call them Dynamic Applications.

SocialMedia driven innovations for the 21st century. And you could be one.

at Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people.
we are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

Thank you for choosing Dynamic Applications, today. Comment section is open.

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