Pirate Desire.

Pirate Desire is Transparency. Privacy Protection. and Participation. Revolution.

Pirate Desire can do calculations in x / y / t, and it can integrate over time.

Every simulation model that you can develop in here will be fully Transparent towards the people. It’s also gonna protect their privacy by gathering no data at all. And the third thing to know is that it’s participative. We are voting on the next big thing to publish.

download now.

Pirate Desire has been heavily inspired by the Pirate Party movement, which is global, but as it’s from me, it’s also my personal interpretation of the whole thing. Pirate Desire is not only another variant of that same software, though. It’s a conceptual description for an online democracy that’s going to evolve over time. Everyone can be part of it. Everyone can do it, as this very website is a conceptual description in how to create Dynamic Applications, in how to create a Pirate Desire in following the culture, the ethics of Sharing Economy. It’s my personal contribution, and that’s just how we do it, here. I thought something was missing and so i didn’t talk much about it. i created it and here it is. And it’s for you. Personally, i see it’s role in being an ambassodor, you know. But don’t you listen to me. Think. I’m only the one stupid programmer, you know, like a pilot who saw some light on the horizon. Express yourself (c) (P).


in my humble opinion, i just think Pirate Desire is different from all the other dna apps. It’s going to include the message, the banners, the identification symbols, the flags. And so, it’s going to induce a we the people movement. And you can be part of it, if you want, as it’s heading towards same chances for every participant. Same chances for all. Think about what Dynamic Applications really is, from the global perspective. Understanding.

You’ll see. We’ll see. Altogether.

Pirate Desire it’s also a thank you. It’s my thank you to all you people out there, from the Pirate movement, whom i was following and whom have inspired me with all that information that you’ve written on Wikipedia and the Pirate Party Wikis and LQFB and that i’ve seen and understood. Please tell us if we’re overlooking something important, here. It’s highly appreciated, even if you’re from the smallest island on earth, and if you want to bring in something that’s truly a better contribution than my own, it’s gonna be incorporated and we’ll roll it out with the next update, around the globe.


As Socrates said: if i know something for certain, it’s that i know nothing.

Comment section is open.

one world.

Pirate Desire.

Transparency. Privacy protection. and Participation.

our values.

Pirate Desire is a platform of free Startup Business Planners for production, event, platform development, and service planning.

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