about automation. why IoT revolution is different.

Hey everyone,

intro – what’s happening?:

so as i understand it, they are saying that the number of things and hard labour to be done for living in paradise, as a whole, is ever so more decreasing.

which means, we gotta face it: there will be less essential jobs.

Automation is everywhere.

and if we look backwards over the last decade, isn’t it just like that? – where did those millions of endlessly frustrated people come from, in that they finally started to vote for a proven liar and selfish guy Mr. Donal Trump in person, who’ll rob from all of them?

From my perspective, let’s look at a few quotes from history, which say it all.

hey everyone, do we have to get in line and apply for a job interview, anymore?

The highest calling of the individual is to serve, rather then to rule. Albert Einstein

So instead of getting angry in being no longer necessary, when they removed that very seat we’ve been sitting upon in years, when they close down our little ship in our village, let’s open a website and start working from home.

And finally, a reward will come to us.

Vision. Dedication. Challenges. Desparation. Hard Work. Passion.

And finally, outstanding performance.

We’re builders.

about motivation, creativity, and successful development: be part of it. make more of it.

oooh my goodness, how greatful i am there’s so many things left to do in these days of recreation, fun and joy. So whatever you do, i can just say even if we don’t really know if anything we do really makes sense, is there a god or not, are we all living in the Matrix –

my recommendation would be to just try to be a good guy, a good girl and just do something that might be useful for someone else.

And so, at the end of your life, which could be tomorrow, you can say to yourself:

at least, i’ve tried to make this world a better place.

what a wonderful message, compared to what all those other people are saying to themselves, having lived their lives on the broken necks of others, trying to steal from them every day.

I know, i know. In the past, this very thing called altruism would have naturally led to exhaustion of yourself. but not anymore.

we got automation.

it is very important to remember that technology is not liberating or democratic by itself. it’s just a tool connecting people. Marina Weisband, @afelia, on Twitter. 2013.04.25.

comment section is open, thank you everyone for your feeding me back.

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