A Strategical Reserve of BNetzA.

2017.11.12. Politics in Germany, Heart of European Union.

Climate Conference in Bonn in worldwide connections.

Political Statements.

Green Party: 

let’s define CO2 Certificates! let’s switch off 20 dirty old coal batteries at once.

Liberal Democrats:

no, no, that would kill too many jobs. And it’s not industry friendly enough.


we need an answer from the right wing, and let’s destroy our leader.



Jamaika-Sondierungen starten
Jamaika negotiations in Berlin, at the Heart of European Union, 2017.

what an embarrassing scenario. what an embarrasing collection of statements.

i’m just a single person as well, you know. i’m a Pirate. but when you start criticizing something, it’s always good to have an argument as well. what would i do?

if i would be in charge of the green party, i’d used the years of opposition to create an incentive system right within the party itself, that’s produce genious ideas how to do it.

CO2 Certificates is what i call Trash Mafia, v2.0.
Switching off 20 coal plants now (before 2020) is symbol politics at any price.

So i would sit down, relax, and ask the liberal democrats, the new Christian Lindner knows how to do it right Party, to suggest.

if i was a liberal democrate, i would use my connections to lobbyists and demand from them a concept that works out for the people, in 4 weeks. it’s business. it’s deadlines.

looking at CDU and CSU, in past years, it has become ridiculous to demand anything from them. Let’s just look at what they do.

CSU has an active role here, again, and Seehofer calls it, we have to define a “right-wing answer for the right wing”. I call that desctruction. I call that destruction for the purpose of destruction, for the purpose of making it into the headlines just one more time, just to supersede AfD who have proven that they are better than CSU in past years, by any means. Like Ilse Aigner said, yesterday. embarrassing.

what CDU does, though, nothing, is what i call almost reactionary politics. true reactionary politics and nothing is almost the same. true reactionary politics is destroy anything that wants to be done. what CDU does though is showing off in being lazy.

what CDU does here is what i call true conservatism. let everyone battle around, and when they all scream in one direction, follow a last mover strategy.

so when Angela Merkel and Peter Tauber go to a microphone right after election and they say, “die CDU ist eine Partei der Mitte”, i say that’s what i call a lie.

so what would i do, do you ask?

i would define a Strategical Reserve for the BNetzA [2], the Bundesnetzagentur, german regulation.

i would define a Strategical Reserve of 2.50 Euro/kWh for energy, for electricity. As if we believe in Einstein’s words, electricity is the purest form of energy that we know.

at that price, Bundesnetzagentur shall go into the market with foll force and stabilize the price by any means, even if that will involve to re-power any dirty old coal burners left in the country at once.

come on, gouvernment, if you want future, give us small backup battery builders and Startups of all kind a fair chance as well. We the people want change. We can do it.

And it will be enough.

But it’s not going to happen.

Believe me, it’s not going to happen. again.

and what would follow from that, do you ask?

well, well, i’m not saying that i know everything.

we could easily imagine on a cold and rainy november day, like today, this could mean a radio broadcast recommending people to save some energy in the next week.

this could mean some companies give a spontaneous week of holidays, or a spontaneous opportunity for everyone to reduce extra hours they’ve collected already, right now.

Because “es rechnet sich”, as we say here.
Because there is if not a natural, then a monetarian incentive for the people as well.

And if you say well, well, but wouldn’t people from other countries, say, Poland, say, UK, say, France, say, Italy, say, Marokko, say Syria, suffer from this and that consequence, then?

That’s what i call nationalist thinking. That’s when i say help me god, i don’t know anything as well, and that’s exactly why i’m developing my small platform here so that you guys can define solutions for your contries and places on earth, as well.

Where ever you are.

And now you ask me hey Martin, what are you doing there,  wasn’t this supposed to be a business website? – if you’re such a smart guy,

why don’t you write that kind of bullshit on your personal blog, hm?

Dynamic Applications.


what i’m saying here is what we need is courageous politicians.

courageous politicians are we the people. we the people doing something.

and that’s exactly why we the Pirates have started building platforms.

that’s exactly why we the Pirates have started building platforms for you guys.

world income distribution, 2017.

that’s exactly why we the Pirates are always discussing on the meta level and not on the concrete instructions level.

the traditional top-down politics of delegated democracy, of kingdoms, of the new kings in time that we call politicians in western democracies right now.

we do it so because we believe in that if we keep doing right this, if we keep developing a platform that’s better than what we have right now, that’s going to define a platform of Tools and Websites and Servicing layers between them, if we interconnect with you,

if we the people started working on a better platform for everyone’s benefit,

no need to listen to that kind of bullshit in traditional TV and radio broadcasts all the time, anymore. They call us the Internet Party, you know.

one world.

They call us the Internet Party, they spit on us. They call us the Internet Party of crappy idiots who got no idea of what’s important, just battling around for the best concept, battling against each other as it seems.

as they have not understood that the International Network is what we think is going to define our common future.

So that’s what i call politics, and that’s why i use this blog to define certain policital ideas, in combination with posting Tweets on @dynamic_idea for you guys to vote upon, in combination with posting Tweets on @dynamic_qs for you guys to vote upon to define what and how i should improve my platform next, as well.

Prove me wrong in saying that this kind of politics is our task, as traditional political parties in this country have become so very elitarian at leadership level, they got no idea what we the people could need at all.

Politicians that are working for us.

dna banner - beautiful woman eyes looking
21st century politics. hide and seek. hide your face. one day, show your beautiful results.

Ha ha, if you live your life like that, congratulations. You are going to wait for a long time.

Let’s define politics, ourselves. That’s what i say.

And then i start working on my platform and let other people do the bla bla, again.

Important persons, you know, i’m not talking about you guys who are reading this blog.

dna header - young man and woman in town looking down at smartphone
21st century. worldwide collaboration. receiving. sending. don’t you forget creating.
woman in india leaving a riot and taking a phonecall
21st century. receiving in worldwide collaboration. walking towards solution.
21st century. creating solution.
21st century solutions.png
21st century solutions. thx 2 ceroo posting this picture live on Twitter, world’s fastest network.



Whatever they say, believe me, it’s happening right now [2].

And if you don’t believe me, check Wikipedia.org about developments in worldwide income distribution in 21st century. And starting thinking, think yourself (c) (P).

as we say here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We the people are strong.

but you know, i don’t know everything. maybe i’m just a stupid old programmer, as well.


Dynamic Perspectives

Dynamic Applications - dna logo

Thank you for choosing Dynamic Applications, today, of the websites, our there, as my small book “what would Google do?” from 2009 says.

And as i see it, Albert Einstein would certainly find this kind of contructivism approach that we have in the Pirate Party, that i borrow from your ideas in our discussions on Mumble, our interactive daily evening 21st century radio station, well worth a thought.

But that’s just what i think, of course.

Constructive Feedback is always welcome, and if you have none, vote my words in stars.

one world
one world.


#piratenzitate, a hashtag.


[1] Strategische Reserve der BNetzA, as defined by Agora Energiewende.

[2] Top favourite #Piratenzitate of all Times.

And if you don’t believe me, look them up from Twitter, just sort by Top votes.


Look up from Twitter, raise yourself !! we can do it ! –
as it means information technology.


that’s what i thought, you know. Just my 2ct.

Thank you.

Dynamic Applications - dna logo

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